Sunday, September 22, 2013

Friends to Play

My friend had her baby last week and we were on baby watch here. We took her girls for the night and all the kids had so much fun playing together.

Lunchtime, I was glad I still had Sarah's high chair for her to use, because she wanted to be a part too! 

Coloring afterward

I think Grace drew her friends, and me and God and Jesus, if I recall correctly. 

Sarah has to have her Frankie dog and 'Nana bunny' as we call them. I love that she finally loves her lovies.

Pretending to be a puppy dog of course.

She is not camera shy.

Anybody up for a snorkel?

Or a nap on the floor?

Thought I'd throw this one in there too, goofin with my camera.

We've been super busy and Daddy has been gone traveling a lot, and life is only getting busier around here. Grace started dance last week and our small group starts this week. I can't believe September is almost over, it's going to be Christmas before I know it!
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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fun with Daddy

K grabbed a lil bag of gummi bears and was eating them after dinner last night. The kids were trying to see what was in is hand.

When peanut found out, he bribed her for kisses. She can be stingy with her smooches this girl.

After dinner we told the kids were going to have a campfire and do smores! We have has this patio table with a firepit, probably for about 7 years and have never used it before. Of course I had forgotten that the wood was wet from being rained on. But that didn't stop my hubs from getting us a good fire!
I just love this expression on Sarah's face, it reminds me of somebody, I can't place my finger on it. Maybe Papadaddy?

Today we were busy, K mowed the lawn it had been 2 weeks since he was gone and it was rainy last week. Then got a haircut for K and rest for the rest of us. Took my friend to the airport and dinner with Grandma.
Quick funny story. A little history yesterday I did doubles and did Total Body Circuit and Lower Focus (tough 25 minute workouts) this morning I did 4 miles on the treadmil. So I was feeling pretty beat this afternoon. I decided to take a quick bath before dinner. K was calling his mom to invite her to dinner. I had the bathtub filling up and I went in to the bathroom and the curtain was drawn halfway. Suddenly I saw something brown in the water. It scared me and I started screaming. I screamed 4 times. Then I looked again and saw................................

Sarah. She had climbed into the bathroom with her brown leggings and brown shirt on, and was sliding around in my bubble bath!!! Then I started laughing hysterically. Poor thing was not happy because I lifted her out stripped her wet clothes off and booted her out into the hallway for daddy to dress.
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Friday, September 13, 2013

Sadly...See ya Summer

Decided to practice my french braiding skills. I need to get better, but Grace loved it.

So I decided that if I took Sarah out of her high chair she might eat better at the table. And she has. Although sadly it's the end of an era and I am relunctant to get rid of my high chair. I know that is silly and I have been getting rid of baby stuff  (ie swing, exersaucer) as soon as she was grown out of them. But for some reason it seems I keep 'threatening' to put her back in it. Also my friend found another booster for $2 at a rummage sale for Aaron that sits lower (like yours Mom) and it has been good keeping him facing forward. I don't have to buckle Aaron in but I do have to buckle Sarah as she feels like she can get down or finish whenever. Hasn't quite picked up on getting excused from the table yet!

Grace is so excited (and Aaron too) to do her school work. I am trying to rearrange my tubs of arts and crafts and stuff with where I kept our china. I don't know why it took me so long to realize to move the china. Must have been too long with a pregnant brain.

Lower case K's are hard!

And this is why summer is leaving. It has been raining all week. Although when it has stopped and the sun has come out it has been like 80, it was still pretty cool and fall like with the rain and thunderstorms. It was nice to not run the AC all week while K was away, save a little cash and enjoy the cool breezes in the evenings.

Trying to smooch her sister after Kayla woke her up. Whenever K is gone, Kayla is on high alert and so since I had all the windows open she heard the neighbor close his truck door and barked her head off. Immediately waking Sarah who would have slept for another 40 minute otherwise. Oh thank you Kayla.

A little light reading...genius's read upside down you know.

