Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tavernacle; A dueling Piano Bar

Just a quick wrap up of the weekend. We had Grandma Janeen watch our sweet daughter on Saturday night so we could go out to a birthday party for a girlfriend of mine. She had reserved some tables at a dueling piano bar. It was a lot of fun. They were good musicians and it was funny to see the birthday boy or girl (there were a lot of people celebrating their birthdays) get on top of the piano and do the hokey pokey or head shoulder knees and toes!

I had originally planned to take pics of the new Ford on Saturday before we went down to Lehi to drop off Grace but totally forgot. So I guess I will have to try to take them at work on my lunch.

Then today we slept in! Way late...It was good because I haven't been sleeping as well as I normally do and so I enjoyed sleeping. We got up and went to breakfast/lunch and then got some groceries and a stop at Kohl's. I was able to get a snowboarding jacket in an awesome lime green, for only $60 bucks. Normally they go for around $150-$180. I was going to get the a gray one in a Men's small, but it wasn't as heavy. This one is down and quite cozy. I am stoked. I was also able to get 2 new bras that were buy one get one half off.

I do have to say I hate buying bra's. Maybe because if your significantly well endowed like I am. You have to pay significantly more money for your bras. And if you gain and lose your weight there as well it seems like you need a new one all the time. Especially after having Grace and the effect breastfeeding has, bras are just a pain in the neck. Not that I would prefer to go bra less, because I am not saying all. It just something that men don't have to think about and a good fitting bra totally effects how you feel about yourself and how people see you. So you have to deal with it. Anyhow I got 2 new ones and am happy, just wish they didn't cost so much.

Then we went down and picked up Grace. She was eating dinner and she gave us her big smile when we came in. We hung around for a little bit while KSov helped his mom with her digital photography homework. Grace was just toddling around back and forth playing with the toys and other things she shouldn't. She is so cute she loves walking down the stairs. We have tried to teach her how to go down the stairs backward on her tummy, but she thinks she is a big girl and she puts one foot out at a time and holds to my hand and goes down all Topsy turvey but one step at a time. She really doesn't like being held much anymore. And I understand why, I mean after all if you are a big girl who is walking everywhere, then its just plain annoying when mommy wants to snatch you up and kiss all over your sweet baby face. She is so independent and she thinks that she is so funny. She still loves music and whenever daddy sings to her she starts doing her lil baby butt dance.

But she is not feeling good. She was snotty and green this morning according to Grandma and she was messing with her ear tonight when we were at Grandma's. So when we got home we just bathed her and put her to bed early. Hopefully we will get an appointment for her tomorrow that KSov can take her too. Tomorrow is her first day in the toddler room and I hope it goes good. I will take her in the morning and then KSov will pick her up for an appointment in the morning assuming we get one.

Well that was supposed to be a quick wrap up, but I guess it was more of an all detailed report.

The new week is here and we will be getting ready for our snowboarding trip, planning meals and groceries and getting rentals. So we will be busy this week! We also might have people up on Sunday for birthday dinners/super bowl party. Is anybody else having a Super Bowl party? Who's your favorite team?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Anybody up for a Vacation?

This picture was taken last week, but I hadn't posted it yet. Taco meat, guacamole, and corn!

Ahhh, Finally we are wrapping up the week here. It has been so long but seemingly quick as well. We are getting close to our vacation. Have I mentioned that?? The week of Feb 8th-15th we are going about an hour north we have reserved a 2 bedroom condo with our timeshare credits we have and are planning on going snowboarding. We have been saving especially for this trip and we have Grandma Janeen coming up as well for the first half of the week.

The second half was going to be spent with a friend of KSovs from the military his wife and little 2 year old girl. But unfortunately they won't be able to make it. So this is the official invitation to someone who wants to come out through the long weekend and come snowboarding with us or just hang out and chit chat at the condo, jacuuzzi and work out, suana, movies, go out to eat, play in the snow, cook. Did I say Jacuuzi and wine? The room is already been reserved and we would love to have someone come and visit us in our home state away from home! lol!

