Friday, October 28, 2011

Yogurt Boy

These are the pictures I took yesterday that the computer felt ok with posting today! Go figure. I let Aaron have some yogurt in a little cup with a spoon and he just loved it. Not only does he love yogurt but he has been getting more independent lately and wanting to have his own spoon and fork. He had yogurt everywhere as you can see but was quite content. Grace had to scrunch her little face up and cheese it up for me as well. I love this picture.

I got so much stuff done today and K was able to get the Expedition registered and it passed safety and emissions so we got plates and everything! Sweet. Tomorrow we will swap out the car seats and make it the official mom mobile and daddy can load up the truck to use for his work starting Monday. Nothing really on the agenda for the weekend, just relaxing and church and maybe some pumpkin carving if we feel up to it. I promise to take pictures of the Expedition tomorrow!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

No pictures tonight.

Well I tried to post 2 pictures of the kids just now..but it is telling me there is an internal error. Lovely.
K's last day of work was today! On Monday he starts with his new company and is really excited. We are excited to have him home for awhile too! Even though he hasn't been traveling the last couple weeks, he had a really big job to do with practically no help so he was working a lot of OT and we didn't really see him a lot. His ankle is getting better, it seems to like some support and feels ok when he has his steel toe boots on. At home walking around in his stocking feet it tends to hurt more, so some more rest is needed which is what we will be doing this weekend!
Again I didn't get any pictures of the new SUV yet...hopefully tomorrow. We just stayed home and did a bunch of laundry today. Tomorrow I have a couple of errands to run that need to get done this weekend.
Aaron has been doing a lot better with his sleeping even though he has still be cranky with the teething, the teething tablets I bought yesterday seem to be working! I checked tonight and that 2nd top tooth looks even more ready to pop through than before, I can see a 'line' of tooth now instead of a point. :)
Pretty consistently he has been sleeping from 7pmish to 7 or even 8am. Last night he went to bed 7:40 and he woke up at 7 this morning but then quieted himself down and stayed asleep until about 8:20. I actually took a shower before I got the kids up today. I usually take my shower during morning nap because I am just not a morning person and can have more time...although it changes all the time because I also used to work out during morning nap and take a quicker shower. Aaron's naps seem to be shortening a little, but it is working out ok because he is going to be earlier typically. Today his morning nap was really short but then I was able to tuck him back in for another hour for his afternoon nap.
We watched Rio tonight with Grace and she loved having movie time with daddy while I let Aaron play upstairs before bed. Did I tell you all I got an amazing deal on maternity clothes the other day?? 3 pairs of jeans and 2 shirts each just .97 cents! If I did..sorry I am pregnant! lol!
I think that is all the update for now...just looking forward to having a relaxing weekend with Daddy before me and the kiddos head to SD next weekend.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

2nd Trimester

I am officially in the 2nd trimester now and am excited to hopefully be able to feel the baby move in a couple of weeks..the earliest they say is 16 weeks and I will be 15 weeks on Saturday. I am feeling fine and dandy these days too and making sure that I stay up on my cleaning and such because we have such a busy time coming up. Next weekend its off to SD for a wedding and then a week n half later back to SD to go camping for a long trip with me and the kids. Then back again just in time for Christmas and then New Years and then Grace's 3rd birthday which she has been telling everyone about for months now! Sometime during all that traveling I will have an ultrasound although I am not sure if we are going to find out the sex on this one or leave it a surprise. Right now I am 50/50...but I will let you know what I decide.

I can't remember if I post this picture of Grace already so it may be a repeat but its so cute how she digs in my closet and wears my high heels, especially since I really rarely wear them. Today was a pretty good day today, Aaron woke up at 6am but I gave him his paci and he fell back asleep until 740am and since he has been going to bed at 7pm I considered that pretty darn good! I am not sure if its all the teething or what but after he wakes from his afternoon nap he seems to be a bear until dinnertime and then that can be a struggle and then its like off to bed you go cranker!

