Tuesday, August 31, 2010

30 Weeks

Today I am 30 weeks and I don't feel like posting a pic, too much work for tonight so I will try to get one up tomorrow night. But I am super excited for being at 30 weeks. I don't know why except that I have made it a milestone to get to since I was 28 weeks. I think because tomorrow is Sept 1st and then that means I have like 2 months to go and tempatures are falling and that means Fall and the baby will be coming in the fall. But yes I am 30 weeks. 37 weeks is full term and Grace was born at 38 weeks. Your due date is 40 weeks. I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait!!!!!

I have been so obessed with cloth diapers lately, isn't that funny? I was talking about another brand again today and Daddy started laughing at me. He thinks I am obessed to, and its completely true. To tell the truth I have even had 2 dreams about cloth diapers. I think I am slowing moving into nesting mode. Which we know was not particulary prevalent with Grace. :)

I am thinking and planning for moving furniture and buying boy clothes in older sizes. I have seen a couple of ads on KSL for boy clothes, but need to call them and see what type of weather the clothes are good for in the certain sizes. I have been getting a lot of my compliance done at work, trying to get that squared away as well. Also saving and planning for Christmas and Grace's birthday. Isn't that funny too? Since her birthday and Christmas are so close I want to have money set aside for those because I don't want to have to think about spending money on that when I am not geting a paycheck anymore.

I am so excited to be home with my children but on the same hand I am so nervous about not working. I have always worked and its a big change that makes me nervous. I know its going to be good for us as a family but you still have little bits of anxiety, ya know?

Well I posted a video of Grace eating guacamole...I think. I haven't watched it yet, but if I recall correctly (which is hazardous these days) then I took this and hadn't posted it yet!

Oh I almost forgot to tell you the latest Gracie news! Last night when I was getting her bath ready she was running naked in the bathroom and playing with a cup I use to rinse her. She (I believe, I wasn't looking exactly) dropped the cup and the next thing I know has water on her legs and the floor. At first I couldnt tell if she peed or if she dropped the cup, because she kinda exclaimed. Then a few seconds later she comes back over and wants to sit on the potty, so I lift the lid and help her sit down. (As a side note, her favorite word these days is, Noooo so I had given up asking her if she wants to sit on the potty) 2 seconds after she sits down, she goes tinkle in the potty!!!! We clapped and clapped and mommy luckily had a Dum Dum sucker in the bathroom cabinet which I let her suck on in the bath! That was the first time she went on the potty of her own accord!

Its so funny because I previously had, had this "plan" to have her potty trained before the baby came. But then I decided I wouldn't do that and even though it might be a bit harder with 2 kids in diapers for a lil while, she will figure it out when the times is right. But I guess this just goes to show who really is in charge and it aint me!!!! LOL!!!

Well now my back is officially aching from all this upright sitting and typing! Nite Nite!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Tonight Grace was such a good girl despite bad naps and overall crankiness at day care. Although in the pic below she was frustrated with me for not taking the cheese packet. Here she is trying again to get me to hold the most nutritious part of our Mac N Cheese dinner. (We added hot dogs to it, do we get some points for er...um protein??)
We switched sides and she helped me finish up the noodles.

Those noodles look done Mommy...

Cheese! She kept saying, "Cheese?" and smiling really big. She loves Mac N Cheese, well cheese in general. And who could resist that face???

So I mentioned that I was going to be checking out the cloth diapers bit and this is what I have so far. Once I was able to touch and feel these diapers below called FuzziBunz, it was easy to decide what type of diaper I wanted to use (and talking with the cloth diapering mother of 4 who sold them to me, she offered many valid points with regards to different aspects of different types).
FuzziBunz makes a variety of different styles of their diapers but this style came out last April and I think its the best which is why so far I have 9 (with one more on the way the lady found another one stashed in her closet. These are all new, but bought at a discounted rate because she was getting rid of her wholesale account). These are called "Pocket" diapers and they are "One Size" because they are supposed to fit the baby from birth to potty training! Some other major brands have you buy sized diapers like small medium and large based upon how much the baby weighs. To me that is still buying more diapers than you need. Some people like going that way because they seem to get a better fit, especially when they have smaller or thin babies. I am of course going out on a limb and going to guess the new lil guy is going to be big like his sister. Big babies run in my family.

All of these diapers come with the following: 2 inserts. They look like Maxi pads but they are made of like a terry cloth (I am sure that is not exactly right but dont feel like going to their website right now) One insert is longer than the other...one for newborn and younger age and then one for when they get bigger.

Also the FuzziBunz come with extra elastic. These elastics are nunbered and have pre cut holes for them to button in which you will see down below. The elastics are made to adjust for your babies size, obviously your baby gains weight and its legs get chubby. Cloth diapers need a tight fit or they leak. So they make the elastics marked and cut so you just button them in.

