Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Some ramblings...

Ok so tonight was night 2 of week 2 of working out! After I put the Miss to bed I quickly grab my shoes and change clothes and jump on the treadmill. I kicked my own butt yesterday only planning on walking for twenty minutes but then really ramped it up and got my sweat on.
Although it does my make me want two things all this working out...a new sports bra (Thank You Pookie) and new running shoes (I got mine all scuffed up working on the roof).

Its funny too, because even though Briggs is usually my shadow. Every night when I go workout, Kayla comes downstairs with me and hangs out while I jam on the treadmill and Briggs lays at the top of the stairs.

I don't have any new pictures of the Lil Miss tonight. But she is starting to "walk" with only holding on to one hand. She will take a couple of steps, and then kind of slide down to her hands.

Her hair is getting longer too, I love after she takes her bath its so soft. So sweet.

Well I don't think there is anything else new to report. Oh yes there is! It snowed today. I forgot. Yep today was the first snow and no I am not ready for winter. But it was pretty. I actually do like it when it snows like today and doesn't stick to the ground. Then it doesn't take me forever to get home and its still pretty.

I can't seem to shake this lil cold I have. I am still blowing my nose and coughing up nice phlemy things. Dotcha just hate mucus? I hope KSov is feeling better. He is getting a CT scan of his sinuses on Friday. The dr. thinks that there might be something with that, and that is why he keeps getting sick. Although thanks to daycare our family gets to keep recycling a cold.

Ok well I am wrapping up to call my beloved hubby way out in El Paso tonight.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Could she be....

...the next Britney, Shania, maybe Taylor Swift???? So unfortunately Mommy and Pookie were at home by ourselves because daddy had to go out of town for work. So maybe that led to the video your about to see. But the more likely reason is that Mommy is just a goof and like to sing and dance. So that being said, Please forgive the flat notes and bad singing!

So this video took forever to load! I had to cancel it and reload it! Sorry it took so long! Dontcha love that little attitude?

So what I forgot to mention before I hurriedly hit Publish is that she had carried that long note with me right before I got the camera! She was dancing and singin with me when I started singing to her. And you may have guessed but can't see but I was dancing behind the camera. (What me dancing???No Way! ) lol!

And yes because I am behind the camera (I set it on the counter)I decided to post it. Did you notice how she occasionally kept looking at the camera dead center? What a cutie pie!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our Weekend

This weekend KSov and I went out on a double date. The Lil Miss stayed with Grandma Janeen, while we went to dinner and then to a place called Boondocks. We played Minature Golf and hit the batting cages. The batting cages were a ton of fun.
Then Saturday Ksov layed around till around one just be lazy, before we headed out to run some errands. A quick stop to a place called Kid to Kid where we picked up Pookie's Halloween costume for 5.99. Its a used one. We went with a little black and white Cow! I felt it went perfectly with her love for her Moo Cow. After that we went to a new grocery store called WinCo which we first heard about from my dad. They were packed! KSov had to fend off some people in order to find us a cart. We overspent a lil, but they have some real good deals! Like small avocados for .28 cents each! Its a cool store. So we got our groceries and took them home and went down to get the Lil Miss. She had such good naps at Grandma's house, 2 two hour naps!

Today we just hung out. Mommy put on these cute pink lil sneakers with her tights and her lil jean dress. Of course she wanted to rip them off her feet and eat the laces like her monkey at Memaw's house. So mommy took them off of her and took some more pics.

Hello in there!
I love this picture! She has done this a lot lately. She reminds me of my golden retriever Sophie, she will put stuff in her mout and carry it around, like socks and baby bibs! She had just put a bib in her mouth and then turned around like, "What huh?"

Isn't this dress soo cute? Whoever gave it to us thanks! I don't remember anymore! I put in her closet and realized it was size 9 months this weekend. So I put her 6 months tights on her and she was so cute in it. I want to try to get some more cute tights for her, but that will awhile. On a side note I am really mad tonight. I was doing laundry and discover that the OshKosh overalls I got Pookie have broken! One of the straps twisted until it broke off! I am going to try and contact Osh Kosh and see if they will replace them.