Just ask me if we have filled it yet! Come on you know you want to!

Anyways...let me know!

Tonight I made a receipe from Pioneer Woman's Cookbook, KSov and I for Christmas. Well first I have to say I made her tomato soup receipe last weekend and with a few tweakings of my own...DELICOUS!! It has been the tomato soup I have been dreaming about ever since our Alaska trip where a fancy chef made me the most delicous soup ever. Yes this soup is truly that good. Like I said I tweaked it a lil bit, as I am learning to do that myself more and more often these days. I think I would do it more but just lack the time.

But I digress...tonights receipe was Linguine with Clam Sauce or something like that. It was thoroughly enjoyed by....Grace. Yes can you believe that? This girl slurped up her noodles and ate her tomatoes from a salad I made and had yummy avocados as well. She loved the clam pasta, more that daddy!

In fact Pioneer Woman writes how she made that pasta dish for her Man on one of her first dates with him years ago. He was a real meat and potatoes man who ate all of her clam dish without a grimace and he didn't even like seafood that much. I thought KSov would like it a bit more than that, although I am thinking I was maybe just as wrong as Pioneer Woman! Ha! Live and learn!

Well I did my Weight Loss Yoga tonight and hopefully I will sleep better tonight. I haven't been sleeping well and I woke up at 4am this morning with a plugged up nose and couldn't get back to sleep! I will take some Nyquil tonight and hopefully feel better tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bowtie's for Baby!

I love this child, she is my heart. Look at what a smart baby! She knows she is getting her picture taken.
Grace Brooke Sovereen-your amazing!
Mommy and Daddy love you!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Look at those Levi's!

I love this picture that KSov took. We were trying to get a picture of her new little outfit that Grandma Janeen picked out and it looks like she is doing a models pose. It is a Levi Jean Jacket with a pink collar.
Both of these pieces are size 18 months. They fit her real good ad went so well with her cute little brown shoes.

You can see the matching little stars here.

Today was a good day. I came home tonight and we had left over chicken parmigina. I took pictures of this cute lil thing DEVOURING her dinner. She is so funny about meals. Sometimes or most times she just eats a little bit and isn't super interested. But then sometimes she just chows down on dinner. For example when I orginally made chicken parmigina she wasn't that excited about the pasta or the sauce. But tonight she just chowed it down. She is so cute, we took her shirt off and put her bib on and let her go to town with her own plate of pasta and chicken. I will post those pictures tomorrow.
We are getting closer and closer to our snowboarding trip and I am trying to make sure that I am working out. This morning I still felt like crap and really didn't want to go to work today but got up and did it anyways.
Tonight after I put Grace down without any bottle or sippy cup. She did fine...not that I was around to hear. I was in a hurry to jump on the treadmill. I got 45 minutes in on the treadmill, 60 situps, 40 side crunches, and a bunch of reps with 1 ten lb dumbell. Some squats and good stretches too.
Now KSov and I are listening to a story on tape and relaxing before bed.
Time to turn the computer off!

Monday, January 25, 2010


What is this thing called allergies? I didn't use to understand when KSov told me his allergies were bothering him. I didn't understand that in Utah they aren't just allergic to some thing in particular, they are allergic to Utah itself. See what happens is first you get a snotty nose and then your eyes start to water. And that is especially fun when your sitting with a customer and the inside top of your nose starts tingling and then one of your eyes starts watering. And its just one eye and you want to keep it shut but you can't because you would look like a nerd with one eye shut try to blink away the tinglingness in your nose. The next sympton of alleries is a raw upper lip from blowin your nose...wait no...I mean trying to blow your nose.

Anyways so I either have allergies or am sick. I have itcy watery eyes and a plugged up nose that I do try to keep blowing much to now avail. My poor lip!

