Wednesday, September 29, 2010

These were the days...

....that I am not going to remember because I haven't been up to blogging! LOL Lets see on Monday nightwe made hamburgers stuffed with fontina and gruyere cheese. It was experimental and good. We ate outside because it has been warm/hot still. The highs are 89 and 90 all week, and I hate to say this, but summer girl is ready for fall! I am sure it is just temporary while I am pregnant and next summer I won't be saying this. Grace is such a little copycat (I almost typed copymaker, which only a few readers would understand) daddy and I were both reclined in our patio chairs and she had to, too. So I stuck a pillow behind her so she could recline and eat her corn on the cob. What a hoot she is.
She also has been super in love with Briggsy too. Sometimes we call him Buddy, like Hey buddy come here and get some lovin. This weekend it was, "Buddee this and Buddee that" He tolerates her so well, and she loves it when he licks her face. Go figure.
I slept pretty well last night and felt rested this morning when I woke up which was nice.
Although there has been no reprieve from the kicking and rolling and moving. In fact the laptop is jerking about now as he punches his opinion out.
I had a dentist appointment today and everything is good there although I felt silly because they had me tilted back upside downish you know and I about died. I started out uncomfortable on my back and then the blood started rushing and the light was shining and I was sweating by the time I said, "Sorry guys but I am feeling really lightheaded." I love our dentist and they were so sweet to me. They sat me right up and the dentist said I had beautiful teeth! Which is great compliment from your dentist you know cuz he sees it all!
I think thats about it for now, I can't be bothered to do much these days after I get home from work and get Grace down. I will update on Saturday how the prenatal went on Friday and try to get some more pics or videos!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Egg Drop Soup? Yes Please!

We went to get Chinese food on Monday and I took this picture of Grace after she was slurping down Daddy's Egg Drop Soup. What a funny girl! So I have a feeling that I haven't been posting much of anything this week and figured I better give some updates.
First thing first, Daddy is off his antibiotics and his stitches are probably coming out Monday or Tuesday. The cyst in his leg was actually a Lipoma which is a benign fatty tissue that can stay the same size your whole life or get bigger but doesn't really do any harm. Not sure of the connection to the Lipoma with the Mrsa but he had both, so yeah. His leg still aches and hurts and he catches it accidently sometimes on the truck seat but the wound itself is healing good.
Grace's finger is all healed up, I gave her a bath tonight without the bleach in it and I will be calling the dr about her antibiotics tomorrow. We all know Daddy and Grace have hyper sensitive skin and daddy developed a rash so the dr told him to get off the antibiotics. (The rash can be really bad news). But the rash on daddy can also be from the constantly bleached clothes towels, sheets and blankets. The fabric softner or in fact from the antibiotics. But as of now he is off of them. Grace we noticed getting a rash yesterday and it kind looks like her excema but kinda doesn't. Her bottle of antibiotics is still full and she only takes 1/2 ML 2x a day which is a super tiny amount, so we want to see how much longer she needs to be on the antibiotics for.
As for Mrsa in site!
Today I had my prenatal. Yay! Nothing new really, the usual pee in a cup, get weighed, blood pressure, listen to the heartbeat, measure your stomach. I think I may have gained a pound in 2 weeks but I can't for sure remember last weeks weight. I am now on weekly prenatals, and will be 34 weeks tomorrow! Woo Hoo! At 35 weeks they test for the Group B Strep which I had with Grace. I asked the dr if since I had it with Grace then they don't have to test again or what not, but its just a swab down there and they test it to see if you have more or less colonized or something. So just because I had it before doesn't mean I will have it again. Is what the doc said.
The one bummer that I have been experiencing more and more especially this week is sciatic nerve pain. That kills me, because I will be walking around and suddenly I get a shooting pain from my butt down my thigh and it just takes my breath away! I can barely walk and my face contorts to a grimace I am sure.
But this lil man has not slowed down in his movements for sure! Especially as I have been writing this post for the last 20 minutes! Rolling and stretching and kicking in all his favorite spots!
I was able to pick up a book on HypnoBirthing today at the used book store by my work for only 5 bucks! Normally 20! I am going to read it and see what techniques I can pick up for having the baby without an epidural.
This weekend we plan to can some tomatoes, they are finally coming on and are eagerly sitting on our counter waiting to be canned.
Also some more relaxing for sure because as you can tell from my lack of blog posting I am not in the mood for doing anything!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stitches can Be Ugly

So I took a pic of daddy's stitches so you can see his wound. The dr said that when he is all healed up his leg might have a crater in it for a couple of years until the fat pockets fill back in, or something like that. On another note the Lil Miss's fnger is looking great and she has been so good about keeping her band-aid on when we wrap with the red Koband. She likes it! We got the dogs groomed on Saturday and we got all our laundry done this weekend. Especially all the towels. Its nice to have clean soft doggies.
Now we are watching a movie and relaxing!

