Friday, April 30, 2010

Dinner 2.0

This night Grace was whining and so we fed her some leftover homemade hamburger macaroni while we cooked but she didn't want that. So we said ok get down your obviously done with dinner. Then later when we were ready to eat dinner of steaks, corn on the cob and asparagus, this lil monkey comes over and eats a ton of daddys steak and aspargus!

Here she is saying, "Please" so next we have to work on Thank You.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


We took Grace's firetruck outside for the first time and filled it up with water. She loved it! She thought it was so cool and now if she would just learn to drive it with her feet!

On a side note I was 12 weeks along yesterday! Almost out of the first trimester. Still wishing I could have those naps my grandmother was wishing for me! But pretty much feel fine. Although I have started feeling kinda of gassy/heartburny the last couple of days. Especially since I was eating too much strawberries and chocolate! :) But I am excited to begin the 2nd trimester and I know this wont last for long, all the "discomforts" that come with pregnancy. My lil babe is about 2 inches long right now the size of a lime! I will try to start getting some belly pics soon, because believe me I can see my uterus popping out more quickly this time! Love yall!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sick Baby Saturday

These were taken Saturday evening, and Grace did not want to eat anything all weekend, so yes I let Miss Hollywood here hav herself a bag of Cheetos.

We hung outside with Daddy while he unloaded the truck for Aunt Crystal to use.

Isn't she just a doll? Stay tuned for more pics and videos from the weekend and Monday.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Friday and Saturday

Early Friday morning around 5am Grace threw up for the first time ever. Mommy and Daddy both got up and changed her and her sheets and then put her back to sleep praying that this was a "something she ate" thing instead of a lil bug. An hour later when we got up for work, she had thrown up again and Daddy stayed home with the sweet girl. She only threw up those 2 times and seemed to be feeling better enough to have some oatmeal and crackers in the mid morning. Then at noon they came up and met me for lunch and we went next door to a Mexican restuarant where she had some water and guacamole. She fell asleep on the way home and then also took a good nap and woke up about 450pm. Daddy ordered a pizza but she wasn't really interested in food so we we just played and then put her down.

Last night both Daddy and Grace slept restlessly. This morning we had a rough morning. She woke up fine and happy but had a bunch of really bad diapers (probably the antibiotics she is on catching up to her or could be part of the bug she had too). Poor thing her tummy was upsetting her and she didn't want anything to eat, except a couple bites of yogurt. Then she drank and drank a ton of water (too much water because she threw it up shortly after that) So we have been making sure she gets some fluids but not downing the water. Had some more bites of yogurt before her nap...oh and we let her have this popsicle for "breakfast". Daddy showed her again how to stick her tongue out and lick it and she got the cocept this time! She loved that popsicle and it calmed her down and distracted her from whining and not feeling good.

Poor thing..well I hear her waking up from her nap. And don't mind my Saturday Morning Just woke up hair! LOL

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Imma Sucker for her...

Last night I was asleep around 1030pm and then I still overslept till 730am when KSov had to wake me up! I was so tired all day today, just dragging. Daddy picked up the Lil Miss at 4oopm and they went to the bank where daddy let her have a sucker. That is what she has in her hands, then he snapped this picture on his phone and sent it to mommy. So cute! Oh and I talked to her on my way home on my phone and she kept saying Ma Ma! Then when I got home KSov told me that she had been waiting for me and kept saying my name over and over again! I love it!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Remember this corn on the cob baby???

Last night it was so nice, Summer Girl was in her element. We had BBQ chicken and corn on the cob and leftover bean dip. While we were waiting for the chicken to cook, I told Grace that she was going to sit in that chair and I was going to sit in this chair and she loved that! She was eating bean dip while we were waiting and she kept going back to "her" chair. So when dinner came we got her plate and cup and pulled her up to it and she sat so good outside. So much fun and what a big girl!
Of course she got full on bean dip instead of corn on the cob and chicken. And we ended up getting to bed late last night so we had to go to bed early tonight because she was crabby when she woke up this morning. KSov also took some Tylenol to daycare around noon today because they told me this morning that yesterday she was rubbing her ear and seemed cranky. My poor lil thing..hopefully that doesn't last long.

This was on Friday night I think. We put her red little sandals her Nana got her last summer and she looked so cute, but they are too tight! I was super bummed because they weren't too short but they are hard to velcro around her feet and I think I strapped them on too tight so they would stay on. But I think she liked walking around in them because she was running around all silly when she was wearing them.

Look at her trying to stomp in those sandals!

