Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sick Baby

Just a quick update. Grace has another ear infection in both ears again. I am thinking she probably never really got over the last one...but I can't be sure. She also got another vaccination today. And despite all that she was in amazing spirits. We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and she had some of mommy's baked potato which of course she loved! (I mean who wouldn't with sour cream butter and cheese??) She ate a real good diner too. A whole thing of carrots and applesauce...actually I just remembered she didn't finish the applesauce and I think I left it on the table. Bummer. Oh well. We gave her, the antibiotics tonight and hopefully this will kick this ear infection in the butt!
On a side note. We think someone tried to steal our motorcycle last night. When I left this morning I noticed the garage door was up and I thought KSov had been outside already getting some of his work stuff together. I quickly switched the car seat to the Jeep and left (being in the mad rush I am always in in the mornings) Then KSov texted me if I had rummaged around in the jeep console and took the garage door opener because he couldn't find it. Long story short we think the person who came to look at the motorcycle might have though to try to steal it because there was nothing taken out of the garage last night. The motorcycle was actually locked on the rv pad (thank you briggsy for being an escape artist dog otherwise we wouldn't have the special hasp lock we have on the gate) because my dad and KSov had been cleaning out the garage yesterday.
So KSov dismantled the garage door opener and we are counting our blessings. We think maybe because my dad was up late last night with the light on it could have scared off the potential thieves.
Well everyone is safe and sound asleep and its time for me to be off to bed too.
sweet dreams..............

Monday, September 28, 2009


Here are some updated pictures of our Lil Miss . Mommy let her have her work keys to play with and she loved them!
Here is the home made wheat cinnamon rolls made, before and after. I used left over cream cheese frosting left over from carrot cake to top them with.

Look at that smile! Gorgeous sweet child of mine. Pray for this sweet baby she is not feeling good tonight. She has a fever and didn't eat dinner or want her bottle either. In fact I think I hear her fussing now. I will try to get her into the dr. tomorrow. Love that sweet girl so much! Got to go check on her.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pookie Play Time

Hope you enjoy these videos. We were having some play time on the floor with our sweet lil girl.

Roofing pics

Here is the beginning when we started laying the shingles. This is the starter peices that go on the edge.

Here is dad...

and KSov...

and Me!

All of our supplies.

A close up of our shingles

The top of the ridge where they laid all of the shingles.

The east side of the house, you can see the old vent covers.

The west side of the house and the ice and water layers we laid down.

The plywood sheating we had to repair, well not all of that, but in that area we did have to replace some sheets.

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Smiths Ad!

So here are the videos I took of our sweet baby the other night that I couldn't get to load! And of course I loaded them backwards so the one of her crawling away is the last one when she was done with me and off to play with that electric socket! Of course I didn't let her get over there....

Oh and guess what? We finally got someone to come look at the motorcycle tonight. KSov thinks that they probably will come back tomorrow to buy it so although its not the greatest price point, its at least....doable???? For lack of a better word. This weekend its supposed to be nice highs in the 80's thru the middle of next week and then highs in the 50's. Fall is here in fact I do believe the first day of Autumn past last week or something.

I can't wait for cooler weather. What!!!??? Did Summer Girl say what I think she said?? Yeah I do appreciate the fall weather and can't wait to take our Lil Miss to a Pumpkin Patch and pick out a pumpkin. Maybe tomorrow we will go to Kid to Kid (local childrens used clothing store) and see if they have any cute costumes.... still not sure what I would dress her up as.

I will also try to get some video of her walking with daddy or mommy. She is doing great. Tonight she was walking down the hall with me and she was barely using my fingers to support her weight, she was! Practice makes perfect!

Well, heres to updateing what were up to and I will get roof pics up. HUGS and LOVE here from Salt Lake...............

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


OK so I took this pic tonight and then I took 4 videos on my phone of our sweet lil girl playing with the Smiths ad. So I sent the videos to my email and then downloaded them to the computer so I could upload some sweet baby for you all. However............................

