Sunday, March 9, 2014

January 2014

I've had a ton of pictures on my camera from our trip to San Diego in January. Of course when I go to upload them last week Picasa and Blogger aren't interfacing and playing nice together.  So I put it off and tonight tried again. I had to do it the old way (which is slower) so I just stopped with these handful of pictures.

I've got a lot to catch up on and fill in the gaps since January! The hubs has a new job, my peanut is going to be 2 come April, I'm homeschooling Grace and thinking about getting Aaron in Tball or Soccer. Of course we are typically busy but I need to find time to update regularly. One thing I am thinking is switching to a new blog address. Stay tuned, I'll be riiiight back!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday Grace!

Grace turned 5 years old yesterday and she was so excited! K had gotten her a calendar from Chik-Fil-A a few weeks ago as a little gift while he was traveling. She has been into the date and days and month and thought she would enjoy her own calendar to write on and cross off days. Which of course she loves! And it seems like ever since last year when she turned 4 she has been really excited to turn 5 and now she is.  She requested a chocolate cake with strawberry frosting. We tried our best to make it strawberry-ish but they didn't have that in a can and so we added some imitation strawberry flavoring. It was alright, a mix between vanilla and strawberry but definitely pink. She got to help bake it and decorate it, which she was thrilled about it.
We got her new purple sparkly shoes, which she opened in the morning so she could wear out that day.
 Later that night opening her other presents. We also got her a princess canopy for over her bed, in pink of course.
 Grandma came over for dinner and cake. Grace colored that whole purse on one side purple, naturally.
 Reading her card from Memaw and Pepaw. She can read so good!!
 Daddy and our big girl with her Jessie Doll.
 My sweet birthday girl, we tried to convince you not to turn 4, but you kept telling us to ask God. We know He has big plans for you and your loving heart.
 The princess canopy all hung up over your bed to sleep in. What 5 year old doesn't want a special princess secret hiding place?
 We love you Grace, you light up our lives with your generous spirit, your so kind, loving and obedient. You look out for your brother and sister and are their best friends. Your eager to help and learn. I love how you like to learn silly songs and listen to the Frozen soundtrack over and over. I'm so proud of the sweet girl your growing up to be, your such a good example.
Happy Birthday Grace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!