Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This week

Tonight after a bath, the kids were reading their latest 'Nan' book about the First Christmas.  Aaron is beginning to sit through stories a little bit longer.  Well more so for the Nana books than for when we read to him, but we take what we can get.  He likes books...he brings them to us to read and says, Book!

So last night I posted to FB that I think Grace was sleep walking.  It was about 3am and I was dead asleep and Kayla gave one bark. Of course I was instantly awake and my door was cracked so I could see Grace's light on in her room and she was coming into the hall.  I realized that Kayla was just barking at Grace because she wasn't used to her getting up at 3am.  I also realized that Kayla still had her hot collar on (so she could've barked more if she really was startled).  I got up and asked Grace what she was doing and she told me Kayla barked and woke her up.  I asked her if she had a bad dream, because the other night she was yelling and crying in her sleep and calling for me.  And I thought she was awake then, but she wasn't, because she wasn't acknowledging me.  That night she just ended up laying back down and going to sleep.  She just kept telling me that Kayla's barking woke her up.  So I took her potty and I went too of course and then she wanted to sleep with me.  And so since I was dead tired I had her just get into bed on K's side.  After all he isn't here.  Then of course I was hot and couldn't breathe because the baby was all up in my lungs. 
Aaron fussed once but stayed asleep during all that and he actually slept until about 7:30 and then played quietly until 8am.  Which was great! I needed that sleep.
I did discover that he is in fact finally getting his 4th bottom tooth.  So now he has 4 on the top and 4 on the bottom and 2 top molars. 

Look at those grins!

K has been gone 4 days now and we are doing pretty good.  My girlfriend came over last night with her kids and we all had pancakes and scrambled eggs.  Happy kids=quiet dinner time =happy moms!  Then we unclogged my toilet.  Yesterday I had a cleaning lady come over and clean my house for 4 hours.  It has made this week more relaxing knowing my house is cleaned.  Among other things she did both upstairs bathrooms and mopped my floors, which were on my list of things needed to be done, but that I absolutely did not have the desire or energy to do. 

My organizing has been slowing down a bit.  I am almost finished with the guest space and K's office.  I have a bunch of things I want to put on Ebay to sell and hopefully make some money while getting it out of the house. 
It snowed really snowed!  I was glad I was driving home from work, because it was like 5pm..BAM! Almost a white out!  After I put the kids to bed it looked like it had stopped but we got a good 3-4 inches and I think they said on the radio that the storm would be in effect until Friday morning.  Of course Grace was excited, I told her maybe she could play in it tomorrow and she replied, "Yeah and I can eat it!"  Only fresh clean snow...

So I took a couple of baby bump pictures tonight.  I have a feeling that this little girl is going to be tiny.  When I look at just my belly, I don't think it looks very big.  I guess I do have about a month left to still get bigger.  Of course I don't really want to get bigger I already feel huge.  I already can't get in and out of bed, or put my socks on, or dress the kids, or breathe very easily.  My pelvic bones pop all the time.  I am definitely at the stage where I am counting down the days, but at the same time I am nervous to have 3 babies.  One minute I am like, "I can't wait to not be pregnant anymore!"  Then the other minute I am like, but am I going to be so crazed when she comes!

This Saturday I will be 33 weeks!  So I need to get some updated baby bump pictures uploaded.  What do you all think?  Do I look like there is a tiny little girl in there or a typical 7-8lb baby of mine in there?

Well time to get off the computer! Night!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Cute Kids Alert!!!!!!!!!!!!

Took these pictures last Thursday before my OB appointment.  I have been trying to do new stuff with Grace's hair to get her bangs out of her face.  She loves playing with playdoh too.  I used to be more regimented with keeping the playdoh colors separate.   However after a good playgroup convo a few months ago, I realized that the quiet time that comes with Grace playing with the playdoh however she wants is totally worth mixed colors!   

 Daddy helping out (and being silly) before we left. 

 My little bear is getting so big!
 Where did it go??

 He loves to push the button on the water bottle.