it took way to long to upload one. In fact it actually never did. I kept popping over and reading all of my blogs I follow because when I wasn't updateing mine I wasn't read yours our theirs or anyones. I wasn't checking emails or anything. I had new emails, of course some was junk, but I was busy and the stupid lil 15 second video I took of this Lil Miss wasn't loading! Arg. So all that loaded was the pic, and she looks kinda like..."Yeah, whatcha want?"
So I will try really hard to get some videos up tomorrow night, or at least some pics of the roof! It all done, well the shingling part is. Dad says he has to do the flashing along the chimney but that wont take long and we have to put the 2 gutters back up. And of course we have to take the like 6000 pounds of trash to the dump still! Yay! :) But at least its now done for winter.
The next project would be to get the doors painted and the garage cleaned out so we can park a vechicle in it. Hey that might be nice parking your car in the garage, right?
KSov is out of town till Thursday night late but then we have the weekend! I can't wait! I miss my Lil girl so much!
I was thinking about it and I only get to see her for about 2 1/2 hours a day. I might have her for about an half hour in the morning before its time to take her to school and me work and then if I don't close then I get her by six pm and she's in bed by eight, sometimes 830 if were running behind schedule.
It made me sad today because her fav daycare teacher was telling me how Grace now cries when Miss Dawn isn't there and she only wants to be held by her. Made me sad because that is supposed to be me...
Today I had to terminate an employee. It was the first time I had to do that and I was nervous about it. But I got through it and it helps me be a better manager.
Of course now I have to be on the teller line till we hire a new morning teller, so we will see how long that takes.
Love yall, oh and what do you think Pooks should be for Halloween???

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pookanator Pics from San Diego!

Ok So here are some more pictures from my camera and I just realized I put them all on backwards again. Meaning timewise. So these first pics are from the end of the day and the last ones are from the beginning of the day!

At lunch with her Memaw. (Who knows what she is looking at?)
Pepaw and Pooks

I gotcha Pepaw...he he he!

Mommy and Pooks and the bear, poor guy it was hot!

Hmm, not sure what I am laughing at here...

Her first look at the giant bear!

Memaw and Pookie, oh yeah checking out the giraffe! Look at her face she actually saw them pretty close up. She didn't see them at first then she did and was AMAZED!

Nana getting her time in while we try to take pics.

My Lil Movie Star Miss....

Nana and the Lil Miss, being soo good and letting us put the lil sunglasses Nana got her on. The ladies with their sunglasses and hats! Ready for a day at the Zoo!

Say Cheese! She was so mesmerized by all the people and kids.

Ok well thats what I got for tonight. My lil Pookanator, you are 8 months old today and growing up soo fast mommy can hardly keep up! You alrfeady crawl really good and are quite adept at pulling yourself up. We all know you want to walk so bad. Miss Dawn at daycare told me yesterday that you get mad sometimes when they are holding your hand and you see the pther children walking.
You still have such a pleasant personality and get along well with everyone. You loved all your Uncles in Cali and quickly got over your stranger danger with men once you saw them a few times in a row. You are wearing size three diapers, and still have no teeth, which mommy is just fine with!
You love to eat and eat a ton it seems! Mixed grain cereal, fruits and vegatables. You can drink from your sippy cup, 'you picked out' but LOVE to drink fresh cold water (like your daddy) out of any grownups glass. And you do a good job of it too!
You make the cutest lil billy goat noise when you laugh or even grunt when your excited, oh and you waived your arms whenever you see other children.
We think you can waive to people now when they waive at you, and I swear you said Ma Ma tonight, when you wanted me to pick you up out of your high chair.
You still love taking baths, but get some disagreeable when its time to rediaper you up and lotion you up for bed.
In the mornings you love watching Little Eisteins or My friends Tigger and Pooh, with Mommy and Daddy while we get ready for work.
Oh and today they painted your toe nails, although Mommy was not happy about that and said so!
But my lil sunshine baby there will be plenty of time for that later. I love you tons and tons!!!!!!

Roof Update!

Ok so here are just a few pics of what we have been doing so far this week. This pic is the best to be able to tell the work that we have been doing. Scraping the old (2 layers) of shingles off the roof. Actually I must confess that we didn't do any of this particular back breaking work. We a 3 laborers to help us with it.
Not really sure why I took this pic of the front of the house, but I guess you can see the lightness of the brick. I would love to stain the brick a different darker color. (Color is good! White is bland... lol)
So the next 2 pic are from the ladder of the back side of the house. You can see how light the precious shingles where. We got a dimensional shingle called...shoot I forgot! But they are darker gray than this.

OK so this is the second load that needs to go to the dump. Unfortunately this load never made it there because we though the dump closed at 6 but it really closed at 5pm. The firsty load awas like this and it was 6000 pounds! Can you believe that?

Today we pulled all the shingle nails and repaired some of the plywood that needed to be fixed due to water damage. KSov and my Dad also got the drip edge laid and 2 rows of the fire and ice on the back side of the roof. The shingles are being delivered tomorrow morning!