Saturday, July 30, 2011

1st Drive-In Movie Expierence

When I was growing up I can remember going to the drive in theater with my parents and it was a blast. I can actually remember seeing Indiana Jones..although not sure which one it was. I think the second one. Then when K and I were dating we went to the drive in as well. To me, there is nothing more fun in the summer than getting in your pajamas and grabbing your blankets and pillows and heading out to the drive in. We have talked about taking Grace since the beginning of summer because its one of our favorite things to do. Also its cheap 2 movies for $7 and close to our house, less than 5 minutes away. One of the draw backs with going to the drive in theater in Utah is, that the movie doesn't start until it gets dark, which means about 9:15pm here...well past bedtime. So we have been hemming and hawing about whether we wanted to take the plunge and take Grace to see a movie at the drive in. We had finally decided to just go for it last weekend, but it was summer showers last weekend and all this week. Friday was the first evening it didn't rain and it was a little bit cooler than normal-meaning not 95 degrees. Once the sun sets though its not that bad. We were a little bit worried about Aaron because he is such a particular sleeper, and likes it dark and quiet. So we got the kids in their pj's and the truck packed up and headed the 7-11 down the street for slurpees and candy and then to the drive in. Aaron was passed out asleep by the time we got our spot so we just rolled the windows down and let him sleep. He did good until the movie was almost over probably just about 11pm and then woke up. He instantly stopped crying when he saw the movie screen and was mesmerized. Grace got a little bored about 2/3 of the way through the movie, but on the whole did really well for her first time. Although her bouncy behavior could be attributed to the slurpee and candy she had after bedtime!
They both finished out the movie well behaved and we decided to head home. Normally I am a night owl and would have been game for the second movie..Mr. Poppers Penguins, but last night I was tired and didn't want to risk the second movie. So we left on a good note, after all Grace didn't know we paid for 2 movies! And since the kids were free anyways its not like we wasted our money. She was so cute calling the movie Race cars!

Here she is eating mommy's treat actually. Making a silly face.

Cheezin it with Daddy

Cheezin it with mommy!

My sweet girl, I can't believe she is getting so big!

Snuck a picture of the precious lad asleep with his leg propped up. I just love those baby hands and feet! He is such a character, yesterday he was rocking side to side in his high chair, just to be silly! Hadn't ever seen him do that before, what a goof!

Our cozy truck~

This was the third family pic I took and had to turn the flash on manual because the auto flash wasn't activating. So Grace was done taking pictures and daddy's eyes were closed.

This one was using the auto flash and it didn't use the flash so it was a bit dark.
Kickin back with daddy.

This morning Aaron woke up at 7am ish which he has been doing a majority of the week, except I was feeling way tired and kind of junk fooded out. So I nursed him and put him back to bed and stay asleep for awhile till almost 10, I was amazed. So we all slept in then I gathered up the kids and headed to wal mart, I needed to get another package of diapers for Grace for bedtime, and wanted to see if I could find a kiddie pool and/or water table. They didn't have any of that, so we got a few little extras and then grabbed lunch to take home. The kids are napping now and we are surfing the net and enjoying the quiet time. We have to get our rest in this weekend because next week will be busy with the rehearsal dinner BBQ at our house on Tuesday, wedding prep on Wednesday and wedding on Thursday. Then girls night with the playgroup moms on Friday! Can't wait it should be a busy but fun week!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Stubborn Boy

Last night I got a weird throbbing headache in my temple and hit the bed early. Aaron was awake at 6 and I nursed him and he was still sleepy so I got him to go back to sleep. Then K got up with the kids and let me sleep for a little bit. It was great, and he made breakfast too, scrambled eggs and bacon.

Then we went down to playgroup at my friends house and the kids all played in the kiddie pool and water table. After playgroup it was lunch and groceries and back home for naps. Wait...yeah about naps. The kids went down late and Grace didn't even sleep, she just sang and bounced around in her crib. And Aaron he cooed and cawed for about 1/2 hour then he cried and then he finally fell asleep.

My little boy sure is stubborn!! He still takes bad naps in the afternoon and then wakes up cranky and whiny and just wants to be held. Then we have dinner and its like he is hungry but doesn't want to eat unless it is on his terms. And we know its food he likes and has eaten before. Tonight for instance we walked over to Costco, we needed some Tums and cheese and so we decided to have a cheap dinner. We know that he likes hot dogs and he did not want to eat that hot dog tonight for the life of him. It was going to be his terms or we all would pay! Finally he decided that he did want hot dogs and then munched them down. Oh and don't hurt his feelings at all because he will cry such a sad long drawn out cry and let you know. He accidentally grabbed K's carne asada bake and the foil was kind of warm. Not enough to burn burn him, mind you, but boy did he make a face and cry and cry and there was nothing that could distract him until he decided he was done.
But boy does he love the bathtub and the water. You get him in the bath and he starts pulling up on the edge and laughing and having a grand ole time splishin' and a splashin'. Then out of the bath and into pajamas and I nurse him and it's like he is a brand new baby. Happy and laughing and crawling on the bed and cracking these funny faces. And just cooing up a storm. Such a joy! So I uploaded these pictures they are from Monday I think. Thought I would toss one in there of me.

