Wednesday, June 30, 2010

21 weeks

Yesterday I was 21 weeks and the Lil Man is now about 7 inches long, the size of a large banana. I can totally feel his little jabs and sometimes even the hiccups I think. He is usually active during the day and evening before bed.

I am feeling good, still tired some days more than others. Today it was hard to get up, but I was good once I did, till the afternoon, then I was feeling a bit sleepy.

I posted some videos of Grace. One of her riding the carousel and the other of her running amok playing "super baby" with her Aunt Meghann.

She is a hoot, and can be our little wild child, much like her daddy I think. Tonight she was playing with him and shouting, "Da-ddy!" and then he would come over to her on the couch and kiss her face while she pretended to hide.

Sorry about the white light at the end, when I followed her outside the camera didn't adjust to the brightness so I had to end it. But you can plainly see the wildness, that we love.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

San Diego Pics

Here are some pics from our San Diego trip. We hung with family and went to the fair. I posted the pictures backwards, so this is from the morning we left.
Auntie Meghann being silly with her niece, such a squirmy baby.

Stopping to smell the award winning roses at the fair.

Getting ready to go into the fair in her umbrella stroller that Memaw and Pepaw got her. Doesn't she look like sucha big girl in it??

Ok so we did a pony ride and she wasn't so sure what to think about it at first, but she didn't freak out. Then daddy told us to high five her and she started laughing and smiling. This is mommy trying to high five her baby girl and try to get a picture of her smiling.

Riding the pony with daddy walking by her side! She is just getting so big!

Pepaw put on Sesame Street and she of course was mesmerized! She loves Elmo!

I have more to post and tell about our trip but I need to get off to bed soon. But first a quick story. On the second leg of our flight home, Grace finally fell asleep for about 15 maybe 20 minutes. We were in the back with a bunch of other families and young children. When all of a sudden this family a row up and across start clapping and "yaying" Grace suddenly woke up, sat up, looked at them and started clapping. I was like, "Oh no!" Then all of a sudden they stopped and so I gently pressed her head back down and she fell right back asleep! Ha ha it was so funny I started busting up laughing and had to try to control myself so I wouldn't wake her back up. Not that it did much good on the way home, she was sooo cranky!
Anyways more to come tomorrow.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Wendover for Father's Day

We went out to Wendover this weekend for our annual Father's Day Car Show. KSov's family takes a bunch cars out every year and its so much fun. This was Friday night and the beginning of the burn out competition.

Yes that is pink smoke. KSovs grandmother was asked to judge the burn out competition. I am sure one of those previous pics won. For the most part the smoke blew west but one time we had to run away and protect the baby from breathing the smoke.

She was sitting with Daddy watching the smoke. Look Daddy at all that smoke!

Grace loved this lil Rat Rod. This belonged to young Beau who I believe is 6 years old, and him and his older sister Zoey were so great and played and played with Grace this weekend. They would walk her over and she would tug on the brake and turn the wheel. She loved it!

Ok this was the coolest car and it was its first time at the car show.

Yes its the BatMobile....a 2 seater. So sweet!

The front.

Grace and Daddy posing for Mommy.

Some friends offered to get Grace an ice cream cone because the McDonals is next door and they were heading over. I said, Sure if you want to buy it then thats fine with me! (They have 6 kids) and weren't above trying to bribe her attention, although it didn't work. She really was a mommy's girl all weekend and was shy with everyone except Zoey and Beau.

I think she liked it! I am trying to get this ponytail thing figured out and I keep practising. I am getting better though.

This Thursday we are flying out to San Diego and spending some time with the Memaw and Pepaw and all the other family! Also as an added treat, we get to go to the fair! Mommy has a license to eat! Ha Ha!! Tomorrow I am 20 weeks halfway there!!!! Woo Hoo! I am thinking I am going to try to have this baby without any pain meds...Interesting huh? I think I can do it and it should be a shorter labor. Besides I dont want my other leg to be numb! My thigh is still numb from my epidural with Grace.

