Tuesday, April 24, 2012

3X the Love

So far life with our sweet Sarah has been great.  She seems to be an easy baby so far.  Eating, sleeping and pooping.  Our nights have been good actually, some wakeful hours but mostly eating and sleeping.  The last couple of days Aaron has slept late which is until 8am or after, so that has been nice.  Although around lunch time today he started acting really fussy and didn't want to eat at all.  He had a temperature and so I just put him down early for a nap at 12:30 and he slept good. 
He woke up happy, but that quickly ended and he just got fussier and fussier.  He just wanted someone to hold him.  He definitely doesn't feel good and still has a fever.  I just pray that it's related to him getting his bottom molars and not getting sick.  We especially don't want little sister getting sick.  I took this picture right after naps.  He was trying to climb up onto our bed and dropped his lion and bent down to get it and nailed his eyebrow on the side rail.  Poor kid.  It was a challenge getting this picture but I sure did enjoy snuggling with my 3 kiddos!  

Looking forward to Memaw and Pepaw's visit in a couple of days and Grace's dance recital on Saturday.  I do have pictures to download from my camera, I just haven't unpacked my camera cord yet.  Soon!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Birth Story

So as everyone knows our last little girl has finally arrived and boy did she come with a bang.  Let me see where to start?  I think it was Monday night that we  has some false labor.  I had ad K download a contraction timer on his new phone and we were timing the contractions, but I didn't feel like they were getting any stronger or that it was the real deal. 
So Wednesday morning I decide that I am going to go to the grocery because my next OB appointment was Thursday at 11:15 and I knew I would get to it that day.  It was drizzly and wet and we headed out to stock up on food.  During our trip I was dragging and plain beat I had some contractions but just felt tired and achy.  So we got home and I made the kids and myself some lunch.  I put the kids to bed and was texting with my mom about my OB appointment and whether I should plan to get induced on my due date or wait to go over or what.  We ended out conversation quickly because I was so tired and my feet hurt and I wanted to get a nap while the kids were napping.  So she told me she would pray that my labor starts soon so I wouldn't have to decide.  I am laying there and start feeling crampy and contractions lower.  I think to myself...hmm I bet this is labor starting.  K was working and text me after about hour that he was done and was going to get an allergy shot and then check on something and then be home, or he asked if he should come straight home.  I told him get his shot but then text me after he was done because I think I am in labor.  So he heads home shortly and we start timing my contractions the kids wake up and the contractions are not anything that I can't handle.  However I asked him to call his mom at 4:45 to see if she had her car because she takes the bus to work and I was thinking K should go pick her up sooner than later.  So he gets a hold of her and goes and gets her and I start picking up and making the kids dinner and staying busy because they were going to be about an hour there and back. 
K gets back with his mom and we start getting the rest of our hospital gear together.  I already had my bag packed (for a little while actually) and just needed to throw some last minute things in and pack K's snacks and what nots. 
His mom put Aaron down to bed early at 730pm because he was cranky and we headed off to the hospital around 8ish.  We got checked in and headed upstairs to Labor and Delivery where I changed and she checked me.  Sure enough I was about 5 centimeters and still about 70% effaced.  So K and I started hanging out and going through the contractions.  Now some of you may know already that I really wanted to try for a natural labor, this was going to be our last child and I figured if I was going to be able to do it, it would have to be on this one.  The contractions started getting hard at around 10pm and I was thinking I couldn't do this and to tell the truth I wasn't making it look easy like some women do.  (Poor K)  We had the nurse check me again at about 10:30ish and I was now at 7 centimeters.  Hmm, could I really go another 3 hours at this?  I think K was thinking, could he really take another 3 hours of me???
We asked the nurse how long it would take to get the epidural and she had to have the IV in for about 15-20 minutes before the epidural.  So after a minute K went and told her to go ahead and get the IV so we could do the epidural.  I was sitting in the rocking chair laboring with K in front of me and the nurse on my right next to the monitor working across me on my IV.  I think I had to really good contractions and then after that was over I said, "I have to pee." 
I had read that if your going without pain meds you should urinate frequently to take any extra pressure off your bladder to help dilate your faster or something like that.  I didn't even have to go a lot, I just figured I should go after this contraction so I stood up and we walked into the bathroom right behind me. 
I sat down peed for literally half a second and then felt another contraction coming on. I grabbed the bathroom handrail and then leaned back and felt the contraction build up, maybe for like 10 seconds, then my water broke and that was a huge relief.  Except then the next thing I know, I am screaming as this huge pain comes and I am pushing the baby's head out.  (I can't see that of course) but with that push her whole head comes out and the nurse yells for me to stop pushing that we don't want to have a baby in the toilet. 
Which of course I didn't, but I yelled back, "I can't NOT push!" and then another contraction came and out the rest of her came.  She DID NOT land in the toilet, the nurse caught her and she set her on some warm towels because she had pulled the emergency cord and about 5 other nurses came running in. 
And then I was in complete relief...it was great.  I got to hold her and she was perfect and wonderful and then K cut the cord, and the nurses took her over and started checking her out.  Then I started getting the shakes and we moved me to the bed and I had to wait for the on call doctor to arrived to finish delivering the placenta.  (That was a pain.)  However I didn't tear at all and she was 8 pounds 8 ounces and 20 inches.  She is perfect and truly another gift from God.  I got my wish to have a unmedicated birth and the funny thing was the doc asked me, "Did I feel like I had to have a bowel movement?"  But I didn't because I think if I did I would have thought I was nearing time to push and then wouldn't have wanted the epidural.  I think the fact that I was on the toilet was just happenstance.  Plus I kept imagining myself on the bed pushing and what that would feel like and I imagined I would have more control.  I didn't feel like I had control of when she came.  It just happened.
Anyway that is how our last child, our second daughter made her way into this world and now I have had a unnmedicated birth and know what that feels like and I can say I have done it.  Maybe not grace under pressure but I did it.  And bless K's heart he still loves me! :)
We came home from the hospital last night around 930pm and then K had to take his mom back home and then come back.  Last night was a little bit harder with Sarah than when we were in the hospital but my milk has come in now and I am hoping she will continue her awesome sleep patterns she had in the hospital. 
This morning we had an appointment to have her bilirubin levels checked to see if she needs to be under lights, like Aaron had too.  I thought for sure after the doc saw her that her levels would say yes, but he called and wants to see what her levels are tomorrow.  So that was a pleasant surprise, and since my milk came in sometime this morning I think we are flushing that right out of her. 
Grace and Aaron are doing so well with her as well.  Aaron is so soft and he just gazes at her and Grace too is in awe and wants to hold her. Always when she is crying of course but still loves being a big sister. 
Hopefully I can get some more pictures uploaded tomorrow.
This is Sarah Elizabeth coming home from the hospital.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Little Sister has arrived!