FuzziBunz have snaps, which I prefer over Velcro. Some other cloth diaper brands like BumGenius have velcro across to get a tight fit and secure the diaper, but because we have German Shedders I wanted the snaps to avoid having the velcro get worn down and picking dog hair out of velcro which would be inevitable at our house. The top row of snaps adjusts the waist in and out for tiny or big tummies. And the bottom row of snaps you see there is for the leg holes.
The outside of the diaper is made of a washable leakprook material called PUL. I think prounouced pule, although not sure. So with FuzziBunz you don't have to put on another cover over the diaper.

Below I took a picture of the "Pocket" pretty simple its a pocket that you stick those Maxi Pad type inserts in. Also you can see where its gathered by my thumb, you can adjust the elastic there because that elastic has the buttons on either side to make the diaper a tighter or looser fit. So before you put the diaper on the baby you put one of the inserts in the diaper and then you snap it on the baby and away you go. The white material in the pic below is Micro Fleece and super soft. It is supposed to let the fluid flow through it to the pad but also protect the babies skin from sitting in the ammonia for too long. The micro fleece is super soft and if lil brothers skin is as sensitive as Grace's is this will be great because lots of cloth diapering mommas say they no diaper rash. And poor Grace can get diaper rashes pretty quickly!

Lastly you can see by my thumb in the pic below of the button that has the existing elastic for around the legs. So you figure out what size fits the baby the best and then set it at that number, and they provide a size chart based on basic weight measurements. If the elastic wears out then you thread in new elastics with a saftey pic.
When you change the baby's diaper you shake off any of the poopies in the toilet or sometimes you may need to swish or get a special sprayer for help with that depending what you like to do. Then you pull the inserts out of the pocket part and toss both pieces into the washing machine and follow the instructions for care!

So that is my knowledge of the FuzziBunz cloth diapers, they have lots of other styles like I said, but after checking these out they make the most sense for us. They are meant to be easy to use with less steps, just stuff and fold out of the dryer. Then pull out and put on the baby. They are on the pricey end, $19 each, which is not what I wanted orginally but I have read lots of great positive reviews about being moms' "go to diaper". Although I only paid $14 for these brand new. Whats weird is that lot of cloth diapering mom's have a "stash" of cloth diapers, with several different brands. I am not sure why you would spend money on a lot of different brands of diapers and then use some more than others. To me I want to find the ones that make the most sense and then just buy those. I am not opposed to buying used cloth diapers, in fact I prefer it, but in my search the last month I have not found the FuzziBunz "One Size Pocket Diapers" used, probably because they were just released last April. So now I just have to figure out how many I want to get to have as part of my "stash".
Well tomorrow is Friday!!! Woot Woot! and then its the weekend and my birthday and time for relaxing!
What are your plans for the weekend?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

29 weeks and counting

We tested out our Potato Head Family last night and Grace really liked playing with it, with daddy. But I think that it will have to be a supervised toy for a little bit.
So I took some more belly pics today. From the side my belly looks small... and front the front, a lot bigger.

This week our little boy is the size of a butternut squash and about 2 1/2 pounds. This week and next are going to be busy for me because I am going to be a teller. But I am glad for the time to be going by fast. I got a ovie for Daddy and I, so we are watching it now. Gotta Go!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Quickest Post Ever

Ok so I know I haven't been blogging very frequently lately, and I have no excuse except for pregnancy. So I am going to blame to the sweet baby boy growing in my womb-you all can take it up with him. :) But really I am sorry. I just have no desire to do anything at all, not clean or cook and not blog. Only read my book and veg out. Unfortunately I finished my book (which was really good by the way) and so I figured I better upload some Grace pics before people started shriveling up from the lack of viewing such adorable cuteness.
Yes this is Grace sitting in her car seat. It has been sitting in the front room ever since I bought a second one 2 weeks ago. She thinks its great because she can sit and climb on it. Since we picked up and cleaned yesterday it got moved.
I think I took these on Saturday, daddy made a yummy pot roast and homemade mashed potatoes and she ate a good early dinner so I let her have 2 cookies for dessert which she rarely gets.
It takes a lot of concentration to balance your cookie on your milk cup like that, just so you know.

I will try to do a more newsy post tomorrow, but right now...I have to jet the dog farts are KILLING me!!!!!!
Love YOU!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Playing Under the Table

I thought you would like some updated pics tonight so I grabbed the camera and started shooting away while she decided to play under the table. I wonder if its time for forts soon??? These pics she was hiding from daddy or something like that.
Oh Hi Mommy!

