Friday, February 25, 2011

Aaron's latest and greatest

I don't have any pics of the kids tonight, however I wanted to let you know what my boy has been up too! Not a whole lot, but he has been making the cutest raspberries yesterday and today. He is so ticklish too! Whenever I lay him down to change him, he loves it when I tickle his ribs and he laughs and laughs.

I love his sweet smile. He has his hands in his mouth all the time. Earlier today he had his 1st finger of each hand in his mouth and it looked like he was trying to whistle.

His nails grow so fast and I am forever trimming them. He has the cutest little freckle on his forehead that appeared a few weeks ago.

His schedule has been getting more consistent. It seems like he likes to be up at 7am. He has been up that early everyday this week.

On a side note I worked out Tuesday and Thursday and Friday. Wednesday we had playgroup so I skipped it. I have the latest season of Biggest Loser on our DVR just waiting for the day when I would get the time to start working out after Aaron was born. I forgot that the episodes are 2 hours long! I have been only doing 25 minute workouts to start back up again to get in the groove. (And that's all the free Aaron time I can squeeze in). It has been great and I want to keep at it.

Time to jet off to bed!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Play Group and the Zoo?

It's Wednesday and our play group day again. We had a new mom and her 14 month daughter. Yay I am not the new mom But we had a good time and Grace was actually playing with the the other 2 year old for a little bit today. He is taller than her and so he would look down and say something to her and she would look up at him and nod and say something back. So cute! I have no idea what they were saying as I was across the room. But glad to see the interaction. Aaron woke up and watched the kids too and then we nursed and headed home for lunch.
Daddy came home during nap today and he had to head out to a call up by the zoo. Today on it was noted that today was the last day for free admission at Utah's Hogle Zoo for winter. So we tried to get into the zoo late this afternoon but unfortunately they closed before we could get in. Oh well another day. We might try to hit up Target (another find on on Saturday they are having a free Dr. Suess story time from 9-11 with coupons and giveaways. Hopefully we will make it and it will be fun.
After our bust at the zoo we went to a park down the street to let Grace slide for about 15 minutes because she was so excited about going to the zoo. (She kept saying 'elephants mommy' on the way up) So sliding was 2nd best. Anyway I took this video of Aaron (better than last nights because you can actually see him) and Daddy and Grace!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hey Hollywood!

We just finished a three day weekend with my dad and sister. They flew out early on Saturday morning and left early early this morning. We had such a good time. We didn't do anything particularly exciting just hung around and spent time together. Grace loved spending time with her Aunt M. She was so good and patient with Grace and Grace just soaked up all the personal attention from her Aunt. They played with cars, flash cards and worked on her ABC's. In fact this morning the first thing Grace asked for this morning was where was Papou and MeMe?
Daddy took my family to the airport really early and then headed up to Idaho for work. He is there overnight tonight, so hopefully he will have an easy day of it tomorrow and get back quickly.
Today the kids and I went out to Kohls because they are clearing out a bunch of stuff and so I got a couple of Tee shirts for me and 2 long sleeved shirts for Grace for $2 each. They also had sunglasses on sale so I got Grace a pair. She is so cute!

I have to tell you about my lil boy though. Last night we had the GREATEST night of sleep ever! I nursed Aaron at 6:30pm and then put him to bed at 7ish. I fell asleep shortly after 10pm. Aaron slept till a little after 2am! Yes that is like 7 hours! Awesome. Then I guess he woke up maybe 430, but daddy wrapped him up and I never heard him peep. Then he woke up at about 7am! It was great! I am going to have to try and wrap him up if he wakes like that again tonight. He has been such a joy lately. Well he is all the time, but he is getting so verbal. I know this video is sideways, I took it on my phone. But he got a great nap while we were at Kohls today and was so awake, talkative and wiggly today. In fact he has been getting a schedule lately. The last several days he has been awake at 7 for the day. So I decided yesterday that it was time to get back on the treadmill. When he goes down for his first nap of the day. Today he only slept from about 30 min, just enough time for me to walk on the treadmill for 25 min. But I did it and was planning on taking it easy today anyways.

Well I got to run. I cut Grace's bangs on a towel on my bed tonight, however she still managed to get hair all over the sheets. (Lesson learned) So I need to go grab them out of the dryer and make my bed and then go to bed! And call my husband! XOXO

Friday, February 18, 2011

To Wet Your Appetite...

