Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Hey all just a quick update to let you know I am here and haven't forgotten about you all my faithful loyal readers!

Grace's Memaw and Pepaw just left on Monday after a weekend of visiting. We had such a good time just watching her interact with her grandparents and despite having another ear infection she was a sweetheart. I finally got her surgery scheduled for April 16th, although the hospital is supposed to call the day before to let me know the time and what not.

This weekend is Easter already and we will be going to church and then down to Grandma's for Easter Dinner of Ham and Cheesy Augratin Potatoes with Homemade rolls. Drool Drool. I haven't decided if I am going to get Grace an Easter basket or not. Because she won't know if she didn't get one.
KSov's birthday is Saturday as well and I still haven't figured that one as well.
Today it snowed all day long! Luckily its been really warm so it never stuck to the roads.
Right now we are watching season 7 of 24 and I am going to wrap this post and get my frozen yogurt!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

Our weekend

Hi everyone,I know that I haven't posted in a while. I did plan on posting this last weekend, however I did not. I did take some pics and a super cute video of the Lil Miss dancing on the fireplace. I will try to get those up tomorrow night.

This weekend we cleaned house like maniacs and then went to the dog park on Saturday. We took the stroller and the dogs had a blast! Grace took a tumble when Kayla butted her bounding about waiting for daddy to throw the ball and she was a little scared after that to get out of the stroller. But eventually she did she sure does love being outside. She kept finding rocks and sticks to play with.
That night we rented the movie Couple's Retreat and watched that. That was cute.

Sunday morning we got up and KSov had researched a church to go to now that the Lil Miss takes her naps from about Noon-2 I wanted to start looking for a new church. We went to a morning service at 930 at The Rock. Which isn't the same as The Rock in San Diego. Its a lot smaller service and I was a lil nervous to see how Grace did when we dropped her off. Ksov went in the room and started playing with her but then he left after a minute and she did fuss but we quickly walked away and they never put her number up. The service was good and KSov and I both agreed we really liked the church and are going to start going to that one regularly. The morning service was small but not super small and we were going to try to go to the Pastor's Social at his house later that afternoon, however when we got home the Lil Miss went right down for a nap where she promptly chit chatted to herself for an hour! Since she was still napping we ended up not making it to the lil get together.

Then we went down to Janeens for a birthday dinner for Crystal. Some friends of the family where there with there 2 kids, the younges lil boy is about 5 months older than Grace and she was fascinated with the kids. She also was super clingy with me and scared of everyone!

Anyway, just wanted to fill you in on things were going with us. Got to go change out the laundry because its already late.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bath Time with Daddy

I decided to upload some pictures real quick while we sit here listening our book on cd. The World Without End by Ken Follet. (Its really good) The laundry is cooking away, in fact I need to go check on it in a minute. This is a funny lil game I play with her. I say, "Cup on Your Head!" and balance the cup on her head and then it falls off her head and she laughs and tries to do it herself!
That is splasher baby, right there.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Meatloaf is Delicious

The last hunk of meatloaf she devoured!

I think she didn't want her picture taken, and that is why she is frowning. She is so silly.

Two pig tails that day care put in. Topsy turvey, but cute.

Friday, March 12, 2010

How old do You Feel?

I was just rereading my post from last night and I hope it didn't come off as complaining! I think I was just worn out! Do I look tired in that picture or is it just some early crows feet by my eyes?? LOL!

I was talking with a co-worker a few days ago about looking how old you feel. The subject had come up because a customer of ours looked older to both of us than she was. I wonder aloud why that was because she was thin and dressed trendy and didn't seem to be as old as she looked. I then said to my buddy, How old do I look? (I know I know possibly a loaded question!) But I really was curious, because I don't feel like I look thirty. I still feel like I am 25. As do the rest of you who read this blog, probably feel right? He thought I looked 29 or something like that, but that I didn't look older than I was.

But isn't it interesting that some people look younger than they are and I guess vice versa? I suppose it just comes down to taking care of your body and skin and lifestyle whether you smoke or drink a lot. (I think maybe that client used to party a lot, who knows *shrug*) But I was curious how I appeared to people, because I used to get people who thought I was younger than I was. (Its been a little while since I have had that though! Probably because I was heavier till I had the Lil Miss). Have you ever had comments about looking younger or older than you thought you appeared? What did you think about it? I of course love it when people tell me I look younger than I am, but I wonder what about me makes me look younger? Or older? Do you have a wise look in your eyes or say some naive that makes you come across as younger? I think its neat to think about.

