Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday, Busy as a Bee

So I did not get on the treadmill tonight, although I had every intention to. I closed at work then I got home and talked with KSov for a few minutes then we decided to quickly go get some food and then go check out a Ford Taurus he had called on.
By the time we got back home with the Lil Miss, it was practically nine pm and she was way past bedtime! Bottle and to bed for her!
I decided no way I was going to work out and besides I am thinking I am getting KSovs sickness again!
Is it like this when you have children tha are in daycare your sick all the time???
I am trying to decide if its Pooks or KSov that keeps getting me sick. But seriously I have been sick so much!!!
Last night I passed out at about 9:45pm in front the dying fire (oh so nice and cozy...more wood please!) and slept nicely till about 630 when the Lil Miss started waking up. She is in full stream babble mode around 6:45 and so KSov and I were up early today with her.
And now look its 10:45 and I am still coputering away.
Time to but down the laptop and pick up my book for a few mintues before lights out!
Tomorrow I will definetly get on the treadmill!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

No More...

Jeep and Yamaha. Its official. We sold the Jeep and the motorcycle on Ebay last Sunday and now are one step closer to financial freedom! Ha! Although we didn't get what we intended for either one, at least we did get them sold sooner than later. I was afraid that it was going to be next spring for the bike!
So now we are looking for a cheap lil car for me. Anybody got any good ideas? We are currently borrowing my old Mazda pickup from my MIL who bought it from us, the only problem is we can't take Pooks to daycare in it.
So we will have to figure that one out. Now we can start putting that money toward other things that we need to pay on. Always paying!

I am planning for Pooks birthday party now and I have some ideas running around in my head.
I also can't wait for Memaw and Pepaw to come out for her birthday either, it will be fun and like a mini vacation.

Back to work on Monday to make sure I get things cleaned up before another 3 day weekend. I love working for a bank and getting those bankers hours!

Now its time to get off this computer and get into my book and treats.

Oh and 2 more orders of business before I do that.
1. If you notice letters missing from my posts, its not because I am a bad speller or typer (although the later may be true) its because the keypad on this laptop doesn't always work when you hit the button. I am constantly going back to fix what I have written and I don't take the time for spell check, although I should.
2. I am back to the treadmill tomorrow night and we will see how this leg pain is. It has not been hurting when I have been just walking, and I think spending a few nights downstairs has helped but we went to the mall first thing this morning to exchange some stuff and we ended up walking with Pooks from one end to the other and it was beginning to hurt just a twinge.
So tomorrow night if it husts when I jump back into the swing of things then its time to call the doc again.
Now nite nite!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day after Christmas and Christmas at Lynns

Here is Pooks in her new beanie with silver trim. The top was from Great Grandma and has silver in it as well so I paired them together with her new shoes from Nana. Practising getting up with my new shoes, I got to get used to this whole tread thing!

I did manage to get this cheese s;icer out of the dishwasher! Don't I look like such a bg girl in my new clothes?
I was playing with Zoey and Beau and I was fussy about something....

Look at the deer that was in Grandma Lynn's yard! There was three of them total and they were right there! Grace saw them and was in awed of them!

Chocolate anyone?

Christmas Eve pictures

Opening presents. This ball lights up mom! This was on Christmas day right before we went to Grandma Lynns for dinner. Daddy was getting the trck read to leave and was coming in and out of the door. Isn't she just adorable???
Here is a front pic even though the flash kind of washed her face out.

This was our spread of food. We had saged herb rubbed maple bacon turkey and a honey baked ham. Green bean casserole, sweet potatoe casserole, a new cornbread dressing, broccolli casserole, roles mashed potatoes (a lil lumpy).

Here is our candlelight dinner. It was so pretty.

Here was our table before we ate. So much fun!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Its getting to look a lot like Christmas...