So Saturday after I got home from work and when Grace woke up from her nap we went to Cold Stone and had an afternoon ice cream treat. We let her have her own chocolate ice cream cone (this will not happen so frequently later but seeing as though she just had surgery I was feeling generous). She was so cute and got chocolate all over! We went to the park and walked around and looked at the ducks. I do believe she knows a duck says quack. She kept saying something that sounded like quack quack over and over.
The other thing she is loving to do lately is shriek and scream and be chased. On Sunday after church and laundry at home we went down to Grandmas for dinner. While us grownups were playing a game of Catch Phrase downstairs in the living room, the Lil Miss was running around back and forth screaming and laughing getting into stuff having a grand ole time. Yes she was.
I am so amazed at how much she is learning and understands these days. I wish we would have stuck with the sign language because I know she understands so much. Everynight last week we feed the dogs and the dogs sit on their beds and wait till we give them the release command which is, "Free". So everynight I pick Grace up and whisper in her ear, "What do we tell the doggies? Free. Tell the doggies free" Then I end up saying and they run to their food bowls and Grace waves her arms and loves it! So last night I do the whole spiel and then this time she said something that sound like, "Sheee!" So cute!!!!! I loved it!
So those are my new stories and the following video I really can't remember what I was trying to get her to do and haven't watched it back yet. So enjoy!
Oh and by the way I am 11 weeks today and feeling good! Just thought I keep you updated.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Surgery Day

Friday morning came and we headed up to Primary Childrens, it was such a long process getting Grace checked in and ready for her surgery. Here she is playing in the Pre-Op Toy room. She absolutely loved that little kitchenette. Then she saw the baby in the high chair (which you can't see here in this pic) and she exclaimed, "Baby!" and ran over to pull it out. The dr came and talked to us and then the anestheologist came over and took Grace. I was so surprised she went so quietly with him. I was expecting tears and screams and reaching for mommy but he was so good and was showing her stuff and no tears at all. Which made mommy glad because then I didn't cry! Off we went down the hall to the waiting room for the parents. It made me so nervous being in that room with all those parents. I knew we were there for a simple surgery for our daughter but I wondered how many children where there for serious reasons. Grace's surgery was only 20 mintues long, literally! I sent KSov down to the cafeteria to get me some food. (Let me tell you this baby gets hungry around 10am. My cereal doesn't stick till lunch!) By the time KSov and I were done eating our breakfast he brought up, the dr was in five mintues later telling us the surgery was done and everything went smoothly. Shortly after that I was called down to post op and she was waking up from the surgery. They call it Toddler Rage and that is exactly what it was. Poor thing she was breaking my heart. She kept bleeding from her nose and shaking her head, but she fell asleep in my arms and then we walked over with her bed to the other post op room with the rocking chairs and low lights. She slept off her drugs and woke up kind of dazed but was able to drink some juice, so then we left. We left the hospital about 11:30 and headed for home. KSov had a service call that he had to get to and so we split up. I took the Lil Miss home where she tossed and turned and fell asleep and then woke up mad then fell asleep again.
Isn't she so precious, poor thing was snuggling with mommy. Then KSov brought home some lunch around 100pm and she woke up and was hungry. Of course she was she hadn't eaten since the previous night. We gave her some pudding and cheese and bananas and whatever she wanted that wouldn't hurt her throat. After she ate then she played and cuddled with us on the bed and that was nice. I could tell she was getting sleepy again so down she went for her nap around 230 and slept till like 430. When she woke up she was her ole chipper self!

We took her to KFC and gave her some yummy mashed potatoes and she ate like she was famished! Then we went over to Rite Aid to get her prescriptions and she was running all over the place exploring and feeling great!
She is sooo funny right now. I will have to tell you about our weekend in my next post, about her new words and how silly she was this weekend. It was great and beautiful weather, amazing! God is so good! Thanks for all your prayers!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tubes Surgery Tomorrow Morning

Here she is this little monkey eating chocolate pudding with daddy. See her little hands? She puts her fingers in this "I don't know" movement a lot now. I think it means, "All done!" A few times when I am changing her diaper and she is quite done with me (especially a few days ago because she had a bad diaper rash) she makes this face like, "Mommy I am all done now, stop doing that!" And she moves her hands like that. Its so cute. Also she will do that sometimes when she is at her high chair and all done. I don't remember why she was doing this in this picture, but her fingers are so cute. Look at that chocolate mouth, open wide!

"Daddy your so funny!"

I took this picture before I took that video the other night. I love it!