Well thats all for tonight. Hugs and Love!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Walker Baby

Isn't she just the cutest baby you ever did see? She loves to cruise with her daddy. It didn't fail tonight either when I put her to bed, she protested with some crying again. I of course completely ignored her and then she promptly fell asleep, like the good baby she is.

Kudos to me though because tonight is the 4th night in a row I jumped on the treadmill. My plan is to workout after I put her down, in the evenings. So here's to getting my sweat on!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Carrots and Roast Beef

Tonight KSov made a yummy roast beef with carrots and potatoes and biscuits. Of course we let our Lil Miss have some too! She sure did love those carrots. I wish the camera could have caught her face immediatly after this...it was hilarious! Her eyes were big as saucers and her little mouth was pursed in this oh my goodness what was that!
Here is a little video I took too.

She had baaaddd naps today at daycare. Only about twenty mintues total for the whole day.
Oh and I forgot to mention last night, what she did at bedtime. I put her down and she was smiling and jibbering on her back and I said I love you and nite nite. Then walked out like normal. Apparently she quickly got on her hands and knees and started crying! She did not want to go to bed. And tonight the same thing. Except I think she only cried for like maybe 30 seconds before passing out she was so tired. And both yesterday and this morning she slept till almost nine. She is so cute. Friday night she is staying with Grandma Janeen and KSov and I are going to go out on a date with a couple of friends. Not sure what we are going to do yet, maybe the batting cages or maybe the movies. We will see!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More insulation, new updates

We recently signed up for a company to come in and with no cost to us put more insulation in our attic. They do the paperwork and when we get our rebate checks from the power and gas companies we turn them over to them. So we scheduled an appointment for them to come and once we decided to do this, KSov wanted to get some updates done on the house for us before our insulation was added. So this first pic here is for my brother C, who when he came out to visit us told KSov that the mark of a professional installion of a TV on the wall is that you can NOT see the mounting racks poking above the TV. As you can see there are now no racks poking up. Ksov got in the attic and wired a plug behind the TV and made a hole so that the wires wouldn't be hanging down or out of the closet! I took this picture tonight and that is the Next Iron Chef paused their on my DVR. Hee hee.
The other thing KSov did was wire up 2 ceiling fans! Yes!!!! I love ceiling fans, well who am I kidding I plain just love fans in general. But its nice to have a ceiling fan, much classier and added bonus is we don't have the wires and extension cords to trip over in our room. And your right..we still haven't painted the closet doors. I know what your thinking...hmm, ceiling fans before doors. But the less insulation KSov would have to lay in the better. We used our Home Depot gift cards for them. KSov picked them, they are really nice. The bedroom has a nickleplated base (to match those nickleplated hinges I brought home from you mom).
Oh and by the way we do have a bathroom door now! That has been painted and put in! KSov painted and I installed, after we couldn't find the screws I remembered we brought those new hinges and they worked great! So Thanks for those.
Here is the baby gated mounted. Just thought I would take a quick snap of it while I was taking pics of the fans and such.

And here is the other living room fan. I love this. It is soooo nice to have more warm light in this room. As you can see this room had no ceiling lights or canned lights or anything. So we had to purchase a lamp when we first moved in so we could see. The added bonus now of fan and lights I just love. Plus I love the antique brown er bronze shade of this one. Although you can't see it in this picture you can see how well it lights the room. Yep you can see all the stuff all over the couch and even Briggs there in the corner.