I posted two pics of our Christmas tree, one with the lights on and with them off. You can see the fabric covered ring garland I made with my Nana on the top. I am not sure what age I made these at...although my mother and grandmother might remember. I love them! And when Grce gets old enough we will have to make some ourselves or she can with her Memaw to add to our tree.
I also had to add this pic. I had tried to upload it previously from our party we went to a few weeks ago however I did something wrong and had to upload it to another folder. I like it because my arms look thin! Ha!

Here is another video of Pooks. I took this video prior to the other ones I posted this morning but just hadn't gotten to posting it yet, so I don't even remember what she is doing probably loving on the Christmas tree.

Toddling and wearing shoes!

Gracie's Yia Yia and Papou got her some Robeez moccasin type shoes a long time ago and she was able to wear them all day yesterday and toddle around wearing them too. Poor baby yesterday morning before we left for daycare, she slipped and fell against the bathtub and cut her eye. At first I thought it was just going to have a red mark but then I saw it bleeding a bit. Poor thing. And I was going to try to take her to get her picture taken with Santa.

This morning KSov and I are off to run a few errands, one of my presents broke and I am sooo mad about it, so I have to see about fixing that. Also I have a special Christmas Eve dinner planned and I want to see about napkins. And a few other things...Well he is waiting for me so I got to throw some clothes on and be off. Hope you enjoy the pooksters!

Friday, December 18, 2009

What the Dr. says & Christmas Tree Love

Just filling yall in on the goings on here in Salt Lake. I went to the doc today and determined (after having me wait for 15 minutes)(I know, really 15 isn't bad, but I hate it when the nurse says something like, "Oh! He should be right in because no else is waiting for him." Then you wait and wait and finally you pull your book out of your purse and start reading and then he comes into the room seconds later...yeah that kind of bugs) that I most likely pulled a muscle or separated a muscle from a tendon. One of the smaller muscles underneath my gluteus maximus

So yeah I am not to work out for a week and he gave me some pain reliever a little bit higher than Aleve and some stretches to do. Which I am going to skip tonight because its late and I am tired.
But if I decide to work out on Christmas Eve and then I still hurt he will send me to a physical therapist to pin point where the pain is and etc etc. I am not thrilled by any means about not working out. And I very much tempted to take some medicine and then get on the treadmill tomorrow. BUT I won't do that because I do listen to the dr and do want to get better so that I can get back into the full swing of things officially.

I am excited though! Today is Friday as you all know and I am officially on vacation till Christmas Eve. Today we got Memaw and Pepaws presents for the Pooksters and now I can't wait for her to open her presents! She saw that shiny ribbon and grabbed the present up and she wanted that gift! Oh and she is not afraid of the Christmas tree any longer. She was touching it and wanting the ornaments tonight. Good thing Christmas is soon!

The video was taken of my phone and I did take some on the camera, however when I started blogging tonight I wasn't plannng on it be this in depth and updated! Ha! So lucky you! So I will have to try and get the longer clearer video of her loving the Christmas tree tomorrow.

I have a lot of planning and getting ready for our Christmas Eve dinner to do because I want Christmas Eve to be stress free and enjoyable! I have some special plans for our Christmas Eve dinner and I can't wait!

Also I am going to try to video our first Christmas morning so those of you who sent that sweet lil girl of ours gifts can see her open them!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yes, I look crazy but she looks so darn cute!

My mom wrote a post about what she has been doing for Christmas and asked what are we doing. Well this week has been a tough one because KSov has been out of town and I have been B-U-S-Y! On my lunch I have been running to the post office, (breaking the parcel drop when I was there, which I am sure the other 8 people in line behind me for the automated postage machine really appreciated! But I did tell the 1 of 2 people behind the counter that it was jammed and the handle wouldn't come back down. But hey at least I got my package in right?? I kid I kid! I actually felt really bad, but did have to get back to work and there wasn't anything I could do. But I digress) Tuesday Janeen picked up the Lil Miss and I dropped of my gifts for the Angel off the Angel Tree I picked. A lil 6 month girl. All the families on the Angel Tree live below poverty level and have to prove that there would be no Christmas starting way back in October.