I pulled some more pictures from a few weeks ago and posted them for you. I was planning on downloading the pics I have on our camera tonight...however I don't have the energy. But I do realize that I hadn't posted in a while and wanted to give some cute smiling faces to check out. Checking out his big sister.

So I know I haven't posted anything since Monday! What have we been doing? Tuesday we had my SIL watch the kids and we were able to go see the movie Just Go With It with Jennifer Anniston and Adam Sandler. I am not normally an Adam Sandler fan but I actually thought that movie was hilarious. We also took some clothes to Kid to Kid to turn in and I got Grace two new pairs of shoes size 7. And a cute top. I can't believe she is already in a size 7 shoe! Her little brown boots that she has been wearing all winter are a size 6 and I recently measured her foot and she was a 7 already! I remember when those boots were too big! Then we got some dinner at Macaroni Grill before heading home.

(Sorry that pic is blurry its hard to get good ones of him smiling, but you can tell that he is)
Wednesday we had playgroup again. This time there were more moms there, but so far Grace is the only girl! Its all boys! Most of the children are younger than her. Although there is an almost 2 year old and another boy who turned 2 in September.

Oh my I do have to say before I forget that my sweet Aaron has been sleeping pretty good! Although I am not sure if its because he may not be feeling up to par. Both kids have little colds I think. On Tuesday Grace slept for a 3 hour nap (usually only 2) and Aaron also got good naps. And then on Aaron went down to bed night before last at 8 like usual and slept till 2! And then again till 6! Yes! And then last night was almost as good he slept from 8-midnight and then till 5am! And today he had the best naps ever! He slept while we went out, ran to the bank, and a few other places probably for about 2 hours. Then he nursed while I ate lunch and promptly fell back asleep. And then he slept from about 2-5pm! I couldn't believe it! I normally don't let him nurse to sleep anymore, but he must have needed the sleep. So anyway, I am hoping he continues this trend.

Isn't he just got the sweetest smile?

I know I know I am a bit partial, but he is so cute!

Well I was busy cleaning and getting ready for my dad and sister to come out to visit tomorrow. They were going to drive but it is supposed to be bad weather through the passes and they were able to get tickets last minute to fly out. Shoot! I hear Aaron...gotta run!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Busy Valentines Day

We had a very busy Valentines Day today. First we had to get our sweet Aaron to his 4 month checkup and see how he was doing. He is 13 lbs in the 15%tile and 25 inches long in the 75%tile. So basically he is still tall and skinny! LOL! We didn't get him any vaccines of course and he is doing fine, right where he should be the dr said. We made cookies last night Miss Grace and I and we took them to some people today. We took our pediatrician some because we really love Dr. T! He is so great and works with us with what we want and we really appreciate that!

Then we took some of our cookies to a friend of mine from work. It was a good day because she had stayed home from work today and was feeling down. She has some kitties and Grace loved playing with her cats and we hoped that seeing Grace and getting some yummy cookies helped cheer her up.

Then we went to Daddy's allergist and Grace went in with him while Aaron stayed with me in the car and slept till he woke up. Then off to Cafe Rio for lunch with Grandma. We exchanged Valentine treats. Then off to Grandma Lynn's work and quickly dropped off her cookies. Then back home for Grace's nap. After her nap she gave Daddy his Valentine present. A couple of T-Shirts and some candy. She had so much fun giving him her presents. She was so cute. "Oh Boy!" She kept saying. LOL
I took the picture below at lunch and she was telling me she is 2! Look how cute she is!

And this was in the car after Air Bear woke up.
Just finishing watching the Bachelor now! Gotta see who goes home! Hope your all Valentines Day was great, mine sure was!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Dinner at Virgs'

Tonight we went to a new place for dinner. It's this home style place called Virg's. They have all sorts of really good food. I've seen the place from the freeway a million times and never thought to try it. My husband got a couple chili Verde burritos and I got a bacon cheeseburger and we got Grace a plain cheeseburger. The food was HUGE! And really good too! We couldn't help but crack up as we watched Grace chow down on her food. Her burger was easily twice as big as a normal burger we would get her. We were amazed that she ate most of it and fries! I had to get my phone out and take a video of her chomping her down.

I also took a video of my little boy (while I was waiting for Grace to finish chewing a bite) and he was giving me great smiles.

Lately he has been really showing his personality. He has been cooing a lot and I mimic him and he loves it. He also does sort of a little scream when he coos as well and it just cracks me up. He is getting so big and he has his 4 month check up on Monday.