 I grabbed a couple of suckers when we left the OB appointment and Aaron was enjoying his blueberry DumDum.
 Being silly with his these guys!!!!!!!!!
 Sweet girl eating her Dum Dum sucker.
Had a great day today.  Aaron did wake up at 630 again but I got his lion and he stayed quiet until 7am.  Then he snuggled in bed with me until Grace got up, so it wasn't quite as early of a morning as yesterday.  Aaron was fussy this morning though, I think he may be getting another tooth or molar.  After a relaxing morning we headed out to the grocery store and then dropped some things off for a friend of mine who lives right by the grocery so it was convenient.  Grace and Aaron played with her friend for a little but while we caught up, then it was back home with lunch and a late nap.  After naps we got in the car and headed over to a girlfriends house for dinner.  The kids were so behaved and a joy to bring with me and they ate a good dinner too!  We left late, but the kids had a great time and Aaron wasn't acting fussy in fact he was pretty darn cute, throwing his head around and saying, "Bonk!" I did give him some teething tablets before we left because he was fussy after nap.  All in all a great Monday that felt like a Tuesday!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

I probably should...

upload some pics.  I have a bunch I took from Thursday before our OB appointment and at lunch.  But I am too lazy.  Today was the first day K left for Rhode Island for 2 weeks.  I hate it when he travels on a Sunday, it messes up my whole mojo.  I keep thinking its Monday and then remember I have to take the trash out.  That means collecting the trash, and then taking the bin out to the curb, which is not just at the bottom of our drive way.  Plus its cold I whining? You bet I am.  I am in a tired lazy mood.  Should have gone to bed a lil bit earlier last night, but didn't.  K and I went out to dinner and hit a couple of other places.  Too pregnant for a movie.  Then we came home and he packed and then took off to do some side work for 2 hours since he is going to be gone and it was kind of an emergency.  Made some extra money.  He came back asking where his drill charger was, pretty hilarious because I was reading before bed and I totally was trying to think where I put his charger but kept thinking it was on the road to Tar Valon in my story.  Yeah, I remembered but it was funny to think about this morning.  K left the house later than he intended and then right after Aaron decided to wake up.  I could totally do without his early hours these days.  I really had thought he had gotten into a pattern of sleeping until 7-730ish.  I am not an early bird-I am a night owl.  So yeah then Grace woke up early and we were all up!
I wanted to cuddle in bed and tried to get Aaron to fll back asleep with me, but he didn't and then I had to go to the bathroom and of course he is freaking out thinking his poor mama is going to leave him.  He totally is a mama's boy and I really don't know what to think about that. 
Some good news though Grace has had a dry diaper in the morning 2 days in a row! I am so proud of her!  She is such a sweet girl and I just adore being her mommy.  So proud of my girl!
I better go to bed early tonight and hopefully I can get some pictures posted for you all tomorrow. 
Praying these 2 weeks go by fast without K here.  Then he will be here for a few months without traveling because lil sister will be here soon!
Can't wait! Night!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