Totally cute and adorable Grace smile!

She thought she was sooooo coool hanging with her blankie under the table.

Laying on her blankie under the table kicking the chair....that was what she was doing.

I called my OB today and of course I don't have gestational diabetes. Which is good, because we want the baby to be healthy and good because I really didn't want to be on some restricted diet. Not that I eat a lot of junk, but I do have a sweet tooth and like to have my desserts when I want them. Especially now after I am done blogging and get my book to read! Who doesn't like a lil ice cream at night?
Have I mentioned that this boy gets the hiccups like no other??? Last night I swear he hiccupped for at least 5 minutes straight before I finally fell asleep.
It poured rain today and the Explorer said it was 60 degrees out! Crazy! I am almost ready for fall. I think the only reason I want it to start getting cooler is so I can have this baby! And then we can take Grace to fun things like the pumkin patch and Wheeler Farms like we did last year.
Well I have to get up early tomorrow for a staff meeting I scheduled so I better get off the computer! Nite Nite!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More videos

Today I had my 3 hour glucose test. Everything went pretty good, it was just time consuming and boring. I should find out the results tomorrow. I am not really too concerned about it. So today I am 28 weeks and our little boy is the size of a Chinese Cabbage apparently...whatever that looks like? 10 weeks from today I had Grace and boy am I hoping to go early with this one too! I just can't wait to see him and hold him and of course to not be pregnant anymore. Have I mentioned that a lot...I have to work on not complaining because really its not bad. Mostly my stomach is tight a lot these days and tonight I couldn't bend over to kiss Grace goodnight in her crib. :( I am definitely huffing and puffing these days. But its all worth it for the sweet baby.

Well tomorrow's Wednesday and then were halfway thru the week!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Some Videos

Tonight I got some videos of Grace for you. I was going to write an update about our weekend, but at this point I don't think that is going to happen. So instead I will just tell you I am going to be taking my 3 hour glucose test tomorrow to determine if I have gestational diabetes. I had to take the 3 hour test with Grace and I did not have gestational diabetes. But I would rather be safe than sorry. Because if you do have GD then it means that your body makes too much sugar and then the baby gets too much sugar and makes the baby grow too big, and then you have a 12 lb baby. Basically I have to fast for 12 hours and then get my blood drawn, then drink my glucola and then have my blood drawn 3 more times on the hour. It sucks because you have to wait and hang out in LabCorp forever.

Oh and the video of Grace running amok is actually the third time she has played this game. She thinks she is so hilarious! Well and we do too!

Thats all for tonight~ Enjoy!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Last August with Auntie M...
Sorry no new pictures of Grace tonight. She was kind of cranky after dinner so she went to bed early. I made Salmon, green beans, and rice for dinner and she helped me, well she became my helper after she was pushing on my legs and demanded to have me hold her. So we compromised, she became my helper and sat on the counter and watched, and played with the bottle of lemon juice. She is a great helper!

This morning I had my glucose test. I downed my Fruit Punch drink within five minutes and away we went. That stuff doesn't really taste too horrible, until the end but the worst part is it makes my heart beat fast. I had my blood drawn on time and was pleased. The ladies at the LabCorp in my OB's building are great! They find my vein every time! I didnt even tell them this time that I have deep veins. Normally I feel like I have to warn them because then they are digging around in there trying to find my vein.

Thank Goodness that doesn't really bother me! Just a pinch and then its done! After that Daddy and I went to have breakfast because I was starving and jittery and needed some food! And then we were on to my prenatal appointment. The doc said everything is fine, asked of course if he was still moving and of course he is (you all know that to be true). Good blood pressure, good weight, good time peeing in a cup! LOL The most exciting part to me is that after my September prenatal then I get to start going every 2 weeks! Yay, he is coming soon! I can't wait. I know of 2 sweet baby boys that were born just recently and I am so envious I can't wait to hold my own sweet boy. Oh and of course to sleep on my stomach again!

I am still sleeping pretty decent which is good and have been wearing my back/belly band pretty much all the time.

Any pregnant women out there get one, mine was about 35 bucks and is worth having! Especially if your on your feet a lot.

On a side note we recently were invited to go camping in a couple of weeks. Daddy is still trying to decide if he wants to go or not. He and another guy will be hiking in the woods trying to bow hunt. Well Daddy wont be actually hunting because he doesn't have a bow and its really expensive, but he might go to see if he wants to try doing that at some other time. I decided I wasn't into going camping at this point in the pregnancy, I think I will be just uncomfortable and then it won't be any fun trying to chase Grace around and entertain her. So no camping for me this year...maybe next year we will make it out.