Wednesday picked up missy again and went to Petsmart to get the puppers some dog food. Showed Grace this really pretty bird and then we got to pet a 6 month old German Shepherd puppy! Fun! Grace just laughed and laughed when she sniffed her feet sticking out of the cart.

Oh yeah and last night I ruined the fudge. And then tonight Janeen picked up Grace again and again I ruined the fudge. You would have thought I would have got it right, huh? Fudge is so darn tempermental! The first batch I made was perfect, the second overcooked and the third I think just needed a couple more minutes because it is not setting up like I had hoped. However, it is still delicous an even though I kicked my gimpy butt on the treadmill I cut up some strawberries and spread a lil dab of that mushy fudge on them and it was delicous!

Tonight we are kind of bumming though because daddy called and he is going to be stuck in El Paso for another day. he was supposed to come home late tomorrow night, but now he has to stay till Sat. Boo. But its better than him coming home and then flying back out monday and tuesday when I am off and want to spend time with our family.

Just pray that he is feeling better. he has a nasty cold or the flu. He is coughing and snotting and not feeling good and of course I don't know the results of that scan he had? Remember he had to keep rescheduling the appointment with the dr to find out the results? It happened so many times and he wasn't sick I forgot all about it. So hopefully when he gets back we can get that figured out.

Also please pray tomorrow that we sell our Jeep. We have it on Ebay and we have gotten a guy who wants to see it tomorrow. So tomorrow on my lunch I am getting it washed and he will see it a bit after 4pm. He may even be interested in the Buy It Now price. Which we would prefer of course.

I will let yall know tomorrow night how my drs appointment goes tomorrow. :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sweets for a sweet baby

The other night I made fudge and let Grace have a lil taste on a spoon. I think she liked it. I tried making fudge again tonight and I say tried because I got distracted and overcooked it. I now realize the importance of the softball stage. Not getting it to that tempature means it would be goopy and not enough mositure has come out. Getting it too hot for to long means you evaporated too much mositure out and its hard and crumbly like old brown sugar. SO that batch is scraped. (The reason I was distracted is because I was trying to get a certain christmas present put together that has been on my to do list forever! and it was kicking my butt.)

Luckily I bought 2 packages of unsweetened chocolate so there is plenty of stuff for fusge when I can actually pay attention to it! Ok off to bed I go now!

love love love!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Let sleeping babies sleep!

Tonight I was trucking along on the treadmill as best as a gimp can. When all of a sudden I hear Kayla barkng! Geez louise! Yes because the baby is asleep! I had to stop the treadmill, take out my headphones go upstairs, yell at Kayla, quietly, as if that did any good and then peer out my peep hole. There was some man standing on my porch who turned out to be Reed our very nice neighbor, but I stood there for awhile staring at him letting Kayla bark her fool head off. Which when I am alone because KSov is out of town I don't mind as much. Such a good nice neighbors he had. Being the single mom this week I had forgotten last night to bring in the trash cans and the mail...ssh don't tell KSov. So Reed was checking up on me! What a gem! I am just sorry I didn't get there fast enough and that Kayla knew it was Reed so she wouldn't wake Grace.

But in the end she didn't...sweet baby of mine must have remembered all the times when she was a newborn and the dogs would go crazy at the door. Hmm.

Called the doc this morning, and I got an appointment for Friday at 9:15. I am sure he will probably have to refer me to someone else, isn't that always how it goes?? And I am sure he will probably say, that I shouldn't work out, but I am kinda stubborn and will keep doing it.

Well the honey is calling so I am off to chat with him.

Monday, December 14, 2009

"Me? Afraid of the Christmas tree? Bah! I'ma warming up to it!"

This little miss of ours is just a doll. This is one of several videos I took of her walking. I took this one tonight and decided to post it first because she just kept going back to the tree. She is not exactly thrilled that the tree is there, whenever I am holding her she grips her little legs tight around my waist! But tonight it was like she was drawn to the tree but then she would realize she was scared and stop right before she got there!