We did a lil bit of painting last week when Daddy was gone.  Grace loves painting now and last week at playgroup she painted a little wooden birdhouse we got for a dollar.  Of course Aaron is still a lil young but we gave it a shot.  Found out yesterday that K didn't have MRSA after all, he had Group B Strep infection in his foot, but since the antibiotics were more generalized it is cleared up now. 
I was relieved to hear it wasn't MRSA, although Group B is just as mysterious and was just as serious since it was almost blood born or was or whatever.  Glad he is better now.  Thank the Lord. 
Aaron has had a little bug I think. 
  His little bottom has been on fire and last night he woke up a few times just crying and then screaming when we changed him.  I decided to check him just in case at 3:30am this morning even though it didn't smell stinky in the room and sure enough he had a poopy.  Poor boy screamed his lungs out, but then we rocked for a little while after I slathered him in Desitin.  Then he woke up with a huge blowout that Daddy changed this morning, worst in a long time apparently.  However, he went until dinner time with no more poopies.  I also picked up some Culterelle at Rite Aid and found that Yoplait makes a lactose free yogurt.  He LOVES yogurt, so that was such a bonus because of the live cultures in the yogurt and not messing his system up more,(hopefully) because he can't have a lot of diary.  He also has been really picky eater lately.  Which makes fighting the bug hard because I want him to have more protein and less fiber.  He likes fiber, he loves bread and fruit and hasn't been eating the meat, so he has been a hard one.  Lots of scrambled eggs for breakfast. :)
My technique for meal times is that they can have choices for breakfast and lunch but they have to eat what I cook for dinner.  If they don't like it then they don't eat dinner.  And 99% of the time they eat what I make them for breakfast and lunch as well.  For instance I will make them both the same sandwich for lunch and cut it in half for them to share.  And then give them a choice of what fruit they want or avocados or carrots.  Funny thing too, neither one of them likes to dip carrots in ranch.  But Aaron keeps trying..he sees me eat carrot sticks with some ranch and gestures that he wants to dip his carrot in it, but then makes a face and gets annoyed after tasting the ranch and tries wiping it off on his cup or tray. 
We were really proud of Grace on Sunday night, the kids also don't like re fried beans (too much like their daddy) (I hoping the last one will! lol) so we had gone to a new Mexican food place and had asked for double rice instead of rice and beans.  They brought the beans on the plate anyways and Grace tried them again all on her own! She of course spit them out, but we praised her for trying something again that she didn't like.  I can't complain too much because she eats brussel sprouts and asparagus like a champ!!

I made bread again today, it didn't rise very much at all.  K sure has the baking bread touch, but I did add honey like he said and it was much tastier although still dense.  I don't think I will have a problem gobbling it down at breakfast though.  Grace was such a helper cleaning up the toys tonight and she has been so on top of her manners lately.  So proud of my girl.  Aaron has been so cute with his speaking.  He says so much, he knows Uh Oh now and the other day he heard the neighbors dog barking when we were coming in, he kept say Dog! Dog!  Also he has been getting better at waving bye bye and loves saying Da Da and looking for K when he comes home. 
He is still stingy with his kisses and won't give us a kiss unless K and I kiss each other first and make a game out of it. Another thing he is getting so good at is holding my hand in the parking lot!  Such a big boy!  But he is still clingy at dinner time it seems.  Not sure what that is about, but he mastered a Kung Fu grip on my legs.  I sure hope he grows out of it before little sister is born, although he likes helping when I cook dinner.  I can sit them both on the counter to watch me cook at the stove and they do pretty good.  I will definitely need a bigger kitchen when I have 3 helpers who want up!
I hope the housing market improves more by then!!!! LOL!!!
Time for me to jump off the computer-NIGHT!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Running Around Day

Last night I decided that today would be our running around day, well I guess more so than the rest of the days this week.  So since we had to go to the soy or regular milk, I decided to just get the kids  dressed and grab breakfast on the road so we could get home sooner.  First we ran to WalMart toget my favorite plastic tubs by Sterilite.  Lots of places sell that brand but I like the particular ones WalMart has, because of the handles and lids.  So we grabbed 2 of those for the kids train sets they got for Christmas and some Cadbury Creme Eggs...yes I snuck those in!
Then we headed over to the eye clinic were we get Briggs's eye drops.  It was kind of out of the way but I wasn't sure what time they opened this morning so we hit WalMart first.  But boy was I TIRED driving over there.  Seriously I was zapped I was using the cruise control a lot because I couldn't bother to keep my foot on the gas.  I think it has something to do with squinting a lot too, because I forgot my sunglasses.  In any event I wasn't feeling quite as tired by the time I got to the grocery store and we busted out our groceries and got home to make lunch. 

(On a side note, why is it, that as soon as I sit down to type a blog post, this little girl decides to kick me in my bladder???  Really!)
Lunch and then naps which both kids only had a so so nap.  But Grace did well with having dry pants.  She however has been naughty playing with the toilet paper.  Which is weird because I don't expect that of her..she never really made huge messes with the TP and the toilet when she was younger. I took a shower and a nap while they napped and it was good although way too short.