I know Daddy is probably feeling really old this week from working such a long week and then driving back home to us now. Its 10:13 here and he is still not back yet, although I expect his call any minute to warn me he is around the corner so the dogs don't amp out.

I was going to post some sweet pics of the Lil Miss totally macking on meatloaf tonight, however I am too tired and only just decided to post this post. Although the pics are quite cute and endearing you will want to check them out once they get posted. That girl loves herself some meatloaf!

I am leaving you now as one EXCITED WIFE to have her husband home and TOTALLY GLAD that it is FRIDAY!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Last night my Lil Miss woke up with some gas pains at 11:30. Then somehow I knocked the glass over that was on the bedside table it was empty, but it did break so I had to pick up glass pieces at 2:30 in the morning. Then I overslept and then I thought it was Friday till like 11:00.
I did do my Yoga video with Crystal tonight and felt totally fine today healthwise. So I was glad I went to bed a tiny bit early and didn't work out last night.
Tomorrow actually is friday in case you forgot (like me) and the weekend is finally here!!!! We're praying daddy gets done with his stuff on time (since early is supposedly out of the question) and will be home and a not to late an hour.
LooooooooVee Yooooouuuu!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Slides Are Fun

I think I only posted one video of our Lil Miss at the park and that was on the swing. So hopefully this will be a new one that everyone will enjoy. Isn't she just a doll? I can't believe she is 14 months today! She is growing so fast. I am trying to think if she is doing anything new the last few days...not really. Althought she was so sweet tonight and I almost was able to rock her to sleep which was nice mommy time.

Nothing else new today. Went to the dentist, got clean teeth. Everything looks good there. Did not get my Costco coupons yet and my coworker has. Thats kind of annoying.

Tomorrow is thursday, and only 2 more days till Daddy comes home. My throat hurts a tiny bit. Hopefully Auntie Crystal did not get mommy sick. Boo. Feel tired and I am just going to rest tonight and not work out.

Just going to watch both episodes of American Idol and maybe eat some ice cream. :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Car Seat

Last night I was looking at car seats and I think that this is the one that I want to get. I am wondering though if we should go check it out in person at Babies R Us or if I should just order it off Amazon.

We have a gift card from there so it will definetly be nice to not have to pay for the whole car seat out of pocket. Part of me wants to buy it so I can get it here sooner and see it and use it. Even though its for Pooks I am still excited to "play" with it! Ha!

Its another Monday and Daddy headed off to Vegas in the truck today. He will be there all week and he will come home safe to us on Friday.

Do you all know what this weekend brings???? I am sure you guessed it already but DayLight Savings time is this weekend. Yes yes I know, we will be "springing forward" and losing an hour of our much desired sleep, but with that brings the...................................SUN!!!!!!

Wait???? Did Summer Girl mention the sun is going to be coming out earlier??? Naw she wouldn't be excited about that. Also it means the sun won't go down until later too! One of my favorite things about where I live is the late summer evenings. I love sitting outside in our backyard and BBQing and last summer was great with Gace crawling around. And now this summer is skipping towards me with glee as we get to turn our clocks forward and I look forward to see Grace run around our yard!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pig tails

We bought some hair ties at Winco today. I was only able to double loop them in her hair and so they didn't stay, but I was able to get the idea. She is so cute with her little pig tails. Trying to get a side shot.

Look at those dimples.
Another side shot.

This is when she threw a temper tantrum when I didn't let her have the camera.

The temper tantrum was dying out when I was taking our picture. She sure does express herself now. I have to start researching which car seat we are going to get for the Lil Monkey. She is growing so fast and soon she won't fit in her infant seat! lol! KSov is going to Vegas tomorrow. He will have to do a service call first and then he will be driving out. He will be gone all week. Another week without daddy but hopefully this will be the last for a little while at least we need some daddy time!! We didn't really do anything special today just breakfast laundry and groceries. Oh and a lot of play time with the Punky Pie!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ice Water is so Refreshing

Isn't this picture sooo adorable? I mean those eyes, those lips, those sweet baby hands..... She loves this cup. I pulled it out recently when I wanted to get back to drinking my water (I am drinking about 2 liters a day now) and she thinks she is so cool drinking out of a straw now.

