Sunday, September 30, 2012

After Our Beach Day

After our afternoon at the beach we got to visit with Papou and Uncle Cameron and Aunt Heather.
 Cousins! 2 days apart.
 I love Sarah's face here, she's like who is this kid?? LOL!

 Building tall tall towers with Uncle Cameron!

 Ok So I had to post all these pics I took of the kids.  I don't know why Aaron was melting down when we wanted to take a picture.  Probably because we had a busy day and skipped naps.

 Grace was great, she was holding all of the kids together! :)

 Looking a little better.
 The best one we could get.
 Dinner with Memaw and Pepaw.
 Smiley babe.
 Hi Memaw!

 Hanging with Memaw and Pepaw wearing her new old favorite Princess shirt from Aunt Heather.
We have had a wonderful weekend with Daddy.  Grace got her tubes out on Friday morning.  She did great, despite waking up a little disoriented. We got her a chocolate donut afterwards and she loved it.  Had dinner with my brother in law and sister in law last night which was great.  And then today we had a wonderful church service, lunch, lazy nap afternoon, dinner and now wrapping up a movie night with the hubby before he leaves for Cali tomorrow. Night!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Beach Day on our vacation

After spending a wonderful week at Angel's Camp, we loaded up the truck and headed south down to Anaheim were we planned on doing DisneyLand and a beach day. It was so nice and perfect at the beach and the kids had a blast.  Well I think we all had a blast! (Even daddy!)

 Catching some rays...  Ha!
 Relaxing after some play.

 Catching a ride back to the truck
 Thinking she was so hot stuff running far ahead, 'till she had to stop and wait for us.
Great day relaxing at the beach in California!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Angel's Camp Museum

I originally started this post a few days ago, but then my computer froze while I was uploading pictures and I had to start over.  Of course the second time around 2 of the pictures are at the bottom, but there is a lot of pictures here.
 I asked her but she didn't even know how to play her own game! Sheesh! I guess I will let it slide, I mean that smile is pretty darn cute.

 This place was so cool to check out all the different types of old carriages.
 Checking out this carriage I totally understand why they had footmen to help.  The edge of the door was like at my collar bone! So tall!

 Cutest blond lil peanut!
 I know it's kind of hard to read but that is a hog oiler.  Now I didn't really get a chance to read why or how one would oil a hog, but now I know you can, er should?

 You have to bring your tree branch when your checking out the museum.

 Tired baby with her daddy.
That morning before we headed out.
 In front of Ole Beth, me and my kiddos!
I have so many more pictures to share of the second leg of our trip, the beach and DisneyLand, so keep checking in because I will get them up eventually!
I am back on the treadmill again tonight and now I just have to start focusing on toning and strength training.  After I had Aaron I was able to both, but I just can't seem to stay consistent on it.  I need to tighten up my mommy belly! :) I am up to late right now, time to get to bed before Sarah is up again! Nighty night!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Vacation Pics Angel's Camp 2012 Part 2

On Tuesday of our vacation we spent it at the lake, so Wednesday we hit historic main street and did some shopping.  Love this picture of K and peanut. 

 Aaron's cheeser face.  I just love that he hams it up for the camera now.
 I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of Aaron.  He just looks so sweet here and I think he kind of looks like me here as well.  He has been talking so much on our trip and just so vocal.
 Grace decided that she would spend any free time she had coloring.  She is getting so good at it and she really did some days color for hours.

 God Bless America
 Went into a shop that sold rocks and shells.  The kids each picked out a shell.

 The entrance to main street.
So K has left for another training class and my week is already flying by.  Today was supposed to be my cleaning day and I got very little cleaning done, and no laundry.  Tomorrow is a running around day, Costco, the bank and a Dr.'s appointment, then later Grace's dance class has started again.  This evening K and I tried to book tickets for me and the kids to go to San Diego while he was in his next training class in Costa Mesa.  We had planned on using some miles I had and some miles he had and a voucher to make the airfare more affordable.  Turns out Delta won't let us use the voucher because K's reservation number is different than ours since he had to book his through his work.  And two round trip airfare for the kids would be almost $1000 and that's not even paying baggage fee's! So needless to say I was frustrated this evening.  I have been all excited to be in SD while K was on this last trip and it was going to make the 5 weeks of back to back travel go by faster.  Not too mention I loved the idea of seeing all of my family and hanging with my baby brother who I only see once a year.  But after spending a bunch of money on our family vacation I not sure I can bring myself to spend that kind of money.
Anyways it's late and if I am going to sleep on it, I better get to sleep! HA!