This is K Posting for my Beloved A! Little sister is here and here is a post from daddy to make you feel my love!

Mommy and baby are both wonderful and healthy. Had a natural birth with no pain control except for A's iron will.

Love you all.


Baby's Coming!

We are at the hospital and having a baby!  Hopefully tonight!  It's 9pm here and got checked in an hour ago and I was 5 centimeters so hopefully we will have her tonight.
Gotta jet before these contractions get harder!
Love to everyone!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

39 weeks 2 days

Hi all, So I know I haven't posted in a few days, sorry about that.  Saturday I was 39 weeks and still nothing new.  Saturday we hung around the house it was gloomy and K did the brakes on the Expedition.  Sunday we just lazed around until dinner time then K ran to the grocery to get a few things we needed in order for him to make dinner.  It was so yummy and it was nice to not cook, not that I have been cooking a lot lately.  But I guess I mean it was nice to not even think about it.  Then Aunt Crystal and Uncle Devin came over for dessert and hung out and chatted with them before putting the kids to bed.  It was a nice low key weekend, although I still have labor on every OTHER thought.
Today it was nice outside so I took the Expedition and got it washed and vacuumed out.  We went to a car wash right by our house which I thought was one that you got out of the truck and the kids could watch it get washed from the inside of the building.  But it was a drive through one and then you give it over to them.  The kids freaked out a little bit, but overall did good, no real tears!
Then they got to go inside and play and read books at a little kids table which they loved of course. 
And now we have a clean SUV for when little sister arrives.  And hopefully it won't rain tonight!
We got home right at lunch time so I let the kids play outside while I made them lunch and then after they ate.  Aaron was kind of fussy today.  He woke up this morning at 630 and I went in and tried to settle him back down for another 45 minutes, but then he had a short nap as well.  Poor kid looks like he got into a fight with a wall.  Well I think he did...at one point after lunch he was crying outside and I came out to see what was going on.  Grace said he got stuck behind the air conditioning unit.  But he was out when I got there.  Then another time he came inside crying and his forehead had a grass stain and scrape on it.  So now after his bath tonight he has a couple of red scrapes on his face. 
He is becoming more and more boy everyday.  Saturday he bit his lip when 'driving' one of his cars around.  Love my boy though!
This was tonight, look my floors are toy free! LOL! They were playing some kind of night night game.
 Then Aaron got up and ran off and Grace prayed for him.  "Thank You God for Aaron, Amen!"
Tomorrow is playgroup, looking forward to that.  I can't believe this Saturday is my due date!  I do plan on posting a quick note when we head to the hospital...FYI.  Hope everyone had a nice Monday!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Signs of Summer