I just started the 3rd and final book in a series my SIL let me borrow. I am not going to say too much about this series because I have some sneaky things up my sleave, but so far its been good, although a little slow to start. I can't wait to get into this last one.

Well time to sign off and grab my book! Love to you all...................

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


....is the day for my glucose test. I get to drink a lil bottle of glucosey sugar fruit punch drink within five min and then wait an hour and have my blood drawn to determine if I have gestational diabetes. I don't mind the one hour test but with Grace I had to do the 3 hour test. I am going to fast so hopefully that helps. Tomorrow is also my next prenatal appointment, so we will see how the lil guy is progressing. I think just fine from the amount of moving he does on a regular basis. Seriously tonight he kicked at me the whole drive home from work, which is about 20 mintues and then I picked up Daddy and Grace and so we could grab some chow and he kicked me on the way to the resturant and at dinner. Maybe he was hungry too? :)
Our little monkey see monkey do sitting on this bench after dinner tonight. She was ON one tonight. We got home and you would have thought she just had a bowlful of sugar instead of dinner. Running around like crazy and throwing things and bouncing her face into her crib (that one made me laugh, although it didn't faze her!)
Yay for it being almost Friday, I like it when the weeks go by fast!
Any plans for the weekend? None here yet, except for picking up some cloth diapers! LOL I found a deal from a local seller and am snatching them up!
I am also on the lookout for FuzziBunz One Size Pocket Diapers in non girly colors. If anybody knows or sees any, I will buy used.
Well time to go I have to finish my book tonight, I have about 15 pages left and its good!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

27 Weeks, Running Amok & Rolly Pollys

So I dyed my hair on Sunday and it looks so much better...I needed a change and I still plan on freshing up my layers. Its not styled right now. I am 27 weeks today! Yay! You know what that means? That means in 10 weeks I will be full term! WaHoo! Lets see this baby is supposedly about 2 pounds now (so only six more to match Grace's birth weight) and he is about 14 1/2 inches long. And all legs by the feel of it! He moves so much. When I would get up and go pee in the middle of the night with Grace she would stay asleep, but this guy he wakes up and kicks me or hiccups or stretches.

I took these last night when we were sitting outside chitt chatting. She happens to be wearing the same outfit as those last pics I posted..
Loves this chair. We got her one after Memaw and Pepaw got her one for out visit and she thinks she is hot stuff in it.

Notice she is NOT playing with her chalk? Yeah thats boring as of these last few days..she found some rocks to play with. Oh and this pic yeah Gracie's first lil bug she picked up! A Rolly Polly or Pill Bug or Potato Bug. Unfortunately it did not survive Grace's Clutches, which I discovered after I took this pic of it here in my hand.

Although it was still alive here in her hand, she liked to roll it between her fingers, poor bug was squished to death.

And a general video of her running amok in a crazy way. Love to you all!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Breakfast on the weekend

Just some cutie pie pics from Breakfast. Look at this face, she makes the funniest faces! This was right after she said Hi!

Yummy oatmeal!

Adorable Sweet Precious Grace!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pics from Last Week

So these are pics I took from last week when Daddy was gone and I just never posted them. This is Grace helping me watch the toast! We made egg on toast this night for dinner. This is a spot Grace often likes to be when I am cooking. She usually sits there pretty good when we are cooking.

I dont remember what this face was about, but it sure is a cute surprised look!

After dinner we went outside to check out and water the garden. Grace wanted to stay on porch so thats where she played while I checked out the garden.

Look at this look, this is her, "No Mommy i just told you No and I don't want to come with you and you better not come over here and get me." As you can see she has backed herself into the corner to get as far away from me as she can.

Here is some of our garden veggies. That long hooked thing is our first cucumber...we are sure yet if we let it grow to big, but its huge so we will see. And of course some yellow squash.

Ok so this is the one end of our garden and that plant is the cucumber plant that is taking

These are our tomato plants, and those are our herbs on the outside edge. The tall Christmasy tree like plant is Rosemary, and then Thyme and Basil there on the bottom edge.

That plant on the far end that looks like the cucumber plant and is climbing out of the fence is the cantalope and the squash they are both huge, although no fruit from the cantalope yet.

Oh and thats parsley in the corner there on the bottom. Off I go to pick some herbs for our fresh spaghetti tonight!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Pics for Daddy

Tonight I picked up a super tired cranky baby. I got these pics for Daddy because he is out of town this week.

I sent her under her bed to get the blocks she knocked under there and she had to take a min and play there! Ha what a silly babe.

Not going to blog a lot cuz I need to go to sleep on time at least. Typically I stay up too late when the hubby is out of town. But I am going to make sure I get my sleep this week! Otherwise I will be DRAGGING at work!
I do have some weekend pics I hope to get up maybe tomorrow...?