I had to wait for the furnace guy to come and do a tune up on our furnace this morning so I was able to get some cleaning in and hopefully laundry finished up tomorrow after playgroup and groceries.

Poor daddy thinks he may have sprained his ankle last night coming down a bunch of stairs with his heavy toolbag and he probably saved himself from a faceful of concrete but hurt his ankle instead. He has been icing it and wrapping it and its not swollen but does bother him and he has been trying to keep off of it as much as he can.

Tonight we went and picked up our new used SUV we bought. Since daddy will not longer be having the leased vehicle for work and now using our truck we need a new mommy mobile. Also we needed one that will eventually seat more carseats. We tested the truck and it would have seated 3 car seats in there side by side, but then we couldn't really carry anyone or anything else. And since we just had family visiting back to back we do need the extra seating, and it will be nice to have a place to put the groceries too! We got a 2000 Ford Expedition that is white and has some nice perks like heated seats and mirrors. I am excited because it is about the same size as the truck is now, so I won't be driving a big ole huge SUV but it has more room like we needed. Also it is in really good shape mechanically so Daddy feels good about it being safe and reliable for us.

After we got the Expedition I was craving some Mexican food so we had dinner at a local restaurant. Boy is Aaron no fun to be around in the afternoons/evenings. The only saving grace was there was a screaming 2 year old little girl across from us that drew both of our kids attention and stopped Aaron from fussing about how he didn't want to eat his quesadilla and only eat guacamole. He did eventually start to chow down...but he can stall and fuss like a champ.

Off to home we went and off to bed he went immediately, and he goes down early just he must need it. Tomorrow is playgroup and the grocery and I will try to get some pictures of the new car up too. Right now its time to relax and enjoy the evening before bed.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday at home

We didn't do anything today but hang out at home. Aaron woke up at 5:50 right after daddy got into the shower. Then I was able to get him to go back down until about 8am. He is still cranky and that tooth hasn't popped through yet. I love these pictures of him from a few weeks ago when my dad was here he just looks so grown up! And the he is wearing the new shoes they got for him.

A picture of my first born cutie pie.

Tomorrow we are going to look at cars...need to find a new vehicle for running around with the kids and might as well get one that has third row seating now that the new little babe is on the way. Also we are going to get pumpkins tomorrow and Grace is thrilled that Daddy will be home and going with us. He has been working mad overtime the last 3 weeks and she is so excited. Her little life is just full of wonderful things this fall!

I hope to get a caramel apple because I have been craving one for like 2 weeks now!

And for some reason I had to take a picture and post it of my yummy healthy lunch today. I made egg salad and then we had some kiwis for the first time. Of course my little Air Bear loved them...Grace took some convincing but ate her carrots real good (no ranch for her!). In the end she ate all her kiwis without too much fuss, but isn't funny how they act like you are giving them poison to eat?? Looking at this now makes me hungry too!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Aaron's 1st Birthday Party

I finally uploaded all the pictures from Aaron's birthday. There are a lot so beware! I wanted to rent a bounce house for Aaron's birthday from the beginning because we have a lot of kid friends now. Also because since most of those kids are Grace's age and her birthday is in January she probably won't ever get a BBQ kind of outside party. So I went with a frog theme using green and yellow as the theme colors. I made this sign myself with just regular old construction paper. The bounce house! The kids had a blast and Grace was thrilled when we came home and saw it all set up. She went with me and Memaw to run last minute errands, so she got some one on one time too. She was a great help!

I had daddy take the tents that were giving to us last year and put them up for the younger kids and it was perfect! The non jumpers could play inside and they got to have fun too!

The food table all set up!

Aaron's high chair all decorated up thanks to Memaw!