So her surgery for having tubes put in and her andoids removed is tomorrow morning and we check in at 745am. She can't eat 8 hours before her surgery but she can have some water or apple juice. The surgery will only take 30-45 minutes so I am happy about that. Daddy just text me a few minutes ago and he was shutting down and getting ready to leave. Hopefully we can figure out who watches our Lil Miss tomorrow. So everyone prayer for Dr. Miller because he will be doing her surgery! I will update as soon as I can tomorrow. Thanks!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Picture Day

This is the cute outfit I put Grace in for Picture Day. She wore white socks with matching green crochet socks and her lil white shoes, (which now are more off white!)

This morning I had a prenatal appointment I was able to see and hear the baby's heartbeat! It made me feel really good, well that and the sun was shining! The dr said the baby is looking good and I am feeling good too. I did tell the dr that I would be going back to my dr I had with Grace. He was very chill and I had no hard feelings and I don't think he did either! But enough was enough and I think I will be much happier with my orginal dr (and I think it will be cheaper!)
So yesterday I was 10 weeks along and we are getting close to being out of the first trimester! Did mention that I can tell I am getting bigger already? I feel like I have a tiny lil pooch. All my pants still fit. Oooo, and I got a new pair of super cute high heels! They were clearanced out for $13
I know, KSov said the same thing, "Why are you buying high heels when you are pregnant?"
But I told him I needed some cute shoes to wear with skirts and dresses. I think I will be in between maternity and regular clothes sooner. And I can skirts and dresses instead of ill fitting pants. Plus we are coming up on summer and so skirts will be easier to wear than pants. And I hate constantly hitching up my pants. Besides I don't really stand that much at my job really so I am not worried about it.
I will try to get a cute pic for you. They are soo cute! And they were normally $36 and I only paid $13, I love a bargain!
Tomorrow the hospital will call me to let me know when Grace's surgery is. Oh I just got a low battery message! Gotta go! HUGS!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cute as a Button!

This Lil Miss is simply Cute as a Button, exactly what her shirt says! Isn't this little hat super adorable? My Nana bought this and sent it with Memaw and Pepaw. We put it on her that weekend and I thought she had broken it because she pulled that bow off( but its just clipped through the holes).

So I put her cap on her before we headed out to the grocery on Sunday but it didn't last but a minute in the back seat! Don't ask me why I didn't try putting it on her for church because thats a social place to look stylish for...but I didn't. I suppose it wouldn't have lasted there either!

Love that daddy in the background too!

So here is my vent about my day today....basically it sucked and I had one of those hormonal pregnancy days. Had myself a lil cry. (Thanks babe) But I got it off my shoulders (Thanks mom).
Came home fed the lil monkey and started making my version of PW's Tomato Soup. The cooking soothed me and Grace was a doll just a happy babe running around. Also my sister text me and let me know that she got an A on her math midterm! I am soo very proud of her. She works full time and goes to school and that is hard sometimes, but she keeps plugging at it. I love her! Mimi Seeko!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Right Before Bed...

....I took a video of this little darling playing with a medicine dropper. She is fascinated with it. Then I got her to jump on her rocking horse again and give it kisses. KSov managed to get her over it by kind of tricking/forcing her on it! HA! I was amazed at the time, maybe because she was focused on Memaw and Pepaw and not daddy lifting her onto it. So she has been on it a couple of other times now, although not for very long. She bailed off of it tonight, and was cracking me up as I tried to take this video and catch her...silly girl.

Daddy is out of town again this week. Boo on that. We miss him. This morning was a chicken with its head cut off morning. I was soo tired and and felt like I didn't sleep. The lil Miss fussed a lot last night and that kept me up as well as I think I didn't sleep well overall. I was talking with my mom and I think its time that we get ride of the monitor in our room. And then we woldn't hear her when she has those fussy moments that doesn't require us to get up with her. I do worry about not hearing her when she really does need me, but I suppose most moms worry about that huh? Sleep is important afterall... lol.

Wednesday I have my dr appointment and hopefully I will hear the heartbeat, because I will be 10 weeks tomorrow.

Did I mention Grace turned 15 Months on Saturday? I can't believe that, seems like she just turned 13 months and now its 2 months past that! I think she knows a new word too. Daycare says Caca for yucky, (I hate that word, it just sounds gross) and the other day I was changing a very poopy diaper. I kept saying to her, "Hold still you have a stinky bottom." Then she was making Caaaaak Caaaak sounds. I didn't repeat it because like I said I don't like that word. But I thought it was funny.