Monday was so beautiful and nice out I suggested to K that we grab some KFC and head over to the park for dinner and some playtime.  It was a perfect night for it and the kids had a blast, well and I did too!
Nothing says, summer like flip flops on the picnic blanket...
 Grace learning to pump her feet on the swing and doing a pretty good job of it.
 Having some chocolate cake they gave us free with our chicken.

 Lip smacking good eh?

This morning I had my OB appointment and I am 38 weeks and 4 days along.  The doc checked my cervix and I was actually surprised to know that I am about 70% effaced and 3 centimeters dilated.  So really she could be coming any day now or hopefully any minute! LOL! I figured I better upload these pictures and let everyone know how the appointment went while I still feel up to it! 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our walk

Tuesday we have playgroup now and it was so nice out today.  All the kids played outside while us mom's sat around the patio table and talked.  I sprayed all the kids down with sunscreen when we got there, but should have done myself and got a lil burned on my right arm and right side of my neck.  Stupid really, because I am a sunscreen fanatic normally. 

After dinner tonight it was so nice that Summer Girl came out and asked her hubby if he wanted to take a walk around the block.  My 38 week pregnant self wasn't quite sure if she wanted to but Summer Girl insisted so I strapped on my belly band and we made it just fine.  It was so nice and we let the kids, well Aaron, walk.
 I dug out Grace's sun hat and it still fit her enough for her to wear.  Plus she was wearing purple today so she wanted to wear the purple side.  Aaron's sun hat doesn't fit anymore and I think I sent it along for my new nephew anyway.  So I dug out the Navy ball cap (got represent Uncle Tay Tay) and we tightened it up and he kept it on for the entire walk!! He was so stinkin cute with it, my lil slugger!  We stopped on the corner to have K take this picture and the house across the street was playing basketball in their backyard and Aaron was so excited to see basketballs popping up above the fence.  He kept saying, "Ball! Ball!" 

Tomorrow I have my 38 week OB appointment in the morning.  I am not sure if I am excited or not.  I am not sure what he can tell me that will get me excited...but he still has to check everything out.  K was supposed to travel to Idaho tomorrow for an overnighter.  But since the trip is 5 hours one way he is skipping out on it in case she comes.  So since that is not on his schedule anymore, it would be really nice if she came tomorrow morning.  Like wouldn't it be great if we went to the appointment and the Doc says, your in labor now, head on over to the hospital!! LOL
We will see what tomorrow brings!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

I love this picture of Air Bear and K.  K was lying on the floor on his stomach and Aaron had to copy him when K let him play with his phone. Heads down together, his little finger touching the screen, so precious!