KSov is on antibiotics for a sinus infection. Hopefully the anitibiotics will clear up the junk for him otherwise he is destined for an Ear Nose and Throat dr soon.

But this cute lil thing here...This cute darling I hope and pray that she isn't getting sick or feeling yucky and the lonely lil boogie I wiped yesterday was justa fluke. Although last night and tonight she had touble falling asleep. I also got the note from daycare that starting February 1st our sweet Lil Miss is moving up to the toddler room. We are working on getting rid of the bottle. Well I guess its not really a "working on" because she hasn't had a bottle here at home for a few days. But I guess we have to wean off having any type of milk/formula right before bed. We did buy some more sippy cups and a baby tooth brush.

Ok well I am digressing majorly. (That is what happens when you blog and watch DVR's American Idol episodes)

Enjoy the video!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Can You tell...?

That I blog late at night. The sun has gone down, the babe is snug in her bed, the pooches are passed out (one is currently snuggling on the other side of daddy) daddy is reading and I am here blogging about.

I often times reread what I just blogged about the previous night and amazed of the incongruent thoughts! I am assuming you are understanding this tired worn out brain.

Often I am hurriedly trying to get some thoughts done about the day before I can lay back against my pillow and pick up my book for a few mintues before turning the light out for sleep.

Tonight seems especially rushed, after getting off work and picking up our darling daughter from daycare (where I might add she snuggled into Sherry and didn't want to come with me...which hurt her mommys feelings, lil stinker) I came home and started on dinner. I had planned on making Chicken Parmigiana (did I spell that right?? hmmm not going to worry about it) and I did make it however it is a bit time consuming, but oh so delicious. The sauce takes about 45 mintues because you have to put it together and then let it simmer for 30 minutes, and during that time you prep your chicken and boil your noodles and then fry your chicken and slice your cheese. When its all done with though it is super yummy.

KSov fed Grace while I cooked since she was apparently starving and was telling us all about it everytime I opened the refrigerator. Then after dinner I gave her a bath and put her to bed and then even though I really didn't want to get on the treadmill-I did.
50 minutes, 3.30 miles, 450 calories
80 sit ups and some leg lifts and stretching

Watched the Biggest Loser durng the workout, came upstairs finished the Biggest Loser episode, took a shower and now am blogging.
Now its time to say good night.
Nite Nite!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So Patient

He is such a patient boy our Briggsy. The other day this Lil Miss right here, well she decided she wanted to sit right in his "lap". So she sat down and positioned herself so she was sitting right there with him. At one point she even layed back against him, like he was a recliner. I think this pic was it, the camera went off to late, after she had decided he was that comfortable to recline against afterall.
Here she is with daddy softly petting our sweet Briggsy Boy. She was so pleased she got to do it by herself.

Mommy look at me I am sitting with the Doggy!

Here are some pics I took of her little outfit. Nothing new really just I was able to match the lil beanie with her pants and top. Then added the shoes.

I tried to get the matching gloves on her, but was lucky enough to capture this picture before we had taken our cap off! Sometimes it stays on but sometimes it comes off. The cap had the same turquiose color and pink in it. She is just so cute in her jacket. That was a 0-3 months jacket that Heidi got and we where it all the time because it matches so well. Although it is harder to buckle her in the car seat.

