Friday, November 19, 2010

Cookie Making

I know I haven't posted in a little while so I wanted to get a post up before we left tomorrow for our vacation. A few days ago we made sugar cookies. Grace had a blast icing the cookies and punching out the shapes and eating the cookie dough of course!
We went to the dog park last week??? I think anyway. Grace loved throwing the ball for the dogs and I have a few cute videos that I need to post of her as well. I will try to get those once we are in San Diego.

Mommy and Grace

These are some cute guys in my life, love them and love their brown stripes!

So here is a video of Grace frosting her cookies, and for the record Daddy was right when he said Grace was saying Thank You. Apparently her Thank You has evolved from Shzee Zoo, to what you here in the video. We leave tomorrow morning for our vacation. I took Aaron into the dr today because I was thinking he might have reflux or GERD. He is gaining weight (he is 9 pounds and 7 ounces now) but I was hoping to get something to help him with the pain before our trip. So that being said I have to get off the computer and get to the pharmacy to pick up his prescriptions. Hopefully they help him a bit and make him more comfortable until he grows out of it. I also a have to finish laundry and pack and do a million other things before we go! Ta Ta For Now!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

One Month Old

Aaron is now 1 month old as of yesterday! I took these first 2 pictures of him tonight.
I took these pics this morning, poor Aaron was fussing but Grace wanted to hold him so bad! She is such a good big sister, she kissed him and then she also was patting him, saying night night.

Look at her lil arm go!

We got lunch after we picked up Aaron's birth certificates last week (we need them to fly) and Daddy and Grace shared an ice cream cone!

This was taken on the 7th, in his lil pumpkin outfit. Its still Fall so he can be a pumpkin, besides it zips instead of snaps so sometimes that's faster!

Aaron you are 1 month old and just these last several days you seem to be more alert and awake gazing at your world. You've also been holding your head up more. Your still my cuddle boy and enjoy being held. Last night you slept really good too, starting with an almost 3 hour stretch, you went 11:40, 3:15, 6ish to 9am. Then you were up till about Noon, when we took you out in the car. Of course you were a goner then and passed out till 3 and again till six. Mommy is hoping for a good long stretch tonight! Your such a sweet boy!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Friday at the Park

On Friday morning we decided to go to the park to ..."shide". So once we got there and mommy got the baby all wrapped up in the Moby Wrap and we walked over to the slides. Grace decided to freak out because they are doing road construction and widening the road by the park. There was big CAT's and Digger trucks moving dirt and what not. She had a melt down and did not want to slide for once in her baby life. However after walking back to the car and having a snack of trail mix (and eating mostly M&M's) she saw some other bigger kids over there and decided she needed to slide some more. So we walked over and played, but here she is peering at the big trucks which are very scary. So cute! I had daddy take these for me with his phone of mommy and her kiddos!

We went to the dog park today and got everyone out and about and exercised! Now we are at home resting and blogging before naps are over! Hope your Sunday afternoon is great!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I wanted to take Grace to a pumpkin patch/ corn maze. So we went to this place called CornBelly's. It was so much fun and I only wish we had been able to spend more time there before Grace's nap time. We went on a wagon ride and Grace just sat there taking it all in until the end when it started jiggling her then she thought it was hilarious. Right after we got there and she loves walking around with her jaunty lil self.
Going up the stairs for the slide. It was a bit steep I thought but not for Grace our wild girl.

Here she is coming down one of the slides. Her face at first was Uh-Oh and then laughter!

Here is one of the pics I took at Grandma Janeen's house on Halloween. Her lil hood wasn't up but Memaw has some more pics she is going to email me of her when we took her trick or treating.

"No one better lay a finger on my Butterfinger!"

My lil Man where his Nana's onesie like his sister!

Daddy's back home and I made a beef stew with butternut squash for dinner tonight. It was pretty good considering I am not much of a stew person. I took the kids out to Wal Mart and the grocery today and made it home with only a minor meltdown in Wal Mart. My MRSA infection seems to be healing good and I have been remembering to take my meds. Today Aaron is 3 weeks old, one more week and he is a month old! He is still a good eater and sleeper during the day. In fact he was the easy one to take out shopping today. Signing off for the night!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The 411

So as you can guess I have been pretty busy lately, what with a newborn and toddler and trying to figure out our new routine for life! On top of all that Thursday I discovered that I have a MRSA infection! Can you believe that??? Seriously! I discovered the boil (isn't boil an awful word?) on Wednesday night and thought it was a pimple on my side by my bra strap because the MRSA was like 6-8 weeks ago. Then Thursday morning it was very inflamed and hard, so my SIL got me in at her clinic and they drained it and I am on antibiotics three times a day for 14 days. We are back to bleaching everything and washing everything a bunch of times. I am just praying that Aaron doesn't get it. I am also waiting for his circumcision ring to fall of any day now. I am a lil worried about that too because the dr said about 5-7 days and tomorrow is day 8. I spoke with the nurse about it and she said to give it a couple of more days.

Otherwise he is a healthy and most darling lil boy ever. He is so cuddly and asleep in my lap now. He is so good he just eats and sleeps and eats and sleeps. He still has his days and night mixed up and occasionally a fussy period but generally he is a easy babe.

Sorry no new pictures of Aaron, I will try to get my camera and download the pics I have. But I thought this pic was hilarious of Grace a couple weeks ago of her putting her hat on Briggs! Look at her lil tummy! Poor Briggs he is so tolerant of her!
Also here is a video I took of Grace at the park a week or so ago. The lil ducky was so stiff it didn't move anymore.