We got back from dinner and promptly put on How to Train Your Dragon for Grace. She has been dying to watch a "show". So we finally got to the end of the week and let her stay up late to watch it. We put it on and she was like, "Show Time, Show Time". What a hoot. Oh and another thing that she did that was so funny today. Whenever she misbehaves (what? Grace way...) she has to sit against the door to the garage for a 2 minute time out. Then she has to say sorry and then we hug and kiss after we talked about why she was on a time out. She is so funny so today she went on time out for something and there happen to be one of her little dollhouse dolls next to her. It was the Grandma doll. She kept saying Mam-ma Mout. (Grandma Time out) and then she was sitting her propped up against the door. Monkey See Monkey Do! Anyway, time to jet, enjoy the videos they are fun!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Doe A Deer....

I mentioned in last nights post that my husband had hit a deer on his drive home from CO late last night. I should clarify... the deer hit him. Really. After dodging previous deer this one was in a dead run (pun intended) towards the highway. Unfortunately my husband did not see it until it was too late and its head was in the head light.

This morning I went out to see the damage and took some pictures. See that white part in the middle that looks kinda like scratches? That is actually deer fur. Gross. Yes the headlight is totally gone.

You can kinda see that the door is bent at the top and doesn't close properly. Thanks deer.

Yeah so that is the story with the deer. We got it to a place to get it fixed this morning and the company is taking care of the rental so that is good. Crazy huh? Well I just wanted to share our drama! Time go watch American Idol

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


For Christmas my sweet husband got me a giant canvas and I have been thinking and thinking about what I would paint on it. I finally decided to stop thinking about what I would paint exactly and just paint something after all nothing would ever be perfect. I kept thinking that it had to be perfect because I didn't want to waste the canvas. Imagine that...

So Monday of this week I actually had some free time when both Grace and Aaron were napping at the same time (Yay!) and busted open the paint colors I had chosen and did this painting. Basically had no real design. I wanted to do something abstract that was peaceful because I was going to hang it in our room. I just love color! What do you all think??

The camouflage boy is not part of the decor! And I wasn't purposefully trying to camouflage him either... LOL!

Grace has found a new fun hobby and that is climbing all over our bed. We rotate our mattress and when its rotated like it is now she can climb up way easier.

I did it!

After she plops down to the floor she says, "I fall!" she totally landed on her feet! When she follows me up the stairs she goes, "I following!"

Today we went to our first play group. It wasn't close to us and I got a little lost, oh well but we did make it! There were to mom's there. One has a little boy who is 20 months and the other had a little boy who is 11 months. Grace had fun and she loved the fact that they had a tiny slide when we walked in. "Shide!!!!"
I just love listening to Grace and the things she says. This week it's "Alone me!" (When she wants us to leave her alone or not play with her hair or tickle her or something like that)
One the way home from play group and the other day we were driving somewhere and she was just singing along. I mean singing! Of course no real words but really loud that's for sure! I said, "Grace are you singin?" I look in the mirror and she is nodding. What a hoot!
After we got back from play group at 1pm we had lunch and then naps. Aaron also woke, ate and went down for a nap as well and he had a good one! I think I am going to try to make sure it is dark in his "room" for naps. That may have been the problem in our room. That thought occur ed to me today and so I put a blanket over his little cradle and he slept real good for his nap. So we will see!
Daddy is on his way home tonight, in bad weather. He should be home within the next few hours or anytime I would assume. I talked with him briefly and he said he was OK but he hit a deer and the truck is busted on one side. He was going to be calling the insurance after he got off the phone with me. I am just glad he is ok. I can't believe the week is just flying by!
I have to go and try to pump before it gets later!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

frog, lil brother, drawings and what we have been up to...

I had to get out my camera today when I realized that I wasn't taking as many pictures of my sweet little boy as I had with Grace. It was really good light in the front room this afternoon and so I was able to get some pictures without blinding the kids too much!

Hey Frog! I see you!
Grace is such a great big sister. I tell her, "Grace go smile at Aaron he is fussing!" And she will go play with him a little bit and spin the frog, or spin his chair to look at something else.

I love this picture of her drawing, such vivid blue. She matched a painting I did recently.

It's hard to get actual smiles from Grace these days because she just loves saying cheese. So this was a good one to get.

I think this picture is hilarious because I just happen to catch her with her tongue out!

My boy! He looks so much like his daddy.