She sat in some water on the floor so I just let her run around in her diaper seeing as though we would be having a bath soon enough.

On a side note. I have decided to go to the dr to see about this hip/ sciatic nerve issue I have been having. You may remember that I was working out before our football party and when I got off the treadmill I was gimping around in pain. Well its been 2 weeks now and I really can't work out. I think I have worked out 3-4 times since then and it just does not like it at all.

Its really discouraging to be so far along with your stamina and ability to do what you previously couldn't and feel like its slipping away because you can't maintain. Day to day walking around it sometimes hurts and sometimes doesn't. Its mostly when I am up and down a lot from my desk to the teller line, that I think makes it hurt more. For instance I can feel fine all day and it barely hurts then I get home and walk up and down the stairs a few times and then when I get on the treadmill it hurts. I also wonder if holding the Lil Miss on that hip (because that is the side I hold her on) is not helping either.

So I really need to call and make an appointment tomorrow. I will let you know what happens.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas pictures

Here are a few new pictures. We took this pic of Grace when we out to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays. I tossed this cap on her because she only has one cap and besides its Christmas right?? Here are some pics from us going out to that work party. The one pic I wanted to post wasn't uploading! You can't really see my whole dress but it fit soo good and it was clearanced at Ross for only $12~! What a deal!

Here is this vide of Grace I took this morning walking everywhere. I got her to walk to me and then I realized it was so dark you couldn't really see her face. I will try to get another one. I was cooking bacon this morning and that is that noise you hear sizzling in the background. Ok well I got to go wrap presents now!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Just saying Hi!

We went out to dinner tonight, used a coupon! Woo Hoo! It was cold out today! I think it was 9 degrees this morning! We were going to make chicken but it was defrosted so we went out to Ruby Tuesdays. I took this pic of Grace with her lil Santa cap on with my cell phone. Isn't she just so Merry? Of course she is despite being on antibiotics AGAIN! She looked horrible, I mean horrible on Monday. She didn't even look like herself! Her face was red and her eyes were just goopy! Poor baby. Another ear infection. The doctor suggested we start thinking about putting tubes in. And if we do we should do it soon since winter is just starting, and she will be bound to be sick again. Any suggestions, anything anybody hear about tubes. We have to research it. Ack!
I have to jump off this computer because its late and still need to shower. Loves!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Uh, Oh, Eating dinner, and Cabinet Play

Here are some videos I took tonight. She is saying Uh-Oh which I credit to being her first word because I can see she understands what it means-mostly. :) She loves opening the cabinets and the drawers so much now. Oh and also we discovered her first tooth about 3-4 days ago? Sorry I haven't been a very good blogger. Especially since I have had more free time this week. You see I decided to work out on Saturday before our big football party (which was a ton of fun by the way even though the Utes lost) and so I was pumped. I started running after a 5 minute warm-up I was running for 15 min and then really felt like I could go for 20 and did. After my cool down I got off the treadmill and totally felt like a gimp. I had pain in my lower back kinda in my butt and upper leg. And I still have this pain! Tonight was the first night I worked out since Saturday because I was hoping my leg/back/butt would heal. But it hasn't and I can't figure out what the deal is. I definetely can't run and only walked tonight. But I don't want to lose anything I have gained so far. Oh and I some kinda of mini stomach flu on Monday night. I stayed home with Pooks on Monday and KSov was out of town for the night. At around 11pm I got off the phone with him and started feeling nausus (sp?) I finally threw up at 2am and was able to sleep the rest of the night. Thanks goodness! I felt quesy the rest of the day. But it was so weird. KSov and Pooks haven't gotten it so who knows.

But yeah with all the time I spent resting you would think I would have used it to update my blog! Well its getting late here gotta jam! xoxox

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"Oh, Christmas Tree..."

"Oh Christmas Tree, You are so pretty....."
"...and scary."

Yeah she wasn't too sure about the whole touching the Christmas tree idea.

But she still thought Daddu was pretty hilarious as usual. Look at that dimple!