Easter morning, Grace showing her TinkerBell coloring poster.
 Aaron was into the candy first thing...can we say Chubby Bunny? Not sure what he thought of the Peeps, he ate the heads off a couple, but that is all.
 Grace wearing her Easter "Pepaw" dress.  She kept talking about her 'pretty dress'.
 Showing her bracelet and cross necklace off.  Such a precious face!
 He had just woken up from nap...can you tell? Sweet boy.
 Hunting for eggs at Grandma's, Aaron was great at getting them.
 Zoom!!!! Off to find more eggs!!!
Today my OB appointment got canceled and rescheduled for Wednesday morning.  So we ran to Costco to get gas and then some banks and right back home.  Grace's friend and his mommy came over and played and had lunch and then left so the kids could have naps.  Aaron took a nice solid 2 hour nap. 
I filed a complaint with the police because as soon as I put the kids down for nap these 2 guys were racing their dirt bikes up and down my street.  It was so nice out today (75 degrees) that I had the kids windows open.  So annoying, they stopped after about 4 runs up and down the street and I saw the police come by about an hour later.  I just kept waiting for the police to call me so I didn't rest myself. 
After K got done with work we ran thru KFC and headed to have dinner at the park and play.  It was such a nice day for it and the kids loved it.  Then back home for baths (filthy kids!) and bedtime. 
Now K and I are watching a movie and hoping little sister comes soon!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

38 weeks, Easter Egg Hunt

Today I am 38 weeks along.  My week date is on a Saturday and it was the same with Grace, however I went into labor early Saturday morning on my 38th week with Grace, so this pregnancy is officially the longest I have been pregnant!  But at this point it's fine because tomorrow is Easter and I want to see the kids in the morning and spend it with my family. 

This Easter weekend we are having nice weather, so it makes it more fun.  Yesterday we looked up a free Easter Egg Scramble with 10,000 eggs and decided to drive down there this morning and participate.  It was fun, it was just super windy and since we got there at 9:40 it was still pretty cold, I think about 35 degrees.  But we got there at the perfect time and we parked a little farther away to avoid the traffic and walked to the park.  It was a good little hike for me, but it worked out nicely and I think tuckered the kids out a bit. 

This was right before the kids were allowed out into the circle.  They basically just set all the eggs out into the grass and then spray painted a big orange circle around it so that the age groups stay separate and they wait until the right time.

 Daddy warming up the little boys hands.
 Before it 'started' you can kind of see all the eggs and the crowd line up.  That sign on the left said no adults allowed, but of course K saw dad's sweeping armfuls of eggs for their kids.  Which is silly because we were in the ages 1-3, so it's not like your 1 year old really needs to have any more than they can get.  Aaron actually got the concept, he couldn't carry his basket but he was picking eggs up 2 at a time, one in each hand.  Grace was a little bit more cautious, but they both got about 10 or 12 eggs.  It only lasts for maybe 5 minutes before the eggs are GONE. 

 Mass egg attack!
 Afterwards showing off their eggs...love Aaron's face!  He was so proud of himself!

 They also had the local fire dept out there with a truck with their ladder, so K held the kids while he walked around the truck to show them.  We thought Grace would like it a lot because she always points out fire engines and ambulances when they drive by, but she was kind of freaked out.  I think she thought the sirens would be on.  But I guess Aaron thought it was great.
 Afterwards we came home and Aaron passed out of course, and its a good 20 minute drive, so I was resigned to a short nap with him.  However they both slept really good for about 2 1/2 hours and I got a good nap as well!  So that was delightful.  All in all we had a lovely Saturday and tomorrow should be great as well.  We are supposed to go over to Grandma's for dinner and I am sure we will do an egg hunt there, but it is supposed to be highs of 72, so it will be warm by then!

Hope everyone is enjoying there Easter weekend!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

37 weeks and 5 days...counting

So yesterday was such a good day energy wise, that I was hoping for a repeat.  That however did not happen.  What did happen was I made my way to the grocery store with my 2 adorable children (who behaved so well like usual) and got some groceries before driving home.  I did cart in all my groceries which I did not want to do because I was feeling BEAT and make the kids some lunch.  Then ate my own lunch before cleaning out the leftovers from the refrigerator and run the dishwasher.  I then put the kids and myself down for a nap where I promptly fell asleep.  It was delightful. Especially because our window was open a crack and I could hear the neighborhood kids out playing and laughing, and even though it wasn't that warm out, that sounds just makes my heart glad.

Aaron did wake up a little early and that woke me up and I didn't really want to.  I had a lot of contractions today but nothing anymore intense than usual. 

I also realized that this Saturday I am 38 weeks and I have never carried a baby past 38 weeks exactly before...so that was an interesting thought. 