Grace and I had oatmeal for dinner and then she got picked up for dance class.

Aaron ate a decent dinner but he has had a bad diaper rash today and so he got a bath while Grace was gone and then they both went to bed early. I can't believe how fast my weeks are going by...I can't wait for K to be done traveling.  I think once he is here for when little sister gets here, my days will slow down. 
So far I haven't heard any news about my glucose test...I am considering calling them tomorrow...but then I won't.   After all I am scheduled for every 2 weeks now, so my next appointment is this Thursday. 
Tomorrow I don't have too much planned just wrapping up the organizing.  I would like to get K's office all set for him before he gets home on Saturday..but we will see.  I do need to do some laundry....

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Girls Night and Valentines Day Treats

Saturday night K watched the kiddos and I headed out to dinner with the girls.  We went to Buca Di Beppo since we hadn't been there in awhile.  We had a good time and chit chatted before running over to Michaels to roam their aisles without any kidlets attached to us. 

 Tuesday morning I let the kids open their Valentines Day card that their great grandparents sent.  Grace got a Tinkerbell card and was thrilled, then she saw the lil bit of cash that was stashed inside and exclaimed, "Money!"  She was after her 3 yr checkup with the pediatrician, we headed over to a local pastry shop and let her pick out some treats.  She wanted the bismark donut not the pink cookie.  She loves putting money in her piggy bank and we talk about what the money is called and how many there are.  She did so good at her appointment.  She still weighs 32 pounds.  The Dr. looked in her ears for her tubes.  Her left one is still in place but the right one is in the canal, so we might see it come out.  I might call her Ear Nose and Throat Dr and talk with him about swimming lessons, but her pediatrician was ok with it because at this age they aren't really diving down under water.  We will see when it gets a little warmer.  But we also talked about potty training and I asked him some suggestions about getting rid of the night time diaper.  In the morning she has the fullest diaper ever..and she really isn't drinking a lot right before bed.  I mean she can for sure at times but generally doesn't.  So we talked about having her go during the day at certain times so she can get used to feeling her bladder mostly empty and reminding her that she can wake up and go potty if she feels she has too.  It definitely has been a struggle getting her to go when she doesn't want to.  She threw herself  a ripe little tantrum tonight before bed, kicking her legs on the toilet and everything! Oiy!  But on the bright side she has had a nap all this week with no diapers and only had an accident yesterday and I know she did drink a ton of it was not surprise that she woke up in a mess.  She also got a vaccination yesterday and did so well!  She didn't even cry and she was so brave, I was so proud of her! 
 Aaron eating his half of his cookie...can you tell he was having a fit before hand.  He has been so SUPER whiny and cranky the last couple of days.  I can only guess that he is teething and isn't feeling well.  Last night he woke up a bunch of times, and just fussed and fussed.  And he just wants me to hold him all the time, or have his way all the time.  But unfortunately I can't hold him 24/7, my belly is just too big, and I am too tired and he is too big and then I would get nothing done.  He is getting better about saying, "Up" when he wants me to pick him up and I do.  He was so cute playing with Grace in her kitchen tonight.  He was taking the ice cream cones and using them as cups at the refrigerator and 'filling them with water'.  He had the biggest grin feeding me water. 