Sorry no new pics of Pooks tonight. But we did give her Asparagus last night which she loved! This girl loves anything mommy and daddy love. And she is getting so good at eating grown up
food. We give her her baby food and then some of our plate now. It dosn't even matter that girl doesn't have any teeth! She just gums up whatever, even meat! Sunday night she had Grandma Janeens homemade cheese and augratin potatoes and ham and homemade rolls! Yummy!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Wheeler Historic Farm

Saturday I decided I wanted to go to a pumpkn patch and so I found Wheeler Historic Farms where they have farm animals. And although we didn't pick any pumpkins out of their fake pumpkin patch I did take a ton of pictures oh and one video! Hope you enjoy, we sure did have fun! Oh and these are in order of when we got there!

Moo! Grace loved the cows, I think she really thought they were like her Moo Cow...well maybe.

Mommy and Pookie by the cows.

Daddy and Pookie

A donkey..hee haw!

Looking at the rabbit. The picture of the rabbit wasn't so good so I deleted it.

Chickens. We were able to see more chickens up close and she didn't like them they scared her.

Not sure what she was looking at here.

The back of one of the building, I thought looked cool.

Mommy and Daddy, trying to get that sweet lil Miss to look up on the wagon ride. Hmm I wonder where she gets her looooonnngggg tongue?? Any ideas?

The trees are changing color!

She just loves it when KSov massages her gums, he is always sticking his finger in her mouth! Silly baby.


Oh yeah, here was the other chickens and I was going to take one of her with the chicken but she got scared so we stopped. But I don't blame her those chickens were mean!

Mommy and Grace again, next to a pretty building.

More pretty leaves and stream.

She was reaching for the ducks.

And the wagon ride video, short but sweet!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall is for sweaters

Ok so my Grandma crochet this sweater for Grace and I absolutely LOVE it on her! It is so stylish and cute and seriously isn't she just a doll in it? I took these pictures on Monday night. I fed Grace and then quickly gave her a bath (she was a dirty lil baby). We got her in her pj's early and then headed off to Sports Den. On Saturday when I was out getting my hair done I saw a sale on snowboards at Snow Den or Sports Den. Shoot I forgot what its called, Sports Den I think. Well we ended up driving around longer then we intended and so didn't get to the store till 10 minutes before it closed. But at least I got to see Pookie in the cutest sweater ever! LOL.
These pictures she looks soo tired but really the room was dark because we were seconds from leaving and I had the flash on. So I was blinding her with the flash taking pictures

So I promised sweater pics Grandma! Thanks again, I love this sweater on her!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Blond or Brunette???

I know you guys have been eagerly waiting to see the final results of how my hair turned out. Saturday I was in the chair for 3 hours and I am SUPER pleased with the results. I also got a smoking deal to! So who doesn't like that? Here are the before and the after pictures.

I hope you can see the layers. It feels great and I love it.

So now I am brunette for fall! If only I could go shopping for new clothes to go with my new hair! lol Another day.....

Friday, October 9, 2009


So I have to say I sure am glad its Friday. Usually thats a setiment people always have on Fridays. The weekend is upon us and we can relax and NOT think about work.

Oh and I am not going to think about the girl who called me yesterday from the hospital. I just don't understand people. This girl calls me. (Remember that its important) and she starts asking me to verify my information. Says she is calling from the hospital were we delivered Pookie. She is trying to protect me and protect the hospital and needs to verify some information before she can ASK me what SHE called for. (Are we getting yet where this is going??) Well I verify my name and birthdate and she starts to ask about my address and thats when I get ramped up again. You see I see a lot of fraud working for a bank and I try to give my customers good advice because I hate to see people become victims from lack of knowledge. I always tell my customers if YOU call a company then they will want to verify you so its ok to give them information they need to verify you (especially if you don't have your account number or something). But if a company calls you and wants information don't give it to them.
This girl was flabbergasting me. I kept telling her, "You called me you should have all this information right there." (I mean really does she think I am going to give a fake phone number?? She asked for me by name when she called and I said, This is her) She kept telling me, "Mame this is for the HIPAA laws to protect you. What a nimcompoop! I said why don't you ask me what you orginally intended to call me for?? You called me!! (Over and over I said this) Finally she says, Mame I am going to have to terminate this call because your being difficult. I said "Fine by me! You called me!"
Seriously what idiots. The bad thing is I really don't think she was a fraud operator, she was too dense.
So this weekend I am not going to think of those things and all the other stressers in my life right now. I am going to get my hair done tomorrow and have a birthday massage courtesy of my mother in law and maybe a pedicure. Some lunch with the girls and then back home to my darling hubby who will have to get used to my new hair but will adore me anyways. I will come home to my sweet adorable daughter who is so full of life and joy she brings a smile to my face everytime. And I will come home to my crazy maniac dogs my couch potato Briggsy and my ferocious but loyal Kayla and we will relax as a family and enjoy the weekend before another harrowing week of work.