I saw this color combination of brown with an apple green online somewhere using other mediums and thought what a great idea for a goody bag. I just bought lunch sacks and found this super cute stamp at Michaels for .99 cents. I had Grace help me and we just used regular green paint for the stamp and she helped me press the bags. I just filled them with one candy, a rubber squishy ball in yellow or green and then 8 Crayola Crayons wrapped up in green yarn. My mom helped me assemble the bags too. I had planned to do this all a month ago...however I got pregnant and felt like doing the bare minimum.

Chocolate cupcakes I had a mix for. Those are green chocolate frogs I made with a mold I bought for a dollar. I did do those ahead of time but I only made a few and so we just put a few on here and there.

The birthday cake and the 'smash' cake I got free. I love how the colors turned out and I put those little frogs on the cake..they were like .50 cents each. And the birthday napkins..clearanced for a buck per package.

My sweet excited for her friends to come over before the party.

The birthday boy!

So hard to get pictures of him..but you can kind of see that his shirt says Birthday Boy.

Birthday boy on the mom says he will be running by the time we go camping for Thanksgiving and I think she is right, everyday he just picks it up a little more.

Eating his birthday dinner..chips, green jello, green dogs! The best! lol

The guests! Well at least the adults!

Memaw and Pepaw!


Grace's buddy..

Friends being silly!
The grandma's!

Aunt and Uncle.

Another friend!

And Daddy of course. I didn't manage to get me...but I am glad I did manage to get some pictures, because I wanted to video tape more and I didn't! I only video taped Aaron doing his cake, which was a hoot because he put it all over his little blond bald head.

He does have more hair now, especially in the back its long. It just isn't coming in very much in the front, so he really does look bald. My mom was like oh he does have hair..its hard to tell from the pictures. Maybe I can try to capture his head! lol

Aaron also didn't really 'get' opening his presents however..he did get a bunch of balls and trucks that he loves! He loves throwing balls and thinks he is so cool. In fact he got a little 'bath' ket ball set for the bathtub and he loves throwing those little basketballs around.

All in all it was a great party! And now I have a 1yr old and a 2yr old! His 12 month check up is on November 1st so I will fill in all the details then with his stats.

Also he is getting his 4th tooth his second one on the top and feeling pretty cranky. His nose has been running a lot whether its from a little cold or his teeth I don't know for sure, but will be glad that he should be all better by the time we got to San Diego for my brother's wedding in 2 weeks.

That's it for tonight! Night!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Lunchtime at Subway

I was cleaning up my email just a minute ago and found this video I forgot to post! I can't believe I did because it is so hilarious. We went to the mall and were eating lunch and Grace and Aaron were playing together, just being silly tilting their heads back. But I got some of it on video and thought I would share!

I am going to try to post some birthday pictures and a blog tonight! Enjoy the cuteness!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Walking and walking and walking

My boy has been walking like crazy this past weekend. It's like all he needed to do was to take his first steps and he has been off! I am so proud of him and he is so proud of himself, you can just see it on his face. He grins such a big grin. He walks and walks and crawls when Grace is chasing him or he wants Grace to chase him. Or he wants to get somewhere super fast!

Also he has been sleeping so good as well. His naps are not as good sometimes but I will trade those for sleeping until 8 or 830 every morning. I can't remember the last time that he woke at 6am or earlier. The last 2 days he slept until 8:20 and I would say he sleeps until 7:30 or 8 pretty regularly now, which I am thrilled with. I don't know if it's because I have started giving him soy milk and he has been loving that or because his other bottom tooth popped through, but it could be both. He loves his soy milk and it sits well with him. His bottom tooth is coming in crooked though...which is a little bit of a worry to me. I will probably ask the pediatrician about it when I take him in for his 1 year appointment.

I am getting ready for Aaron's 1st birthday party on Saturday and already have a bounce house scheduled. I know that Aaron won't really know he had one...but since Grace's birthday is in Jan and her friends are going to be coming to the party, I decided to splurge since its our last good weather for awhile. Still not sure what I want to serve for dinner...(I am supposed to be making my lists right now)...but I will come up with something before Wednesday. (I better because that is when I am doing my grocery shopping!)