 Grace enjoying her donut, I think she just ate the chocolate off, but it was her treat.
 Look at that face.  Since I have been growing her bangs out, I have to make sure I either put some barrettes in her hair or do it up in some pony tails or something and I tell her it's so I can see her beautiful face.  So now she tells me, "Mom I have a pony tail like you, you can see my beautiful face!" or "Mom I can see your beautiful face too!" 
It was nice not having dance class at the rec center yesterday and she still has dance class tomorrow and Jo will pick her up.  She still seems to be enjoying the class. 
I have been nesting and organizing still.  Trying to get the downstairs picked up and cleaned out.  Got the linen closet all organized and want to attack it with my label maker but need to find the refill for it.  Worked on the guest bedroom space on Monday and have that almost to come.  Just trying to get K's office space organized for him.  Big Brother;s and Sister left a flyer about a pick up day for donations which totally came in handy this Friday morning, so I have most everything cleared out just need to go out to the curb Thursday night.  Makes it easier for me so I don't have to make another stop and load the car and gets it out of my house. 
Looking forward to getting the house all ready to have 3 young babes and looking forward to summer when I can get out with the kids and be more active. 
K's foot has been getting better and doesn't hurt him so much anymore so that is good and I can't wait to have him back on Saturday night.  My foot was a little bit better today, although I think I need to stay off of it.  I notice that it feels normal when I am not walking around on it so much, but when I am up and down the stairs and back and forth down the hall it hurts.  My weeks are just flying by and I can't believe that tomorrow is Thursday!  I have a busy day planned tomorrow so I better get to bed soon!  Hope you all are having a good week!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Prayer Request:

Hey Everyone...So I just wanted to pop in and give my people a quick update.  Yesterday K went to his sister's clinic and found out he has infection on his pinky toe that is probably MRSA again.  You may or may not remember 2 years ago while I was pregnant with Aaron we were dealing with the ugly Staph infection.  K had a lil bit on his thigh, Grace had an teeny infection on her knuckle and I ended up getting one on my back after Aaron was born.  We all had to have antibiotics in one way or another.  It's a serious business this MRSA.  I am hoping that the test results come back that its not MRSA, but he is currently on the strong antibiotics to get rid of it.  When he went in, they said that it was blood born (whatever that means exactly) and he had a red racing stripe going up his foot and ankle.  I guess it can lead up to your chest and heart which is very bad news. 

Unfortunately, K can get bad eczema on his heels and they crack and peel and that is why he doesn't notice it until it's really bad.  Because when his feet break out, sometimes a crack can be painful, its hard to differentiate between pain from a bad eczema break out and pain because his foot is falling apart. 

On top of it he is heading to Rhode Island tomorrow early and will be in for a week of training, some long days and long traveling.  Nobody likes traveling away from their family if they can help not to mention being on antibiotics and the fun that goes with that.  He is taking ibuprofen for the pain and that seems to help, but it can start throbbing once that wears off and putting shoes on and off is a pain as well. 

On top of that I think I did pull a muscle or bruise the bottom of my left foot while in Vegas.  I remember stepping funny and feeling it kind of pull and go flatter and hurting but then this week it seemed ok.  That was until Friday, I don't know if being pregnant and all the walking around cleaning I did on Friday made it worse, but I feel pretty gimpy for sure.  If I stay off of it it doesn't hurt, but definitely putting weight on it, makes it hurt more.  (Kinda of a bummer because I really wanted to wear my new boots last night for girls night!) Saturday and Sunday it has been hurting for sure. 

So I hate to be a bearer of bad news, but that is some stuff we are dealing with here.  The kids are great, Aaron is talking more and pointing a lot.  Grace is telling me a lot about her emotions these days and lil sister, well, she is still kicking me like she is a master at Kung Fu. 

Please say a quick prayer that everybody gets healed quickly and this whole MRSA thing goes away fast! Hope you all had a great weekend...just enjoying the fire myself right now. :) 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Finally Friday....

Hey Everyone, well it's finally Friday and we had a pretty good one!  I had to schedule an appointment for an examiner to come check me out, for our life insurance.  At first I thought I was going to have to take the kids somewhere or get a babysitter.  But they came to the house, so it was pretty convenient, it was pretty easy they weighed me, took my blood pressure, urine sample and of course had my blood drawn.  And of course because I had my blood drawn yesterday in my 'good' arm, she tried to do the other arm which isn't so good and she missed.  But she did get it the second time.  After she left I started my laundry and vacuuming.  The kids helped me clean the windows with their spray bottles.  Well actually Grace did the 'helpful' cleaning, Aaron mostly sucked the water out of his water bottle.