Not working out tonight because I went to bed sooo late last night and over slept thru my alarm clock this morning. But I do have to say that I did 60 situps and 40 side crunches last night! Yes that is 100 total. I am so proud of can't tell can you???
Tonight , well actually today KSov picked up our new suv. Well new to us. We made a deal yesterday and got a 99 Ford Explorer, the V8 All Wheel Drive version. Its the limited edition so its nice inside with a bunch of neato features! He got the safety and IM done and register at the DMV and then tonight after I got home we had to go down and pick up the truck. We are thinking and hoping it will be a good lil truck for us. Now we have 2 Fords, a big one and a lil one!
So that is another reason why I am not working out, we got kinda late and Pooks got down to bed later than usual and we were SUPER busy at work today.
Found out that a local Utah bank went under on Friday and so we were soooo busy answering phones about rates and opening new accounts. My coworker didn't even get a lunch till like 400pm! So my feet are tired today and I am trying to get to bed a bit early.
But wanted to get a post of that cute baby of mine.
She is so darling in pics but let me tell you this child is coming into her own tiny personality she is so stubborn sometimes!!!
(I am absolutely sure she couldn't have gotten that from either her mother or father, no way nopes, uh-uh!) :)
Anyways I can share more later off to bed now!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I have a few new pics I took today of our sweet Lil Miss...wait except her new nickname today was Tazmanian Devil!
Well because she was a whirlwind of activity on only one hour of naps!!!

She got to hang out with Grandma tonight while KSov and I checked out a couple of vehicles down south by her house. One was a minivan and the other an SUV. Both really clean, and both asking too much! Hopefully they work out and we get what we want!

I will try to post pics tomorrow of our Little Monkey...
Oh and few new updates with her too by the way. She now knows how to drink out of a straw. She learned a few days ago at dinner when we forgot her sippy cup. Oh and she is using her tiny front teeth to bite crackers and stuff a lot now.
She also likes to throw mini temper tantrums when she doesn get her way, which is a lot when she is with us. Hopefully daycare is not indulging her..I'll have to ask tomorrow if she goes in because we will be potentially dealing with car stuff. But I also want to try to get her in for her 1yr exam. That is if the Dr. is open.
Well time to sign off and go see what car stuff KSov is looking at.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

On the Road Again...

Just can't wait to get in a car again! We went out looking at cars again this afternoon. Grace woke up at 1pm and off we went for lunch. We ate fresh at Subway.

We were on our way down to some dealerships when KSov got a call back from a guy about a suburban. $3900 for a 99 Chevy Suburban. Actually it was in pretty good shape. The guy was really nice and friendly and it had 130,000 miles on it. Good price for that truck but so big!

Gas mileage would be horrible on that and we both figured it was too much truck for what we need now. Although I was so tempted! I love trucks and big SUVs. And I thought well when we go camping and when we have another kid we could use all that space. But that trucks for like 4 more kids! :P And not commuting to Bountiful and back like I am now.

But then we went down to the dealers and KSov went to to talk with the different guys about their used stuff, while I stayed in the truck with our sleeping angelic baby. (See above) She sure is an active sleeper, even in her car seat. Right before I took that picture she had both arms up!
So the dealers were really annoying hemming and hawwing over the price and let me go ask my manager this and let me go ask my manager that. KSov came back in the truck after the 2nd place and was like..."I just want to go buy the suburban now! Just to be done with it!" We are both ready to be done with the process. Sometimes when you are trying to get a good deal you have to wait and research and be patient.
Oh and KSov got a new haircut too! Normally he does his typical military cut 0 to a 2 on top. But he had been letting it grow so he could get a different hair style. Well he left it long on top so its curly but they thinned it out and then short on the sides. I like it a lot! I tried to get a pic today when they gel'd it but couldn't, so maybe tomorrow.
Tomorrow we have some for sale by owners we are planning on going to see since its Sunday and no dealerships will be open.
Keep praying for a good deal on the right car for us!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Here's my Baby!!

A couple of quick lil videos I took on my phone. Here she is my screamer baby! I got her home tonight and fed her and then she was just screaching and screaming all over the place. It was cracking me up!

So here is the tally for tonight:

50 minutes on the treadmill

30 situps

10 side crunches on each side

10 girly push ups

15 reps with a 10lb dumbell in both hands.

Looking forward to having some guns!

My life is amazing, feeling good about my working out, my daughter is the happiest sweetest most smartest baby, my hubby is coming home early tomorrow and its the beginning of a three day weekend with snow on the forefront. I am looking forward to some cozy cuddling in front of a fire with my family! (That sounds like a Dr. Seuss book!)