Here's to a short week!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

19 weeks

Here I am today, at 19 weeks, sorry my bathroom mirror is dirty...just dont mind that. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day, we have to get packed and ready tomorrow for our trip out to Wendover. For Fathers day we go out to Wendover with KSov's family, they have an annual car show they put a bunch of classic cars in. We set up canopy's and camping chairs, everybody brings food like picinic salads and snack foods. We hang out by the cars and there is a Poker Run the cars participate in. This year will be interesting because Grace can not only walk but run and throw fits and get bored. So we will see how it goes! I am planning on lots of different activities, but hopefully she will like the cars. She likes to say car when she points to a Firebird on one of Daddy's T-Shirts.

Funny story, today a customer graciously bought pizza and chicken wings for the branch, from Dominoes. Normally I am not a chicken wing type of gal, but let me tell you they were so delicious today. I had three at work and then brought the leftovers home. I had a bunch more tonight for dinner, with ranch. KSov is a huge wing lover and was like, "Yep you know she has my boy in there because she never eats chicken wings like this! He must be like his dad!"
Now isn't that sweet? Funny guy, but they were delicous and thankfully no heartburn!
Still tired and not sleeping very well the last few nights but eh, thats being pregnant huh?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Playtime with a Popper

Before bedtime tonight...having crazy fun with her popper! Also I took a video too! Waving hi to mommy after daddy read her a story.
Incredibly precious, cuddling with Daddy while he reads Goodnight Moon.

Pointing out that kittens say, Meow.

Mooing, I believe.

Popper video, so much fun!

Ultrasound Pictures!!!!!!!

Ok all, I know you had to wait all day... but at least I am an hour ahead of you! The problem was the pictures weren't in Jpeg form and so my sweet hubby fixed that for me and for you! Now here is the 1st pic and you can see, we are looking up from underneath between his legs. The arrow is pointing to the tell tale little boy feature.
Again another version of the first. KSov and I agreed tonight that these ultrasound pics (done at a different hospital) are not as good quality as Grace's.
His legs crossed, our kiddos like to be comfy. Grace still sits like this. Memaw says, Look at those long legs! Maybe he will be tall and all legs like his daddy.

The front of his face, sweet alien baby. :)

Foot print..nothing really to explain here.

And of course the profile shot! KSov and I both cracked up dring the ultrasound because we were like that is a Thompson beak in this pic for sure!

So today we are 19 weeks and this little man is the size of a mango and yes that may seem small, but let me tell you I feel his little squirms plenty!
And he is making me feel fat in my pants that used to be huge! So time to get the fat jeans out and think about some more skirts or dresses.

Oh and on a side note...If anybody chooses to purchase little boy clothes...please buy him older sizes like 6months and older. We have plenty of neutral newborn clothes that Grace did not wear. Really I hate to be wasteful and we appreciate any and all gifts but just want to make sure that he will wear them. Thanks so much and we love you!

Monday, June 14, 2010

UltraSound Today

Well as of this very moment I can't get my ultrasound pictures to upload. And frankly I don't have the patience to try to figure it out. I asked KSov and he blamed it on the website which I think is highly probable.

So I will simply tell you that the baby is good. And everything seems to be in working order. Oh wait??? What I forgot to tell you was if I found out the sex or not. Well I did and I was going to show you the pictures but they aren't uploading so I will have to do it tomorrow night. I am really tired and this computer is frustrating me. "What?" I am sorry you want me to just tell you the sex is??? Ok I guess I can do that. Alrighty Alrighty enough with the suspense already! Well daddy was right and we are having a boy! I wish I could get these pics to upload. I don't know what the deal is and I hope KSov can figure it out. There is one pic of the profile that is hilarious, KSov and I both were like that is a Thompson nose! HA!
Ok well I tried a last ditch effort and can't figure it out, so till then you will have to be happy with the good news!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Play Time

So we got out our Play Dough for the second time. This was good because we are coming to believe we have a Tazmanian Devil on our hands and play dough time was quiet.