Such concentration...and even more to try to pull the straw out!
Here are my tomato plants I did today. KSov got Brandywine and Big Boy's. I decided to plant my tomatos from seeds because starters cost so much. Hopefully these plants will grow good.

KSov is back in town he got home arount 7:30 last night. I was in the middle of putting Pooks down at that time because she was really cranky. I got KSov's dinner ready while he rocked his daughter to sleep. Such sweet daddy daughter time. Then I had to get up and go to work this morning and daddy took Pooks to the park with Grandma. They went to a park where there was snow and she LOVES snow. In fact it was so funny on Thursday night when I got home I got her out and let her walk down the driveway with me to get the mail. She saw the small (about 6 inches in diamater) snow pile that was on the front lawn and made a beeline for it! It was close to the edge so she was able to reach out and grab handfuls of it. Ahh, so delicous snow! She does not care that her hands are cold one little bit.
Have I mentioned how she loves to put her coat and shoes on and knows that when she puts these on she gets to go bye bye? So cute.
I will update more tomorrow. LOVE YOUS!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blankie Love

I couldn't resist and bought Grace these cute springy pj's at Costco today. I had to go there for Cascade and these pj's were only 8.99. She was being so silly just bouncing around and grabbing her blankie over and over again like a puppy!

Daddy has an unexpected trip to Denver tomorrow. Hopefully everything will go smooth, he should be back on Friday evening.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Husband Intervention

I have to thank my dear husband for fixing my camera. I was extremely dissappointed that the camera was broken and I was unable to take new pics and videos. Tonight my sweet amazing talented husband was able to fix our camera with his existing tools! I love that! Now we don't have to buy something new! How great. Plus I am sure my many followers are thankful as well because what fun is a blog if there are no pictures to see? Especially a blog with a sweet darling babe like mine!

So here is the video of Grace swinging for the first time at the park. She loved it! Although I do have to apologize because it made me a bit dizzy to watch.

Lately she has been really good about giving us kisses. She loves to lean in with a big open mouth and then she goes, "MUAH!" She loves making that noise when she gives us kisses. Also she has learned to turn her wrist when she waves night night to daddy. It reminds me of a beauty queen without the elboe part! Just wrist wrist.

The toddler room is going good, so far naps are good. And she is such a good eater. We had aspargus for dinner tonight I swear that girl ate half the pot! Oh and have I mentioned she loves her blankies? Her great-grandmas had crocheted her a bunch of different size blankets and colors. She loves them, especially the softer gree, purple and yellow ones. In fact she has one at daycare and when I went to get her jacket out of her basket she saw her blanket and pointed and grunted for it! We were able to avoid a fit but she knows what she wants!

We have an apointment for her to get checked out by and Ear Nose and Throat dr on Thursday morning so we can get going with getting her tubes put in.

Daddy most likely has to go to Vegas next week for work. Another week out of town. Maybe he will get overtime this time.

Did I mention KSov's sister C is now officially living with us? She moved in this past weekend. So far so good!

Well I am getting a low bttery message and the laptop is acting up, so enjoy the video and Good Night!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Camera Catasrophy

I am so bummed. I have some sweet videos and pics I took from Saturday, but can't post them for awhile. Unfortunately our camera is broken. We took Grace to the park on Saturday and it was so much fun! It was a nice day although a bit windy, but despite that our Lil Miss had a blast! She loves being outside. She went down the slide and she swung in the swings and just had a ton of fun. However when I would reach down to grab her little hand to walk back to the truck our camer fell out of my pocket, and now its broken. It won't take pictures. What I am not sure about is whether this is bad or good. I took the camera to a shop today and they told me that it would cost the same amount to fix it as it would to buy a new camera that had more features and mega pixels.
Looking at camera's makes me want to get a cool camera that you can do more stuff with, but that is way out of our budget now, so we won't. I just have to find a "new" camera so I can get more Pookie pics and videos.
I don't remember if I posted this pic, but I took it with my cell phone for KSov when he was out of town.
Worked out tonight, did my half hour of running plus some. Now its late and time for bed. But I thought I would pop in and give you an update on why I have blogged anything for a few days.