Well I got to jam its getting late and try to get to bed early, eh? Novel concept...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cagbury Eggs and Pig Tails....

I love Cadbury Creme Eggs!!! This is my favorite Easter treat can you tell???? I collect them and savor them so they last a lil while after Easter. I bought some and KSov bought some and my mom bought me some and now thats how many I have! I still have quite a few because I hadn't wanted them lately, but I know I time will come when I will. Also last weekend we went to Wingers for lunch for KSov's birthday and they were advertising a Cadbury Egg drink!!! I wished I would've been able to try that drink! LOL I guess next year! Ok here is my adorable baby girl. I was able to put pig tails in her hair this morning!
They were so cute!

But the one kept falling out when we went to go run errands.

Soooo cute!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Going to Bed

She was too wiggly tonight and I had to get her to bed, this was the best pic after I took like 5 or 6 on my phone! And she wouldn't put her feet down so I could zip her up in her sleep sack.
My lil wiggle worm...I do love her!
Love my husband who is out of town tonight. He had to go to a branch meeting and will be back tomorrow night, so a quick trip. Love you babe!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I gave the Lil Miss my cell phone to play with while I got her all diapered up tonight. (Poor thing has a bad diaper rash from her antibiotics) and so it was good to keep her occupied while I painted that bottom white!

She was so precious, everytime she saw the pic I have of her on her cell phone display she would say, "Baby!" and then point to herself! It was adorable!

Today I was "on one". Everything made me super irratable and I ate way to much pizza on top of it! (Although it was delicious and only $2.00!)

Daddy was so great and took the Lil Miss to daycare and picked her up because I had to close. Then we chit chatted and listened to Dave Ramsey for a little while and now we are watching 24 and going to bed soon!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Night Madness....

...Or just our house?

Thanks Everyone! We are so excited.

Today was a busy day. KSov was up early to get his paperwork finished and an early start on a job. Thank goodness he was able to finish early and wprk on our washing machine. We were so busy this weekend I didn't mention that when he put a load in on Friday it didn't finish and was half full of water!

Thank God that my husband is amazing and can fix our washing machine and was able too! Apparently gianormous bobby pins are bad for them...who knew??

We had asparagus, au gratin potatoes (from a box) and grilled pork chops tonight for dinner. The Lil Miss pre gamed by having a whole banana and practically the whole thing of a yogurt. The girl can seriously put down some ood when she is hungry, and she did eat her fair share of aspargus, pork chops and potatoes too!

I wonder if she has a tape worm in there??? ;)

Right now there is a winter storm warning from 4pm today till 9am tomorrow morning. Its super windy out there and when I took the recycling out the screen few out of my hand. Luckily we are cozied up in bed getting to watch 24 and eat some frozen yogurt! YUM!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

This post is super pic heavy but you will want to read all the way thru because there is a surprise at the end! I did not pose us like this on purpose, but I thought it was kinda of cute. Trying to get a pic of Grace's Easter dress from a friend of Memaws.
Mommy's Easter outfit, but her eyes are closed!

Her bow in one hand and a tassell in the other.

I am so cute Mama!

I thought this was darling. A friend of Janeens was over for Easter dinner and these boys are hers, Marshall is holding Grace and he was so sweet with her,

Can you read her T-Shirt??? Can you tell our news, we changed her out of her Easter dress into this surprise shirt.

Maybe this pic is easier to read???

The birthday boy. His birthday was yesterday and we had yummy chocolate pudding cake for his birthday.

This is Grace finding the Easter eggs that Daddy "hid". She was soooooo cute finding her eggs and then putting them in her bag.

I got the video out and started videoing her. A Easter tradition at Grandma Janeen's house is a thing called Eggs Rolls, which mean we take colored hard boiled eggs and roll them on the ground toward each others egg trying to crack the other person's egg. So that being said Grace had her share of turns rolling eggs and just check out the video of her. After she picked up her plastic eggs she started throwing them out!

So did you figure out our news? Well if you couldn't guess from her lil shirt we are pregnant and are having another baby. The baby is due on Nov 5th and I will be about 9 weeks on Tuesday. We are excited and praying for another healthy lil baby!
I am feeling ok and so far this pregnancy has been easier than the first (quick knock on wood!!!! lol ) Had some queasiness when Memaw and Pepaw were here, but now I have figured out that if I eat regularly and don't let my stomach get too empty then I am good.
Of course you were probably wondering why I hadn't been posting about working out, and I haven't been. I have been tired and moving around a lot makes me feel sicker.
Hopefully I will feel like walking again in the 2nd trimester!