I fed the kids early because it;s Thursday and Grace had dance class and then K came up and found himself something to eat.  I went out with my girlfriends to celebrate a birthday and had a delicious dinner.  Which was nice because, like I mentioned before I haven't been into dinner or eating anything for dinner and tonight I ate plenty! Great fun at The Last Samurai which where they cook your meat and such in front of you a grill.

Also it is to be officially noted that if any grandparents or great grandparents or whomever reads this, wants to, or feels a strong urging to buy clothes for my children they are now in 4T clothes for Grace and 24 month clothes for Aaron.  I realized a few days ago that Aaron doesn't have a lot of summer clothes (all his shirts are long sleeved 18 mth) and Grace is quickly outgrowing her 3T clothes.  I was going to have her wear some leggings she has today that are 3T and she told me she wanted to wear jeans, however her jeans were all dirty, so I remembered I had some 4T clothes stashed away in one of her top drawers and found a pair of 4T jeans.  She was thrilled and they fit perfectly.

If you do feel that calling please let me know, because otherwise I will be buying them some new clothes in a month or two, definitely after little sister is born. By new I mean new to us, because we are perfectly content with second hand and hand-me downs.  Just saying, because I know people want to know... :)

And now, I think it is time for some cookies and milk and my book! Night!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spic and Span!

Wow what a day today.  I spent the day cleaning my house and I did a lot!  I dusted the whole top floor, I vacuumed the whole top floor, I picked up kid toys (Grace's room was a disaster, she helped too), I cleaned both bathrooms, I oiled the bassinet and put the clean linens on it, I did the dishes and I mopped the floors.  My house is looking so good!  Now if only dogs and kids don't mess it up again right??!!! LOL! I don't know where I got all the energy, maybe I am nesting and little sister will be coming soon?

This was tonight at dinner, I heated up some leftover pizza for the kids and Daddy asked Grace if she wanted a bite of his dinner, he was having leftover BBQ.  Apparently we forgot the girl was a meat eater! :) She ate about a 1/4 of her piece of pizza and then proceeded to devour K's ribs and brisket.  It was too funny.  Aaron enjoyed his sauce and bread...he is a bread lover like his mommy!

 He was making a silly face here though you can't tell. :)
After dinner we watched Beauty and the Beast and we all had a snuggle fest.  Although I think maybe Aaron shouldn't have watched it.  He doesn't like the wolves and the Beast and holds on tight to us, but...he won't not watch either.  I have tried turning his face away.  I just put him down to bed and after about 5 minutes in there he started screaming.  I went back in and laid him down and turned on another night light and then another minute later he was screaming again.  I think he was scared, but he only cried for maybe 5 minutes and now he is quiet again.  Poor kid, he is so tender hearted.

Looking forward to a dinner out with my girlfriends tomorrow to celebrate a birthday.  That should be fun!
I am hoping little sister comes soon, though because K found out today that he has to go to Idaho next week for a job...an overnighter. :(  It's a good training opportunity, so he wants to go so he can get signed off, but I of course don't want him to because what if I go into labor!  What a double edged sword! Please pray that God's timing is perfect and everything will work out so he can go and be here for me as well.  I suppose if I have energy like I did today I won't mind him traveling for 2 days!
And I don't necessarily want to be in labor/the hospital over Easter either...
I am trying to be patient and trust that God knows the best time for her to come. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

OB appointment and Grumpy Mommy

Today is my sweet hubby's birthday.  And bless his heart he did more for me than I for him.  Lately there have been days when I feel so out of myself... the kids get on my nerves more, and I am more tired and I feel more snappish with my hubby.  Today was one of those.  I wish I could say why it was, my only thought is that I am just tired of being pregnant and don't feel like myself. 

I dropped the kids off at playgroup this morning, we switched days and it worked that they could hang with the other kids and moms while I jetted to my 37 week OB appointment.  K was there waiting for me, he wasn't sure if he was going to finish his job this morning in time to be there for the appointment, but he made it. 

I was just in a grumpy mood when I got there and then we had to wait, which is annoying when your early.  And my OB checked my cervix again.  He said that I was a solid 2 maybe 2.5 centimeters dilated and 50-60% effaced...so we are moving in the right direction.  Nothing else new there except I scheduled another appointment for next week that I hope I don't make it too. 