I hope everyone has a truly enjoyable weekend spent with the people they love.
God Bless!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Daddy and our lil "Bear Cub"

These pics are from last night again but they are before I did the video and I took them with her wearing her lil sleeping cap. She looks just like a little Christmas Elf to me. I just LOVE these pajamas, don't you? I love how it makes her tummy pop out and I just want to snuggle her up!

Also I am adding this so hopefully nobody has read it yet,ha ha! Saturday morning I am dying my hair and cutting it, well just some long layers. Although I am thinking about bangs too. I probably shouldn't because I am always touching my hair and they will most likely bug me, but I am still thinking about it. Also I am trying to decided how dark I should color my hair. Yes I am going to go brunette again. I really do prefer being a blond, but my hair is so ash blond right now that adding low lights to "fix it" will make my hair look gray. (Believe me I have been here before, unfortunately) So I am going to go dark and then eventually slowing go back to blond again. But more gradual with the blond. So any suggests for my brunette hue? I of course will take some pics when its all done.
Nite Nite!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bearly Sleeping

So tonight I had to take some videos before bedtime. She is showing her lil personality all the time. She was screaming soooo much last night and tonight. Yes I mean that shrieking and laughing thing they do when they are discovering their voices more all the time. Oh and we had corn on the cob tonight for dinner and so we know that our little girl likes corn. But it was so funny when I gave her my corn on the cob when I was done with it. She didn't like the feel of the corn when she went to pick it up. She kept hesitating to pick it up and a couple of times and just tried to bring her mouth to the corn sitting on her tray in her high chair. She finally picked it up but it wasn't the good end. So I took it and turned it around for her but then she thought, "Oh Mommy is going to hold this for me." And just opened her little birdy mouth. I was like, "No silly here you take it" I set it back down and there we went again with trying to eat it without holding it. Finally when she decided it was actually worth it to pick it up then she was like making all these cute lil sounds and talking and grunting and babbling away.

Oh and check out in the video how fast she crawls. She knows now that when she wants to get somewhere she just gets down and goes!

We also got a mounted baby gate this past weekend and KSov intalled in on Monday.

As for me, I am tired. Its been busy busy busy for me at work. I have been a "teller" in the mornings till one when my afternoon teller gets there and then I go to a much needed lunch. I then come back and try to get some of my work done in the remaing hours before the end of the day. I joke that I am out of "teller shape", because I used to teller on my feet for nine hours a day and didn't feel nearly as worn out. I suppose I was younger then too, ha ha.

Luckily for me I did have one of my new tellers start this afternoon. Poor thing I was so unprepared for her. Its a good thing she just has a bunch of reading and pre course work to do anyway, but still.

Well I just got the low batter signal and its probably good that I go to bed too. Tomorrow is Thursday one day closer to Friday and the weekend.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Third New post tonight!

Ok so I finally posted all the latest and greatest of everything! I know its been awhile I don't even remember whats on these videos! Ha Ha hope you enjoy!

Pookie and Papoo

New roof pics

The new vents.

So here is KSov on his bluetooth with my dad trying to get the satelitte repositioned on the roof.

My dad re-cemented the chimney cap and the one chimney. The cap was pocked and now its got straight edges. Also the flashing along the bottom is now painted gray to match.

Here is the new roof al finished!

The valley and the ridges....