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A lil Birthday wrap up

I was going to write this blog a lot earlier so that I could make sure I got everything covered. But I didn't. Anyways, this weekend was such a good weekend the Memaw and Pepaw came out to see our Lil Miss this past weekend and we celebrated her 1st birthday.

I can not believe that she is one year old already. I am seriously flabbergasted. Where did the time go to?? I still feel like a brand new mom just figuring stuff out. I still feel like she is just a baby, but she isn't anymore. She is walking around and getting into stuff and looking at me when she knows she shouldn't be touching something and throwing hissy fits on the changing table!

Soon she will be in the toddler room, in February, and getting to go to the lunch room for her meals and taking naps on a cot (although I am still not sure how that will work because she is such an active sleeper) and going outside to play. And I don't want her to!

(Interrupt this blog train of thought to realize I left my heart monitor on from the treadmill. That was about an hour ago that I got off. I am so strapped in I didn't even realize!)

I look at pictures of my friend's new lil baby girl and my boss's sweet baby boy and it seems like just yesterday she fit in my arms. Now I am doing my "baby lifts" with my 23lb baby girl. Got to get those guns one way or the other!

Her party was a lot of fun we tried to do 12-3pm on the Saturday before. We got Costco pizza and my mom and I made a yummy salad. With this tasty jalepeno ranch, among some salad dressings. Then my mom made the coolest Chocolate Eclair cake for the grownups from the Pioneer Womans blog. Sooo good! Luckily for me we had leftovers and I had some tonight after I worked out! I took a video of her getting into her cake and opening her presents. She was a bit shy at first with all of us singing Happy Birthday to her in her high chair. She had to put her head down and play shy baby, but then mommy stuck her finger in Grace's cake and put it in her mouth to try and she got more into eating it.

I think everyone had a really good time and I sure hope Grace did. Sorry no pictures tonight, I will try to get some on tomorrow of her party. I was lucky enough to hand a guest my camera to take pictures along with the video camera.

Yesterday I was sad and KSov tried to cheer me up. But I am always blue when my family leaves. I was super emotional and kept crying. And we are still looking for another vehicle for me to drive. And KSov left this morning to go out of town for the week. I also think that Grace turning one and everything all culminating at one time just made for a sad day. We looked at a couple of Auction places but didn't see anything that jumped out at us. Then we went to see the movie Avatar in 3D. My sister told me if I see it I have to see it in 3D. At first I didn't think I would be able to sit there for almost 3 hours with 3D glasses on, but then I got used to it. Although I can't say that its better in 3D or not. But I do think it would a cool movie to own on Blue Ray. It was a good movie though, and I kind of thought the main character looked a little bit like my baby brother T.

It was a long tiring emotional day and when KSov and I got home we put the Pooksters to bed and then went to bed early ourselves. I didn't do laundry or work out like I planned, but it got done today and besides today was a good day.

So I promise I will try to get some pictures posted and hopefully my mom will have some good ones with their cool camera as well.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

On the treadmill again!