 Later after naps, which Aaron had 2 days of good naps in a row, the kids went outside with Daddy to help him pick up the dog poop.  K wasn't so thrilled, but the kids sure were.  It was warm today in the 50's I think.  In fact I had the fan on and the thermostat down because I was getting hot while vacuuming.  K also took down the Christmas lights, I am sure our neighbors will be thrilled.  With all the traveling he hasn't had a chance before now.  K finally brought Aaron in when he came to him with a mouthful of compost..chipmunk cheeks and all! I had to laugh because all I saw was just a dirty little face.
 We made yummy pork ribs and asparagus for dinner.  Then tossed the kids into the bath and got them ready for bed.

 OK I love my kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Watching the end of Larry Crown now and looking forward to a birthday party for our nephew tomorrow at Chuck E Cheese (the kids first time) and then a girls night at Buca Di Beppo for dinner!! Can't wait!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Yesterday I made bread.  Here is our 5 gallon bucket of wheat.  Yes we have 5 gallons of hard white wheat. LOL We bought this back before we had kids, and the grinder attachment that goes with our Bosch mixer.  So we learned how to make a yummy multi grain bread.  The funny thing is K has been the one who has made bread the last 4-5 times so it took me a little longer yesterday.  However I did make it, I just don't have a picture of it! I know, I know.  But believe me it wasn't really pretty to look at.  It tasted alright, although K has definitely gotten better at making bread than me.  But I took some to playgroup this morning and plan on making more after we finish our loaves we have.

 Grace played with her Play-Doh while I made bread.  Notice the TuTu over her pajamas?  She is so precious, she always asks me if she can put her TuTu on. 
 Just another picture of Aaron from before, but I do have to share a story about him.  Tonight he was so cute, I was changing his diaper and getting his pj's on and he had this little play camera that just clicks when you push the button.  But he was putting it to his face and saying cheese!  Then when he saw his Dinosaur pj's I had from him that his Grandma Krissy sent him, he growled.  The kids have a couple of plastic dinosaur figures and he loves them and growls and thinks he is so funny.  What a boy!  We had play group this morning and I was kind of tired and running late this morning, but was glad we headed over there because I felt better for going.  It's so nice to have good friends to do that, huh?
I asked K to help with dinner tonight, we all needed a home cooked meal and we had some chicken that needed cooking and he basically cooked the whole thing!  Which I totally appreciated because this belly of mine is serious getting in the way these days.  When I change Aaron, when I do the dishes, putting on socks, holding but soon soon she will be here. 

Tomorrow I have my glucose test (boo) at the dr and I am going to try to fast and I am praying that I don't have to do the 3 hour glucose test. 
We sold our air brush gun we had on Ebay and I plan on selling more of our stuff that we haven't been using.  Also this Monday is Bulk Trash day and then the following Friday is a donation day pickup, so some more stuff will be leaving the house.  K leaves Monday for another week of training and he will come back to his house changed more!!! LOL
Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Our trip

So we left for a couples weekend in Las Vegas on Friday night.  I was excited to get away without the kiddos.  We booked our room at the hotel Vdara.  I hadn't ever heard of the place but it was GREAT!  It's part of the CityCenter in the middle of the strip.  It is a smoke free, green hotel, without a casino.  The CityCenter has a mall called Crystals and it has very upscale stores like Louis Vutton and such in it and then also there is the Aria which we didn't see, but it is another hotel with a casino.  The Vdara was so great.  I never realized that having the smoke free hotel would be so great.  I mean sure you think about it...but it didn't really occur to me until we walked into the lobby to check in.  The lobby just smelled so nice and fresh.  So I took some pictures of our awesome room. The pictures aren't really in order, they got a little messed up when I was uploading them.
 This was our room service breakfast the next morning..pricey but so fun and yummy!
 Picture of K at lunch...well it was more of a snack since we had a late breakfast and early dinner on Saturday.
 Our bed..can you see above the widows the shade was automatic...well the shades...I should say, their were two.  Nice King sized bed, so cozy!
 Our soaking tub, perfect deepness to fit a pregnant belly!
 Our modern sink in our bathroom.
 Another love of the pregnant woman...a shower with a bench seat.
 Look real close this is not the same TV in both pictures, there was a TV on each side of the wall, one for the 'living room' another for the 'bedroom'.