Friday, September 17, 2010

33 Weeks and Grace

Do I look bellylicious or what??? :P I actually took these on....shoot I can't remember what day but earlier this week. So lets see whats going on with the lil Man. He is 4 pounds and about 17 inches long, which I just remembered Grace was 21 inches long when she was born, so they are getting close. The says something to the effect of, "Before you were sashaying and now your waddling." I turned to Daddy just now and said, "Well now, I have been waddling for at least a month now probably more!" I had thought that the baby was going into specific sleep and wake patterns but I think not, because he is just as active as ever moving around all the time. Have I mentioned that he likes to poke his one foot or heel or something in my upper right rib cage ALL THE TIME??? Really, its true I find my hand always on the right side pushing back against his lil foot or something. I am sure he is just trying to stretch out and get cozy, but its not.
Here's our lil Monkey. Isn't she sweet, we had a snuggle session tonight because we were all worn out after dinner. Her peditrician confirmed that he thought her finger was in fact a staph infection of MRSA and we will know next week if it is. But for now she is on antibiotics with daddy and we have a rigorous cleaning schedule. Grace, Daddy and I are to have a new towel with every bath. We are to wash everything in bleach, and our sheets 2-3 times a week. Grace is supposed to have a bath with bleach in it because her skin breaks out in excema that those parts are more susceptible to the MRSA. So the bleach baths are supposed to help out by killing that bacteria in the surface of her skin. Also we swabbed the special ointment we got on a Q-Tip and then rubbed that in each nostril to prevent bacteria from colonizing or something like that. But just so you all don't worry too much, her Dr. did say that we did catch it early and with the antibiotics and precautions it should go away in about 10-12 days.

Its hard to tell but I took a pic of her lil pinky finger wrapped in red bandage to keep her bandaid on and moist. Our biggest challenge will be to keep her finger from scabbing and moist.

I also have to call my OB on Monday, apparently their office was closed today and let him know so he can take any precautions needed for the lil brother. We are thankful that he is still safely tucked inside his Mama's womb growing big and strong (very strong) and not here for when we are dealing with this. I am of course to be washing my hands regularly and all the other things we have to do with this as well.

Oh and an update on Daddy's leg too. He had his follow up appointment today and they ended up removing a cyst the size of a marble from his leg and stitched him up. He is not supposed to be active to keep the stitches in. The Dr. thought that he had this orginal infection months ago and that the cyst formed from scar tissue healing and reoccuring again and again. The dr. numbed him up pretty good for that and he didn't feel any pain of the actual surgical procedure. So that was good.
All in all we are happy to be together and rest this week as a family. I know we are all tired from the week of being apart (missing daddy) and myself being way pregnant that we are ready for a low key weekend. Well right after we clean everything with bleach that is! Ha! Thanks for all the prayers and support! We love you!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Ok so this is going to be a quick post as it is getting late. First I took this pic along with 2 other last night on my cell phone. I intended to upload them all but only did one. I think its cute because of how she is holding her special pen on her V-Tech. (Oh by the way if anyone knows if you can buy more pages for the V-Tech let me know) I have only kinda looked into it when we went to Toys R Us a few weeks ago. Ok so here is the serious part. Thank goodness Daddy is back in town tonight, safe and sound. So far his leg seems to be healing as it should and his dr appointment is tomorrow and I will fill you in on how that goes. Also the really strong antibiotics he has been on hasn't been messing his system up like anitbiotics normally do, if you get my meaning. So we are grateful for that.
But this morning when I was getting Grace ready I noticed she had a lil pimple looking thing filled with puss on her knuckle on her pinky finger. I was going to try to drain it, but because a.) she was super cranky this morning and b.) I realized that is how Daddy's infection started as well, I decided not too.
I called and scheduled her an appointment at her pediatrician's office tomorrow morning and hopefully they will have it cultured and what not. Now that daddy knows and his home and has seen her finger (which by the way does look worse tonight, more red and swollen) he is worried. Which of course makes me worried. So I am asking for prayer requests again that our sweet little girl DOES NOT have MRSA. Not to mention that if she does, she probably won't be able to go to daycare either.
So that is our news, please keep our baby girl in your prayers that everything turns out to be nothing.
We love and appreciate you all!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Meltdowns are Rampant