So one of the videos is of her concentrating on her play dough. And the other is her playing catch with a ball. I wish we could have gotten the catch video sooner. The first time around mommy was "catching" and daddy was throwing and she kept making this surprised "wow" face. She does it a couple of times in the video, but she was doing it everytime at first and it was so hilarious.

So Mommy and Daddy were talking about time outs tonight and so far both of us have tried 2 different approaches. We decided we need to research and figure out what is going to work with Grace. And what we can both agree on so we are consistent. She is EVERYWHERE these days and she specifically tests us everytime. We will tell her no, and she will look at us and smile a big smile and keep on doing it! The only way she will stop is if you get up and phyiscally remove her from the situation. Daddy will use his big voice and she laughs. Mommy holds her hands, gets down on her level and tells her, "No, Mommy said, not to do that," and she laughs. Daddy has tried a 30 second time out version where he makes her sit with him for 30 seconds when she disobeys. Mommy has tried putting her on timeout away from the bad thing she was doing. Then I have to keep picking her up and putting her back. Either way she doesn't realize that she is being disipline, and sometimes its a game.
So any suggestions for us, or books to read? She is quite her own little person and stubborn. Very silly and sweet but also very much into testing every single situation! If we are coming your way prepared......!!!!
Tomorrow is our ultrasound. I think I am going to find out the sex this time. I am pretty sure of it..just not 100% yet. But the appointment is at 4pm so I will let everyone know and try to scan some pics tomorrow night. Well actually Daddy will.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Some Bath Time Pics

Just thought I would give you some updated cutie pie pics.

This is one of my favorites because she kept dropping the plastic silverware that I let her play with in the bath. I would exclaime and she would make this surprised look.

Its only Wednesday but it feels like it should be Friday. I am tired and need to be off to bed. Hope your week is going well.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kayla's new obession...

So Kayla our beloved first fur-baby soon to be six years old, (thats human years) has a new obession she started last spring, and I had hoped it would not return. Unfortunately it not only returned but has heightened levels of obession. Every morning when I let the dogs out, Kayla knows that the sun is shining and...yes that the birds are singing, and bounds out the back door (never mind mommy's bare feet) to chase the birds. She will spend all day outside chasing the birds or chasing their shadows. It really doesn't matter which. You would think that, that much energy being spent on a single task in the hot sun would wear a dog out. And to a degree it does. Like right now its just a bit past 930pm and she is sleeping quietly with her head on the cool bathroom tile. But it seems like that energy does not die out till at least after Grace has gone to bed.

So because she really loves the birds, she looks like a starving coyote, despite the fact that she gets special high protein high energy dog food. And Briggs gets his diet, low calorie dog food, he is looking a little bit on the chubby side. After all you can't expect Briggs to chase Kayla all day now could you? Not likely.

So I tried to catch a video of Kayla actually chasing some birds..because honestly she does it all the time, but I didn't get any on camera chasing. But! You can see the intent and the obession. I do love my Kayla dog

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Chalk Fun and Summer Pool Time

This was Sunday...we did not take a nap, only about 15-20 minutes in the car. So after an 1 1/2 of whining and crying I changed a poopy diaper and let her play with her chalk outside. You can see her pretty coloring.
Such concentration, and you can see that she would not let the other chalk colors go!

She was so serious and you could see she was tired but she just colored and colored and colored.

Pausing to watch a bird fly by and Kayla chase its shadow.

On Saturday Mommy pulled out the pool rinsed it out and filled it up in the morning. Then I let it sit in the sun and warm up till the afternoon. After her nap we put her bathing suit and sunscreen on and went outside to play.

Daddy took a few pictures of Mommy and the Lil Miss in the water. It wasn't cold at all.

Mommy and her pregnant belly. Almost 18 weeks and halfway thru...

Hope you enjoyed the beautiful weekend like we did!