Love my Monkey Moo...

and this silly boy too. Sliding underneath the high chair.
Daddy is home now and we had a yummy dinner tonight and the kids all ate good, which is nice for once! Minimal fussing about dinner. Looking forward to the weekend! 
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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Just another Thursday

Today was just another Thursday at home. K has been gone all week in SD lucky duck, so we have been staying busy here at home. Been working on doing our daily jobs in the morning. Making beds, getting dressed, brushing teeth and hair is what is on the list.

Aaron needs help making his bed but Grace can do hers pretty well. I need to make a new job chart and its on my list with about half a dozen other projects.  

I tried to put the kids down for quiet time, but Aaron got up about 40 minutes into naps (I thought he was asleep) and went potty. Which is a good thing, however he needs help wiping still and so he started playing with the cloth diaper sprayer. He was a busy little mess maker for who knows how long. So that is why he is here in my bed with Grace reading.

Sorry I don't have any pictures of the peanut, she actually was napping. She is talking so much. Up until today I thought as soon as she can really talk, all this attitude and defiance I am getting will ease up I'm sure. However tonight it occurred to me, spontaneously, that that might not be the case. She can say, bite and mine, and shoe, oh and eyes. But she thinks your ears are your eyes. And she can say nose. So basically she can communicate pretty well, but still has lots of attitude. I'll keep praying.
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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Still Summer

It's been kind of a new habit to let the kids go outside and play after dinner. It's nice and cool out there in the evenings and it's quiet inside while I clean up the kitchen. Plus I need to take advantage of the outside play before summer ends. K and I have been joking that fall is here and summer is quickly leaving. We joke because honestly it hasn't gotten any cooler and still is pretty hot, but with all the Back to School sales and Costco has Christmas stuff out, it makes you feel like summer is over. He of course is thrilled summer is on it's way out, and well you can guess how I feel about it.

This little monkey was pretending to be a pony.
 Silly know they got to stick together. I need to get Aaron a haircut, but it's funny how since it's grown since his last haircut, the back part that used to get frizzy, doesn't anymore.

And I don't want to cut the blond off.

My wild peanut, she is so strong willed.  She is going to do big things this girl. She is talking so good these days. She finally says, Please and now Thank You. She can also say, cheese, no, uh-huh, bye bye, Bubba (love that one!) MaMa, DaDa, Love you (only heard this one 2x so far) and more I'm sure that I can't remember right now.
Haven't had anymore 'potty training' experiences which is fine by me. I am good with only potty training boy right now. We kind of phased out morning naps, which just kind of happened and I didn't really plan on it. She loves working out with me in the morning, and copies me doing plank work and jumps up and down and does squats. It's really cute until I am do V-sits and she sits on me.
She loves playing with her brother and sister and hates it when they don't want to play with her. Of course she doesn't understand her idea of playing is not the same as theirs.
She is still my early riser although she is rising closer to 7am as opposed to 6am like she was.

She is such a fearless child. She slides down the slide so quick and you can see her face is like, "Woah!" 

Then she looks at me like, "Yeah Mom that rocked!!!" What a crack up. 

Love this dirty little face, 

Grace is pretending to be a pony and she was saying YeeHaw. I told her ponies said, Neigh. But she preferred Yeehaw. And she was talking really quietly too. I guess ponies are a soft spoken breed.

Fearless female again, cheesin it up.

Aaron has been doing pretty good with his potty training as long as I remember to tell him to go potty. If I get busy and forget, then I end up hearing, "Mom I peed in my underwear." But then again some days are awesome and we have no accidents. But I don't stress about going out and about anymore.
I started having the kids do morning chores. Except I don't call them chores, I call them jobs. Start early teaching about hard work, we say. Anyways, so Mon-Thurs after breakfast we get dressed, brush their teeth, make their beds and comb their hair. In no particular order. Usually I do their hair, but Grace can get her tangles out.
At breakfast I started reading a story from Aaron's Bible while the kids eat and they love it. In fact today Aaron asked me at lunch and at dinner if I would read a Bible story. It helps me to be more patient to if we start the day off right.
Well it's getting late, time to wrap up this update. Until tomorrow!
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