Look at those arms going! He was cracking me up today, because he was laughing and screaming so much. I have to get daddy to video it while I tickle him. What a love!

Tomorrow we are going to a play group we signed up with our church. Grace is so cute. We have been going to The Roch Church and on Sunday I said, "Are you excited to go to church?" And then she replied, "CHURCH!!!!" She really likes going. Daddy and I have signed up for a small group to try and get connected and we are excited to see how that goes.
Also my "step-cousin" ( ha ha) moved to Salt Lake last summer with her husband and daughter and we have gotten together a couple of times and let the girls play. We really have had a good time and talked the hours away.
Daddy is out of town again this week and hopefully he will be coming home late tomorrow night although possibly Thursday day.
I have been checking the junk mail for coupons lately and found this cool lil newspaper we get. It has some good articles about coupon collecting and grocery savings along with some fun free stuff to do with kids and grown up entertainment as well. So we might check out an art thing that is free this Saturday.
We had a great SuperBowl party/ birthday party for hubby's mom and aunt and enjoyed the yummiest Red Velvet Cake from Costco and our family's company. We made Chicken Tortilla Soup and it was a hit, I think everyone had a great time.
Valentines Day is coming soon and I have to think of something cool to do for Daddy! I have a sort of idea in the works we will see if it is doable.
Hope every one's week is going good, mine is!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A trip to Costco and one cool girl..

I grabbed up the kids late this afternoon after Aaron was done nursing and hauled them off to Costco. It wasn't a big deal I was only there to get diapers for Grace. Today the coupon was effective and saving six bucks was alright with me. Grace had my sunglasses and was cracking me up! She had them up on her head first and was like, "Helllooo, How YOU doing??" Anyways so I grabbed the phone and started videoing. All along trying not to run into other people! Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just one cutie pie

I love how Grace is all about her babies these days. She has three. This one here. And two small ones. One her Nana gave her and the other her Yia Yia sent her. She is always tucking her babies into Aaron's cradle (with her blankies) or now into his exersaucer or sitting them at her little table. She also sets the table for them like a real tea party. We got her one of those bottles that the juice or milk disappears when you turn it upside down. Yet she doesn't play pretend with it with her babies, probably because Aaron doesn't take a bottle. Although I haven't seen her pretend nurse either! She does tell me when I need to nurse Aaron though, so bossy.
Oh I just remembered, I am not sure if I told this story about Grace but I will again in case I didn't. So during December I moved our "buffet" from where it was next to the fireplace to the other side of the room in front of the window in the dining area. Basically behind the kitchen table. I did that so I could make room for the Christmas tree. Well long after the Christmas tree was gone the buffet was still behind the table. Every night when we would eat dinner Grace would sit across from herself and make faces and just look at herself the whole time! We would try not to laugh and encourage her vain little self! I finally moved it back on Monday, when I did the floors.
I am still working on my cleaning schedule. I have been implementing it slowly, seeing what works and what doesn't. I have changed from doing laundry on the weekends to Thursday & Friday depending on what I need to wash. Mondays I try to do the floors and I dusted a little bit today and hung some pictures. Oh and I also organized under my bathroom cabinets and our master bath and love how it turned out.
This weekend we are having a SuperBowl Party and celebrating Grandma Janeen's birthday as well. I think I am going to be making a big ole pot of Chicken Tortilla Soup and so we are looking forward to that.
Anybody else having a party? And good party ideas?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Movie Night

It's a movie night here at our house and us girls are sitting in our chairs bundled up with our babies. Daddy is out of town this week and we miss him already. Today Grace had her 2 year check up, a lil late. She weighs 27.8 lbs right in the middle of where she should be. Her height is on target too at the 80 percentile. She did very well when she got her shot and she got 2 stickers. Nemo and Thomas The Train (choo choo). Aaron actually had better night last night! Well when he finally got to sleep. Thanks Daddy! He slept from about 8:30 till 1am. Then from about 1:40 till 6:3o and then Daddy left and Aaron slept till 9! So did Grace. So I felt like I wanted to sleep more this morning, but in a normal un sleep deprived way! Ha! So I am praying that I get a repeat of that tonight! Isn't he so cute!
We watched the Land Before Time tonight which I hadn't seen in forever. Aaron wasn't having it. I am not sure what was upsetting him, maybe he gets overtired easily, because he doesn't nap very well during the day. He was fussing while he nursed.
Tomorrow we have a family friend coming over in the morning and we are going to take Grace to McDonalds to play in the play gym.