Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Our busy Life

Isn't it a shame that life is so busy most times. When were younger it can't go by fast enough for summer to come or that trip to DisneyLand or Christmas. And now that I'm older it goes by too fast and now my kids are just growing growing growing. I had a little photo shoot the other day because after all I have new camera and need to use it day to day more often. The kids love sticking their tongues out. Silly billies.
Aaron has been doing really good the last couple of weeks and most days having a dry pull up.  Some things we have been working on with him, is eating better at dinner time, he's not a meat lover and will chew his food until Jesus comes back again if we let him. This last week has been a bit frustrating as he seems to be scared of the shadows in his room from his fan and humidifier. He had to have some discipline tonight because he got out of bed 3 times. He is learning to buckle the bottom portion of his car seat and when he can get that it will be a joyous day! I told him he can have a candy when he can buckle it all by himself.

This little monkey, I can't believe she is 20 months old today. Seems like she just turned 1. She talks up a storm these days and repeats back and has conversations. The other day she was looking for K and I thought he was in the bedroom and I sent her back there. She came back with her hands up, "Find, find?" After a few trips of this happening I checked and he ended up being downstairs, she couldn't find daddy! She is so opinionated and likes wearing her, "back" (black Mary Jane) shoes. Because they are easy to put on and take off. She loves wearing hats and hoods and knows where her socks are. Her other favorite thing to do is either get clothes out of her drawers to get herself dressed (putting her dresses on upside down) or take off her clothes including her diaper. But luckily for me she knows when she is poopy and will tell me so immediately so I never worry about her making a mess when she takes her diaper off. Kind of makes me a little sad to think next year she will probably be out of diapers and she is the last one. She just seems so mature. She still says please and thank you ALL THE TIME. Which is so very nice to hear because it was such a struggle for her to learn those words. And the other day at small group she actually said, Excuse me to the other little girl when she squeezed pass her. I knew she knew that word because she has to ask to be excused from the table, but I hadn't ever heard her use it in that other context with another child. Warmed my heart! Oh and she loves to pray at night with Grace and I. I put her on Grace's bed and we all hold hands and I say close your eyes and bow your head and she bows her little head (although not very long because she has to goof off) but then when I am all done praying she says, "Men!"

Being goofy kids hangin off the couch.

Skinny Aaron, oh funny story. I asked K to get some jeans out of the dryer for Aaron the other day because we had company coming over. When Aaron came upstairs I looked at him and said,"Did you grow again boy?" His pants looked so short! I then realized oh wait daddy put Sarah's jeans on Aaron (sized 24 months) and they fit fine, just above his ankles. At their 3yr and 18 month check up in October, Aaron was 30 lbs and Sarah was 25 lbs! Soon enough people will be asking me if they are twins!

This little girl, my sweet first born is doing so well with her learning. She pretty much knows how to read now (her reading level books). I mean she can get most any of the tons of books on our shelves and read them. There are words she will guess on instead of sound out, but she enjoys it and this last week the others have enjoyed letting her read to them. Also she is doing well with her math as well and is eager to get through the books I buy.


Baby feet!

Grace reading to Aaron.

What we have been up too, K has been traveling again this month, he was gone all last week and probably again this week. November was nice, we went to Jackson Hole with him for a work trip and got to hang out while he worked. It was really cold there, and I under packed but we swam in the hotel pool and window shopped a little. The drive was fun and Sarah loved seeing all the cows.  Then he was home for most of November except for a few days.

Now that I am back to normal workouts I have been back to my T25 and throwing in some strength training or ST when I feel like it. I did a P90X workout called Shoulders and Arms last night using 12 lbs and really tried to push it. I thought I would be super sore today and am kind of shocked I wasn't really. Some in my triceps, but not like I thought. So I think it's time to move up to 15 lbs dumbbells. I asked for a new Beachbody program called Combat for Christmas and am excited to get that. It's a martial arts one, it should be fun!
Well I better sign off, I've already been up too late, always happens when K is out of town. I need to work on that.
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