Sweetest big sister!

Look at those baby blues...adorable!

Aaron cracks us up because he will raise his arms when he is eating. Like he is conducting a orchestra.

We just finished watching a Netflix called The Box with Cameron Diaz and James Marsden, very interesting. Not sure it was one of my favorites but it kept me watching. We did watch a preview before the movie started of Denzel Washingtons The Book of Eli. Have you all seen this? We rented that months and months ago and I have to say it was one of my favorite Denzel movies. If you haven't seen it, rent it!

I can't believe tomorrow is already Thursday! The week is flying by! My sister in law comes home from Africa tomorrow and then her wedding is a week away! It is going to be a busy few days for awhile.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Some Singing

Hey all, its Monday for sure here. Our Monday morning started at about 5am when I heard one of the dogs panting. It was Kayla but she didn't need to go outside she was just panting. But that kind of woke me up and then I realized that they both needed to go out. After I got up I saw the dog poop on the floor. It really irked me because normally they let us know by pacing and whining that they have to go real bad when we are still sleeping. Whether its midnight, or early morning or whatever. Now warning from a dog. So I let the dogs out then clean the mess up and then plop back into bed because Aaron has slept straight through and he will probably be waking up at about 620. No sooner am I all cozy in bed than I hear Briggs barking his fool head off. Up I get to bring him back inside, can't have him waking up the neighbors that early. Back in bed for maybe 15 minutes and then I hear our little Air Bear cooing away in his crib and its 5 to 6am. Nice. The good thing is that he woke up happy as can be and played happily for about 10 minutes giving K and me a chance to chit chat before we were on duty. K also had to get up early for a service call that he was busy with all day today, so he was up with me.

Nursed Aaron and then headed into the kitchen for breakfast and spent a little bit of time reading my bible. I am trying to get back into doing that. Then fed Aaron and cleaned up the kitchen a bit. I went back into our room to clean up the spot on the floor more and was gone maybe 2 minutes and came back and Briggs had messy poop all over the floor!!!! Arg! I do not know what is up with the dogs but that was seriously annoying, especially because Aaron kept trying to crawl toward it.

So I get that all cleaned up and then I put Aaron down about 8am and its time for Grace to wake up. I go in her room and she is sitting in her crib with her diaper in her hand, but still dressed in her pajamas. Her bed, pillow, blankies and stuffed animals all have pee on them. Ok so we get Graced up and dressed take all her stuff out of her crib to be taken downstairs to the laundry. I get her a bagel and I am ready to get on the treadmill. Downstairs we go where she gets to watch Monsters Inc and eat her bagel and I start the laundry and then jump on the treadmill. Thankfully Aaron sleeps for 2 1/2 hours and I get a nice long workout in (4.2 miles and 560 calories) and a shower and then he wakes up around 1030 for a snack and we then shortly after that we head over to Target.

I wanted to get some of those cubicles/shelves that you can put the cloth drawers in for the kids toys. I have a bunch of Grace's toys in tubs with lids but then she can't put them away her self. So I got one since it was on sale and some other things we needed, like some more sippy cups without rubber tips so the kids can't poke their fingers through. (They just love doing that).

After lunch its usually naptime around 130 but Aaron only slept about 30 minutes for his afternoon nap and Grace not at all! She was supposed to go to bed early but that didn't happen because K was late getting home and I was busy cooking dinner and cleaning up after dinner so she got to play with Aaron in her room.

Poor Aaron has a sore bottom and he was in disposables all day today, so I could use diaper cream on him. But today must just have been a poopy day because literally about 5 out of 6 diapers were poopy! I know you probably don't want to here about all the poop, but too bad its my blog! And if I smell one more dog fart, I am going to go crazy! LOL!

Anyway Aaron is doing great aside from his diaper rash and the kid will be walking soon I think. I will try to get a video on my phone of him crawling because he is so fast now! Tonight Grace was running from the kitchen and then throwing herself on the couch and then back to the kitchen again and I think that if Aaron could have done the same he would have. He crawled super fast after her panting and laughing toward the couch and then pulled himself up. Then Grace ran back and he sat down and started after her again with his fast crawl/laugh. He is so funny.

Lately Grace has enjoyed singing before we put her to bed. In fact I realized that we went through a whiny stage for maybe 2 weeks where she would cry after we put her to bed. She has always been really easy to put to bed and hasn't ever fussed or whined or cried. So we were at a loss and then K started singing Rock a By Baby to her. And now we have to sing every night and at some naps. She loves it! We sing Jesus loves me, which is one of her favorites and You Are My Sunshine. So I took a video of her singing today on my phone. Hope you enjoy! Time for me to soak my aching legs in the bath it has been a long day.