So I got some pics of the Lil Miss on my phone during and after her meltdown. Luckily you can't tell that she is super snotty and has a tear streaked face.
Yep thats the meltdown. Throwing herself down onto her sheep pillow. Although its amazing how quickly she can settle down into bed. Its like she knows the routine and fights it with every single cell in her body, but as soon as I sit her down in the rocker and grab a book and blankie-instantly we calm down. Snuggle into Mommy and start pointing out all the things we can see in "Goodnight Moon".

So it recently it occured to me that I might be counting my weeks wrong. As in my pregnancy. All this time I have been counting my "week" date on Tuesday's. Now that I am getting closer to my due date of Nov 5th, I realized that, that day is a Friday and so counting backward from Nov 5th I will be 33 weeks on this coming Friday. (Which makes me thrilled of course)
But for today I am still 32 weeks along so I will fill you in on what the lil guy is supposed to be doing at 32 weeks.
The baby weighs about almost 4 pounds at 3.75 and is about the size of a large jicama. Not that I buy jicama large or small so I can really picture what that looks like. You all can google it, I can feel how big he is and how strong his constant hiccups are. :)
I am supposed to be gaining about a pound a week now and half of that is going to the baby. So far in my pregnancy I have only gained 16 pounds. Which I didn't try to do, (yall know when I was in San Diego it was no holds bar at the fair!). I just eat regularly like I always eat and try to get a lil bit extra calories in here and there. I also stopped paying attention to the scale, so I wasn't really keep track at all. The dr isn't worried because as long as I gain at least 15 pounds he is happy and plus I will be over that by the time the baby is actually born. I do know that I am not really pigging out on things I would normally like to pig out on because it gives me heartburn and indigestion and then I am popping the Tums. In fact I have been thru the Tums a bit within the last month. If you recall I tried to pig out on ham and augratin potatoes homemade that Janeen made for my birthday and paid for it.
Also the baby is supposed to have his toenails and fingernails now and his skin is becoming soft and smooth as he fattens up for his arrival!
Let's see what else is new? Haven't talked yet with Daddy tonight but I will find out how his leg is doing and hopefully its starting to feel better.
Work is good, nothing new there, just trying to stay up to date with everything and get ahead so it will be easy when I am gone. Tomorrow is Wednesday and we are halfway thru the week. How's your week going?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Climber Baby

These videos were taking last week I think. Daddy was playing with the diaper box and Grace learned how climb on the diaper box to get to higher things. Soon we might have a baby climbing out of her crib, because a couple of times I have seen her try to climb into her crib. Ha Ha. Anyways, I just wanted to post these videos because tonight I had a TIRED CRANKY BABY! Yes we had about 5 or 6 different melt downs and finally went to bed early with no dinner, and then woke up about an hour later for about 10 min. I thought she felt hot but she was didn't have a tempature so we calmed back down and went back to sleep. I am sending up a prayer that is the last time that happens tonight.

Off to bed!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Much to Say

Ok So I have told you all that Daddy has had some issue's with his excema and such lately right? Well on Friday night Daddy told me that the Dr. called him back about his "bug bite". Unfortunately he has a serious staph infection called MRSA. He is on some serious antibiotics and has to keep his "wound" moist and from forming a scab. Also myself and Grace have to keep away from his wound. We have no idea how he got this and the dr orginally said that the infection would have had to been building for a couple weeks for it to be absessed like it was. Also his dermatolgist told him that he has a fungus that is preventing the excema from healing and to stop the steroid cream for a month, so his poor finger and foot are just cracking and the skin is super tender. So needless to say Mommy is super worried about Daddy and is requesting lots of prayer requests this week. He has to go out of town to CO on Monday and will have a follow-up appointment with the dr on Friday back here. When he first went for his wound on his leg the dr. de-brided it and tried it with and without Litocane (sp?) and both ways it hurt really bad, because they had to get all that yucky stuff out. (Don't ask me what debrideding means in medical terms because I have no idea but it didn't sound like a fun procedure).

