Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

A quick update on our Halloween.  This year I wanted it to be inexpensive and so I let Aaron pick between a dinosaur his costume last year (it still fit because he is so skinny) or Grace's tiger costume from when she was 2. He picked the dinosaur as you can see.  Sarah also was not happy about being a little cow. The same costume Grace wore when she was like 9 months old.  I got Grace's Alice in Wonderland costume for $10! I figured she would want to be a princess of some sort but didn't want to pay $40 for any of those so I was stoked to find the costume for so low and she loved it.  And now we have another dress up dress to wear! Bonus!

 Checking out the stash.
 Grace was more interested in the little rind and coloring book she got than the candy, which is typical and of course Aaron wanted to eat more and more candy!!
 Surprise peanut!
 And just for giggles I tossed in one of me.  I got 15K in steps in today so felt pretty ok with eating a few pieces of candy.  I am at my pre pregnancy weight now but would like to lose maybe another 20?? We will see how that goes, what with the holidays coming.
We had a great Halloween...hope you did too!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Birthday Boy at Papou's

Just dig right in!
 Here let me help you Aaron!
 Chuck the truck! He loves it!
 Papou and Sarah!
 Aunt Me Me with the peanut
 Uncle Cameron and Ethan (love Sarah's expression on the bottom)
 Grace needed some cuddle time apparently.
 Such a cutie she is.
 Smiley faces!
 Girls just wanna have fun!
 Splish splash!

 I kept trying to keep my ties out of the water.
 Hungry kiddos ready to eat Papou's yummy steak he cooked.  We had a blast swimming and meeting new friends! Celebrating Aaron's birthday.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Just some pictures

I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago before we went to San Diego.
 Had to take a picture of Grace's drawing of cute.

 The tubes the dr removed from Grace's ears...soooo tiny.

 Look at those kids!

 For some reason she decided the front door was a good place to sit and color.
We got back from SD yesterday and K should be done with all of his major traveling until the end of the year.  It was nice to enjoy an extended summer and come back to fall!  I am so ready to get back into the swing of things and enjoy the holidays!  More pics to come!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

DisneyLand Day 2

Day 2 of DisneyLand was nice because we left Sarah with Memaw and Pepaw and just took the big kids.  The first they wanted to ride was the Carousel again. 

 Then we waited in line to ride the Dumbo ride, which was a lot of fun.

 It was REALLY HOT and we were all sweating waiting in line and we were holding Grace a lot because she was freaked out.  We made the mistake of going on Snow White's Scary Adventures because there was like no line and it WAS a scary ride.  All witch scenes.  So here we were waiting in line for Peter Pan which you wouldn't think was scary but it was a lot of dark night scenes.
 The kids did like riding the teacups with Daddy and I was happy to let him ride with them.
 So after the teacups we decided to ride a train that goes around the park so we could get closer to Winnie the Pooh.  Unfortunately we didn't know the train went through dark scary tunnels that showcased tigers and dinosaurs and such.  By then Grace had learned to hide her face in Daddy's arms.  Poor kid.
 But we did get their faces painted and they liked that.

And that officially wrapped up our vacation! We had a blast and it was so nice to have Daddy with us. 
This week K has been gone again for a training class.  A total of 5 weeks, but on Tuesday we are heading to SD to hang out with the family and be close to Daddy while he wraps up the remaining 2 weeks of his class.  I will be flying with the 3 kids by myself and feel good about going.  It is a non stop flight so I won't be doing any crazy layovers with the kids by myself this time and then K will be flying back with us.  Plus I understand it's still pretty warm over there so we will be bringing our shorts and flip flops! And I got the go ahead from Grace's ear doctor to swim and have fun like normal. 
I have been SUPER busy this week and the week has just flown by and tomorrow I have a dentist appointment with Aaron.  His first he gets to sit in the chair and check things out, nothing to stressful.  And I have got so much to do before we leave!
I also have some more pictures to post, especially of Sarah because she is starting to sit up on her own for several minutes and has been eating baby food.  Almost 6 months old and she will be 1 before I know it
Hope everyone has had an awesome week so far! :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

DisneyLand Day 1

We decided to do DisneyLand as 2 half days so we didn't run ourselves ragged.  The first day Memaw and Pepaw went with us and it was hot.  Actually it was hot both days and it has been pretty hot in Southern CA this summer.  One of the reasons we decided to drive is because we were able to bring so much of our stuff that really came in handy with little ones. So I brought my double jogging stroller. Poor Aaron was blinded by the sun here.
 Getting new hats.

 Waiting in line to meet TinkerBelle, which was 30 minutes and Grace and Aaron did great, but it was so weird because we thought that there was this lil family of 3 in front of us.  Turned out it was a mom and daughter and then some single dude with a camera who waited his turn to meet Tink. Uh yeah.
 Grace wasn't quite as excited as I thought she would be, and Aaron was the bravest.  He actually likes TinkerBelle too.
 His face cracks me up, because he just stared at them both like this for the longest time, totally sizing them up.  And we tried to get him to show Tink his cheeser face but he wouldn't so the fairies kept trying to make the face to him.  He is such a hoot.
 Finally she got some pixie dust from the dust keeper.

 Climbing the jungle treehouse for Tarzan, it was a little spooky to Grace.  But not for Aaron.
 Memaw and the Peanut.
 After DisneyLand, K and I headed out for dinner just across the street for a little mini date at Cheesecake Factory.  I love that place, their menu is huge but everything is SO GOOD on it.  Funny thing is, I'm not a huge cheesecake fan.

And can you believe I still have more pictures to post?? Almost done though with the vacation pictures.