I avoided 2 major traffic incidents today as well, so you would think I wouldn't be so annoyed with stupid kids on their spring breaks driving 65 in the fast lane.

I picked the kids up and we headed out for a late lunch at Del Taco, which Grace was thrilled about because we went inside and I told her she could play.  She kept saying lets surprise Aaron, because he fell asleep on the way to Del Taco, and she just knew it would be a great surprise for him when we would eat inside.  Of course he wasn't really thrilled to be woken up, but he did eat his soft tacos well. 
Grace found some boys to play with and they raced up the play area and then down the slide and back again, over and over.  She was very upset and wanted to 'Hug JJ goodbye' when we left.

By the time we got home of course Aaron was very awake and didn't really want to sleep.  He fussed for awhile and then I went in to see what his deal was and he had thrown his Lion, bunny and paci over the edge and pointed very determinedly to them.  I gave them back and then laid him back down which he got mad about and fussed for another 10 minutes before he fell asleep.

I then passed out myself and was in a very deep sleep coma when he woke up a short hour later screaming his head off.  I laid there trying to ignore him for awhile and felt some weird kicking or contractions I couldn't really be sure because I was still asleep and trying to focus on my belly and not the screaming from the next room.  I finally got up to get him after about 10 minutes, not that it did much god because when he wakes up from being overtired or whatever he is just inconsolable.  It didn't matter that his favorite mommy was there and had gotten him up, he still didn't want his paci and just threw himself into my bed and cried for another 8 minutes. 

K had come home while we were all sleeping and finished up his paperwork and then came upstairs around 5pm.  I had planned on making his birthday dinner but was in the WORST mood.  I had accidentally bought the wrong ingredients this morning and though we had everything anyway to make it was annoyed with that.  Dinner time has really been making me lose my mind lately.  Aaron has become such a picky eater and me I am just tired of eating dinner too.  I feel bad because I don't want to waste my time cooking a big dinner when the kids aren't going to eat it and I don't feel like eating it and I feel like I am in a dinner rut. Phooey.  It is the worst on K because I am sure he is getting soooo tired of leftovers.  And it's pretty terrible when your wife is a big mess and you have to make your birthday dinner yourself.  Poor guy.  I love him and he loves me, but I am sure he is ready for this baby to be here so his wife will get back to normal!

Tomorrow it is supposed to be nice and about 70 degrees, so maybe I can scrounge some energy to make him something yummy.  Sunny days always do me some good!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

37 weeks

Saturday I was 37 weeks and officially considered full term.  So that means that if little sister is born now she wouldn't be considered premature and her lungs should be fully developed.  Of course both my children were born early and of good weight too!

Saturday was a gorgeous day outside and K and I just relaxed and let the kids play outside.  We finalized some vacation plans for September and are going to go to Cali and see a place called Angels Camp which has a lake and hiking and museums and stuff and then we are going to drive down to Anaheim and take the kids to DisneyLand for the first time.  Grace has been so into princess stuff and movies lately that I don't think I can let her get any older without taking her! I just can't wait to see her face when she sees the Cinderella castle and the different princesses. 
After lunch on Saturday the kids had great naps and so did I! Almost 3 hours it was so nice, and then we let the kids play outside some more before we hit a new local fast food joint that has all sorts of stuff.  It was pretty good.  Then back for a bubble bath and bedtime for the kids. 

This morning we woke up to rain and then it started snowing while we were at church.  (Our church is closer to the mountains than our house is) and so when we got home K made a fire and we had lunch then naps.  The kids took good naps for 2 hours and I did too, cozied up on the couch next to the fire.  The only drawback was when the fire would die down, Briggs would come click clacking out from his hiding space (he is scared if the fire) and wake me up.  The other thing was I must have been really hormonal today because one minute I was good and happy, then the next I was snapping at K and the kids and feeling tired and crampy. 

After dinner K took the kids downstairs and watched a movie with them while I took a bath.  That was nice.  He is so good to me.

Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment so I guess I better go to that and get that out of the way.  And then Tuesday is my next OB appointment. 

K has a busy week this week so we will see how the week goes.  I hope its nice weather, although I have no idea because I haven't checked. 

Little sister is still just as active as ever!