But on a cheerier side yesterday we had a ton of fun. We went to Golden Corral for breakfast and used a super coupon, then we went off to Costco and Wal-Mart. I got my tub I wanted for Grace's toys as part of my organzing her room (which I worked on a lil bit today). Grace however was melting down in Wal Mart and I should have agreed with Daddy and taken that child out of the store, but we didn't and mommy learned a valuable lesson that sometimes you can't do it all!
We came home for a nap in which both Mommy and Grace slept delightfully long! Then we woke up and decided to go to the State Fair. Grace loved it but decided she would just have us stroll her along the whole time. (Mommy wished she could have gotten pushed around in a stroller by the end of the the night) When is was dark we were iver by the rides and Grace saw the lights from the rides and the music and she kept shrieking! So funny. I got it on video. She would scream and then dance, she just loved it!
Here is my latest pregnancy shot for you, almost 32 weeks here!
Today we have been cleaning and puttering about. Daddy and Aunt Crystal have been taking the cabinets out of her room downstairs on one side so she has more room. Mommy and Grace have been alternating between cleaning and playing. I found her little hat and she wanted me to put it on her then she would want it off again the next minute. We did that a couple of times. I love this pic below because of the way she is standing, because its a version of how Daddy stands sometimes!

I don't know why this is blurry I didn't think it was when I took it. Bummer.

Well the video is from the fair, time for me to get busy again since the Lil Miss is still napping for another hour I hope. :) Got to go check on laundry!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cheesy Melty Yummy Goodness

This satisfied my cheese craving tonight. We went to Olive Garden although we probably shouldn't have, but it was one of those days where I had been craving something cheesy and delicious since last night at 9:30! That is a smoked mozarella fonduta! It was good. At first Grace was cranky but then she colored sweetly for the rest of the meal. But she was tired and she kept propping her head up with her hand.

You can kinda see her lip in this picture. Yesterday she tripped and hit her upper lip on a table. Poor baby her lip is all raw and looks like rug burn. :(

Tomorrow is her checkup, so we will fill you in on how much this big girl weighs and such. Right now as I have been typing this at 830-9pm the little brother has found his awake time and is kicking up a storm. Early bedtime for me I am tired.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

31 weeks

Woo Hoo I am 31 weeks today, our little boy is about 16 inches long and just over 3 pounds. Now he is starting to get plump. I have been sleeping pretty good actually, not as much getting up to go potty in the middle of the night. Some tossing and turning but not enough to make me loose a lot of sleep. I am so glad that this is a short week, how about you? Friday I have my prenatal appointment and Grace's 18 month check-up.

I thought you might enjoy some more pensive Miss Potato Head Glass Wearer.

So on a side note I decided to stop obessing about the cloth diapers for awhile. :) Good idea right? Daddy and my mom both told me to just wait a while and I can save up for exactly how many I want. I still haven't pinned down an exact number in my head but I am officially putting it out there that if people want to give gifts for the new lil boy then I am requesting FuzziBunz One Sized Pocket Diapers. Of course we don't really need anything else for a baby and we have gender neutral clothes from Grace up 3-6 month. This aint our first rodeo! LOL!
Well its getting late and I am finishing up the latest episode of the Great Food Truck Race. Nite Nite!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Its Been Awhile...