 Me at Outback eating our snack of blooming onions Saturday afternoon.
 So Saturday morning we headed out after our room service breakfast and started showing K the strip.  He had never been to see the strip before on Vegas so since we had to head over to MGM to pick up our tickets for our show that night we walked over to MGM.  It wasn't as far as I had thought and we stopped at the M&M store and had our snack at Outback as well.  The Lion Habitat was closed at MGM which was a bummer, because I wanted to show K, but we got our tickets and some M&M's for the kiddos, then we headed back to the hotel to get ready.  We had reservations at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill, which was in Cesear's Palace.  For some reason I thought I remembered it outside kind of in front of the casino but it was inside.  Our first letdown was that it was in the Sports Book of Cesears Palace so the restaurant itself was kind of smokey being where everyone smokes while they bet on games.  Another thing that irked me was the dress code..they made a point of telling us it was business casual on the phone when we made our reservations, but that must mean something to other people because they were letting in people that I thought were undressed.  Granted they weren't wearing flip flops and tank tops, but it is one of my pet peeves..I guess I am such a rule follower.  Also considering the restaurant wasn't that crowded they sat us, a party of 2 right next to a party of 5.  I mean literally I could have reached out and hugged one of the guys.  The other thing that irked me was I wanted a virgin blended drink and the bar had no blender, they could only do their drinks on ice.  We ordered the Tiger Prawn appetizer with a corn tamale and it was very good.  I ordered the seafood chopino and it had a cilantro broth and the scallops were huge and tender, good flavors.  K order some pork medallions with a Bourbon sauce and a sweet potato mash and porcino mushrooms.  He like the mushrooms and the mash was ok.  The sauce he liked but thought that the pork was a tad on the dry side.  So overall our opinion of the Mesa Grill was good flavors but poor execution considering it was an expensive place.  Its more than just paying a lot for the food, your paying for the whole experience.

Then we headed over to MGM to see the Cirque Du Soleil show called KA.  I didn't know this but we had 2nd row seats and it was so cool.  The show is one with a sort of plot and it was just amazing the acrobatics that the performers did.  Truly worth the money. 
After the show we headed over to get a taxi, the taxi line was SOOOOO long and since I was wearing my new boots with a moderate heel, and because I thought we were closer to the tram than we were I decided I would walk back as opposed to waiting in line.  Probably should have waited, because after all the walking we did earlier that day my poor pregnant muscles and feet were burning once we got back home.

Sunday morning we got a bagel from the little market downstairs and then got ready for our couples massage at 11am.  The spa is in the hotel and so we just went downstairs and got checked in for our relaxing.  I was still a little sore from the night before and when I was getting ready I opened the bathroom stall door onto my barefoot.  They give you flip flops to wear ya know and the door wasn't high like a stall but it wasn't like a regular door either it had about a 2 inch clearance from the floor.  Since I have a hard time seeing my feet these days (big belly and all) I opened the door right into the top of my foot, it hurt so bad and I was limping around during my massage.  But the massage was good and if I ever go back without being pregnant I am taking advantage of that spa! 
The rest of the day we walked around and took the tram to the Bellagio and had lunch.  We checked out a few tables and slots and then headed back to the hotel to watch the rest of the SuperBowel and order some more room service.  It was very relaxing especially eating some chocolate covered strawberries. 
All in all we had a great weekend walking around eating and relaxing, just enjoying each others company and if I ever go back to Vegas to vacation..I am hoping I can stay at the Vdara again!

These pictures I took of the kids before we left..I think on Friday, just so we could get a kid fix in.

And it was nice to be missed too.  Today, a couple of times Aaron freaked out because I think he thought I was going to leave him.  And Grace kept telling me how much she loved me today.  Love my babies!