Some things that Grace is doing right now is she loves to play hide and seek. And he is becoming a really good hider as well. One time she hid and K couldn't find her and another time this weekend she hid and my dad couldn't find her. And she is so cute when she says, "Ready or not heres mine come!"

We also switched Aaron's car seat this weekend so he is sitting in his big boy car seat and I think he loves it. Although since I rode in the back with he kids this past weekend I think he wanted me to hold him because he was really really fussy when we were driving around. I think he was thinking, "Mom if your back here why am I stuck in this seat??"

Time to get off the computer and get back to my list, enjoy my boy walking! I think he is pretty darn cute myself!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Yesterday it was cold and rainy. I normally try to hit the grocery store after playgroup on Wednesdays because once I am out with the kids I want to get that chore done. However, since yesterday was the last playgroup for one of our moms (their family is moving out of state) we all stayed and chit chatted way too long! It was almost 1pm before we left. Poor Aaron was getting a bit cranky and telling me that he was hungry and tired. So we hit Del Taco and brought it home to eat before naps. So we hit the grocery store after. At playgroup it wasn't raining until we were leaving and so here are the kids bundled up to go to the grocery store. Normally I don't like hitting the grocery store in the rain or snow with the kids, however we had no essentials! Isn't Grace just a doll in this little red fleece jacket, it fits her perfectly now! Aaron was not having it, he was like can we go already??? And right after I took this he wiggled and fell on his hands and feet. Thankfully no tears.

This was today and I was trying to get a picture of these super cute slipper socks that I have been waiting forever to put on him. Since we got more rain today and some parts of Salt Lake even got snow and for sure the mountains did, I had to try them. They are 6-12 months and they fit perfectly. You can't really see them too well, but they are blue and brown and have this cute brown stitching. My friends mom sent them to me when Aaron was born-Thanks again Mrs. K!

I don't know about you all, but I am not quite ready for snow yet. Some nice crisp fall days, some pumpkin picking and carving. Warm comfort food and Halloween, yes, but Supposedly it is going to be in the 70's again next week, which I am glad for because I want to get a bounce house for Aarons birthday! So I am praying that, that is the weather we get! :)

Here is a blurry smile.

Standing right in front of me this afternoon. I had the camera out to get Grace, and always try to get Aaron but he is just too darn wiggly.

Grace loves wearing my high heels, and this was the second pair she tried on this afternoon. She walks so easily in them...its a crack up because she walks click clack up and down the hall. And then Aaron was following her, I think he wanted to play with whatever she was playing with today. He kept grabbing her blue bear earlier today as well. Big sisters sure are cool!

We have a fun weekend planned. My dad is coming to visit and we are excited to see Papou! Then next weekend it's Memaw and Pepaw to visit for Aarons birthday. And the craziness continues until the new year. Hope your all get ready for a fun weekend!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Whoever left me the comment about using the dry erase marker to get rid of sharpie-thanks a bunch! I tried it and it worked!
I suppose that I could have looked online, but it sure was convient for you to give me that tip and we have dry erase markers too!

Thanks again!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I hate grafitii....

....especially when its in my house, with a sharpie, by my 2year old...don't you?

I finally uploaded pictures from our last zoo trip with a girlfriend and her daughter. We had a good time, except Grace didn't want to climb on any of the fake animals.

Look how long Aaron looks here! And he is wearing is little shoes...I forgot about that.

Look at that face!

Aaron loved looking at the ducks in the pond so much!

Today I was bored so we went over to the mall and had lunch and walked around. I wanted to see what size shoe Aaron is and see what kind of cute shoes were out there for him. I also looked at and picked up some maternity jeans and a cute top. I already can't fit into my jeans so I am going to be buying more maternity clothes most likely.

I also got an interesting visit from animal control this afternoon. Apparently we own 6 german shepherds that bark all day instead of just 2. Hmm, I didn't know I was that crazy!

Looking forward to playgroup tomorrow and a visit from Papou on Friday!