since I posted some updated Grace pics and videos so you get a lot today! The last few days Grace has loved her Mr. Potato Head glasses! She literally wore these around on her face just like this yesterday the whole time she was playing with Mr. Potato Head!
I think its hilarious! She kept cracking my up.
These videos are from last week and I was trying to get her to say, "No" because its her favorite word these days and she thinks she is such hot stuff voiceing her opinion all the time. Lets see what did we do this weekend? Saturday we got up and had breakfast and then went down to pick more peaches from Grandma Janeen's peach tree. Unfortunatley we picked a ton last week and then left them in the tied up bags on the counter. We were going to can them all this weekend but they did not last because the bags were tied up and they molded super quick! :( So we picked more and then got groceries and had another couple over for burgers and a movie. Grace missed her nap mostly on Saturday so she went down right after dinner.
Sunday we vegged all day and in the afternoon we canned our peaches too! Daddy worked on Aunt Crystal's car and we had pizza from The Pie for dinner and then watched our other movie. Oh and also Crystal did mommy's make up with the BareEssentials she got her for my birthday. Which was fun!
This morning we got up, watched a lil bit of Sesame Street, (Grace loves Sesame Street so much!) and then decided we were going to go out to breakfast at Golden Corral for their buffet. She did so good, no whining and chowed down on some eggs and hashbrowns and sausage. This girl loves her eggs. Although she also loves her manderin oranges and peaches which she helped herself to off of daddy's plate. She is so good about drinking from a cup with no lid too, because they were all out.
Then afterwards we stopped by Toys R Us and shopped around. I wanted to get some ideas for Christmas and Birthday and such. We bought some picture flashcards and a sing along cd, and also a lil umbrella stroller for her baby. It was only 9 dollars. That was the only way to pull her away from the tricycles when we were ready to leave! Also I think I am going to wrap it back up and give it to her when the baby comes. I wanted to look at tricycles to think about getting one for her birthday or Christmas. She could reach the pedals pretty well and I think she would get it in no time. However I want to make sure she doesnt outgrow one we get her by the time spring arrives next year. They had a cute Radio Flyer one that could be adjusted I think will work.
My "plan" is to get a lot of Christmas Shopping and birthday shopping for people out of the way and done before Christmas so we can budget for it. I know your saying to yourself, "Christmas??? Its just now September, how can you think about that now?" But I want to enjoy the holiday time with my family and not worry about buying this or buying that. Or at least have things priced and a list made so that we stay within out budget. Last year was so enjoyable because we stuck within our means. And I am proud of us for doing that!
On a side note, poor daddy is falling apart. Ever since we went to San Diego at the end of June he has a had a bad breakout of excema on his finger and now the nail is coming off. His feet are totally breaking out as well and his plantar's wart on his foot is finnally healing. Also he got bit by a spider we think on the back of his thigh and his sister looked at it and wanted him to get on antibiotics. The swelling as of last night was about 3 inches in diameter and was getting bigger. This morning the swelling hasn't gotten bigger (hopefully due to the antibiotics) but he says it hurts more now in his muscle instead of just when is shorts rubbed against it. Poor Daddy! He has been to the dermatologist several times now for his excema but we are thinking we need to see another one because what the dr is prescribing is just not working. Right now he is relaxing downstairs because the anitbiotics are making him nauses. (We put a pork roast in the crock pot for BBQ pork sandwhiches this morning and we both think it does not smell good! :P One pregnancy related, one antibiotics!)
So please say a lil prayer that Daddy heals up! Time for me to go change the laundry, so we have clean clothes!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

No Mommy Pictures

I took these pics the night before last I think...yeah. We had pork chops and beets and she loved the beets as you can plainly see.

I got this pillow at Costco for Grace yesterday. She likes it although its pretty huge and poofy. But so cute with the numbers and Winnie the Pooh characters.

Last night I slept cruddy. I was tossing and turning all over the place and I think I was keeping Daddy up and he was keeping me up. I totally overslept this morning and felt like I was draggin all day. I don't know what it is lately but this week I have been in a weird mood. Like for instance I have been totally disinterested in dinner, eating it or cooking it. And so I get home and just want to feed Grace and then go to bed myself. Also I keep saying I am going to get belly pics but dont have the desire or energy. I have had more heartburn lately and have been trying to keep my late night dessert snacking to right after I put Grace down around 8pm otherwise it adds to my discomfort. I am a tired, uncomfortable, grouchy pregnant mess. I slipped on dog slobber tonight in the hallway and had a mini meltdown because it scared me and daddy too! He was in the kitchen and didn't see me just heard me yelp and came running. Poor Grace she probably was like, "Mommy?" Then when I was trying to change Grace my arm was stinging and I looked and had like wall burns on my forearm. I honestly dont remember getting them. It just sucks being so huge and clumsy and waddling everywhere and being out of breath all the time.
Ok thats where I am stopping I am done venting about being pregnant. I am going to get off the computer, watch some junk TV and then possible take a shower and go to bed. Tomorrow is Friday and this weekend we are going to can some peaches, maybe go to the drive in theatre since its cooling down a bit here, clean, grocery shop, laundry and relax. What about you all? Anything fun?