Hey Yall, I just got to blog about my adventures on the treadmill! So I took some unexpected time off from working out because I somehow injured my leg. Some muscle under the buttocks. I basicallyy took a month off. We also were sleeping the last few weeks downstairs because we think our mattress is pooey. (Actually we should get that fixed tomorrow)
But I started working out last time. And then back on the band wagon again this week. I did my Weight Loss Yoga DVD from the Biggest Loser that KSov got me for Christmas. I really like it alot! You can customize to fit what you want to do. Yesterday I did the beginning Level 1 for 30 mintues and can totally feel it in my abs today!
Tonight I got on the treadmill for 35 mintues and did some walking and running and then did my DVD again for 35 min. I feel GREAT! I can't wait to see the results of this yoga. Long lean muscles are hopefully coming my way!
Anybody done Yoga? I do love it, especially the end and the cool down. Its like a treat when you were a little kid. Like if after we do this we are going to get an ice cream cone! And the ice cream is sooo yummy! Thats the relaxing cool down of yoga, like a ice cream and a massage together! :)
Here I am typing away and all of a sudden I hear the Lil Miss on the monitor. She sounds like she is yibbering away in her sleep. I do believe she was just babbling in her sleep there for a min. Of course now she is kind of fussing.
Poor baby she has a yeast infection on her lil girl parts. We called the nurse at the pediatrician after her eye dr apointment this morning and told her about it and she called in a pescription which we need to get still. But the nurse thought that no wipes just warm water and towel drying would help her heal down there. I know the Desitin is really working because we have been using that faithfully and it hasn't helped.
I think she fell back asleep. She got way bad naps yesterday and then didn't get down as early as I had hoped last night. Then even though I was going to have to wake her up earlier than usual this morning she was awake at 630!! Thats shocking for her.
But the eye dr. appointment was good. He said her eyes were normal and not cross eyed. Not that we thought she was, but on her 10 month appointment the Pediatrician thought she maaaaybeee had a slight case os Estropia (?) something where the eyes cross, and wanted to have the eye dr see her. So 2 months later we got an appointment and Thank goodness she seems to be normal!
Her birthday is coming and we are getting excited for the Memaw and Pepaws visit and turning 1!
I just can't believe that she is just about one! Where did the time go?

Monday, January 4, 2010

A girl and her dolly

She got a baby for Christmas and at first I didn't think she would be that interested in it because its kind of like a stuffed animal but apparently what do I know????

Not enough!

She loves picking up her baby doll and patting it and then dropping it on its head of course. And its so cute with its only lil "Moo Cow" to hold onto. Oh and she still loves Moo Cow by the way. Although I am beginning to think she is on to the true voice behind the bovine.....

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Room Design

Here are 2 photos I took of Grace's "new room" today. The letters her Papaou (one of these days I will get the correct spelling of that..maybe when she is 18??? lol) hand made for her and painted and sent out! The other is a Raggedy Ann print her Nana and Papadaddy had framed for her and sent out.

Now her room looks like a little girls room! I also found a new location for our wedding picture that used to be hanging on that wall...
But don't mind the tablecloth hanging ove the window! We will get blinds...eventually.
Actually we have a couple of Home Depot gift cards we have been saving for getting blinds for the huge front window in the living room. I would say several months ago,( maybe when I was pregnant??? I don't remeber if Pookie was there or not) we went to Home Depot and priced out the front room window. I may have blogged about it, but in short in order to do one whole blind instead of 2 side by side blinds it was going to be like $300 or somethign outrageous. So we are saving for that and shelves for the garage. Its going to be clean and organized this year!!!!
Ok well I just wanted to show you Pooks new room so off I go for now!
I've got lots to do this week getting ready for Memaw and Pepaw visit and Grace's first birthday!

I love my new Toys!

Our sweet lil girl is just cruising all around these days. Toddle Toddle Toddle here she comes down the hall. I took a bunch of videos yesterday of her wearing her new little boots! I was able to find them at Target and she looks so cute in them.

We also got her one present at Babies R s when we were there on Friday. Only spent twenty dollars seeing as though we just had Christmas. Funny because when she was born I don't remember it being this close to Christmas!

We have been looking at cars like crazy this weekend and last. Hopefully we will find something soon. We are waiting to hear back about one we saw at a dealer recently that had just been taken in. We looked at a Ford Explorer yesterday which reminded me a lot of my old Mazda. Anybody have any Ford Explorer stories? Good Bad Ugly?

Today I got to get the laundry done so I can start the new week and then hopefully head out to Winco to get a few groceries. Diapers and wipes definetely.

Last day of our three day weekend and its back to work tomorrow. Hope everyone had a good weekend!