UPDATE: Sorry every one, I just tried to view this video and am not sure why I can't hear it. Probably something to do with my phone. I will try to fix it tomorrow. It's a shame because you can just tell it's so cute by how animated she is! It makes me want to get my phone and watch it again, because she is so cute.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Run for the Rock 5k

This morning I ran my first 5k and it was great. This is my friend K and her husband S and their 2 year old son A. She is the wonderful person who hosts playgroup at her house. Well in the summer we have been meeting at the park. She is great, organized and super sweet, funny and a great conversationalist. Another playgroup mom MB and her son L. Little L is wearing his daddy's number because he was out of town. I took those before the race.

My little Grace after the race.

Cheesin for the camera.

I had K put my number on my back in case I needed to use my shirt to wipe sweat off. :) I know, such a lovely thought huh? I do that when I am on the treadmill, but when I am on the treadmill I don't have a hat on to catch all of the I ended up not having to use my shirt to wipe my sweaty face!

Us. Sorry my thumb is there, but this was like my third attempt.

Aaron did not like running a 5k. It was his naptime and he was not having a good time sleeping in the stroller. We had to stop once during the run to get him a graham cracker and then on the last little bit there was no sidewalk and the sod was all tore up and he started crying and was mad and sad for the last 10 minutes. Even though we hit sidewalk about 30 seconds after he started crying he still cried us into the finish line. He did however like playing in the new landscaping at the church. Yes he loved the wood bark mulch and kept sweeping it side to side with his hands, making a huge mess. Then Grace got in on the action and we had to tell her no, she was to big to be making a big mess. Such concentration as you can see.

Sweep, sweep, sweep.

This is how you do it sissy.

My man, taking a break. He actually placed 3rd place in his age group 30-34 and got a ribbon. I got 5th for women ages 30-34. We did a 13:30 min mile, which we figured was pretty good because the first half was pretty hilly. I also won a bible study book and we brought home some frozen otter pop like treats for Grace.

Oh also for K's birthday in April and for a Father's Day gift I had his Shellback Certificate framed and we finally hung it up. I love this frame, can you see how it looks kind of like distressed wood? It reminded me of an old ship.

We hung it above the fireplace. I know I need to recycle some of my Sunday papers.

After the 5k we came back home rested and had some lunch then it was naptime for the kiddos and shower time for us. We both tried to take a nap but it was short lived because Aaron was up after a little more than an hour. He woke up on the wrong side of the bed and was cranky until his early bedtime at 720ish.

If you want a good diet tip, set your freezer temperature really low and then your ice cream will be really hard to scoop. It will take so long warming up the ice cream scoop and be so hard to scoop it that you will give up having a bowl and just eat a bite or two and go back to what you were doing. That happened to me tonight.

Have you ever wished that you could surf the net for hours uninterrupted? I don't normally surf the net a lot and especially having two young children I don't have time to. But tonight I was surfing and reading my SparkPeople site and feeling so tired. Except I didn't want to go to sleep! I had to write this post and then I wanted to read my blogs, and check out Pinterest and should do my Evites for the rehearsal dinner and then I have to check Facebook. Speaking of FB, I am just annoyed that it has sucked me in. Especially because I recently watched the movie The Social Network about how FB came to be supposedly. And it just irritates me that I am adding to his wealth. Stupid Facebook. Stupid fireworks on Pioneer Day. Been listening to those slam around in the street behind me for the last 2 hours. Lame.

Ok I am getting cranky, can you tell? I should go to bed. Hope your having a great weekend!

Friday, July 22, 2011

I said I wouldn't but I had to...

share this cute pic tonight in a quick post. Daddy was reading Grace a story and I took Aaron in to listen after I nursed him. After I got Aaron dressed and before I nursed him, we were playing around with Daddy and Grace. I took Aaron and poked him around the corner of Grace's door to play peek-a-boo with them as they got Grace into her pj's. Aaron had all of us cracking up. He was so hilarious, he kept throwing his head back so he was upside down and just laughing away. It was a hoot, and my face hurt from laughing so much. I think Grace and Aaron look alike here, I mean you can tell they are brother and sister.
Grace is so cute, we taught her to not interrupt and to say excuse me if she wants to say something when we are talking. So she says excuse me all the time. "Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me." Oh a hilarious story from today at lunch. Grace was talking to me and Daddy started talking to me. Grace turns in her seat to K and puts her finger up and says, "Just a minute daddy I am talking to mommy." So cute!
I can't believe how much they are both growing.
Oh and have you all heard of Pinterest? I hadn't heard about it at all until I read about it over on Kelly's Korner Blog. Its a site where you can pin virtual images that you find all over the net to your 'board'. You can have different boards. So for example, I started a board for Aaron's first birthday party, so if I am surfing the net and I see and idea for his party I can just "Pin it" and it will go to whatever board I choose. Or if I see home decor stuff or a new recipe. Then I can go back to my boards and use the images or remind me of whatever, and Pinterest (the site) automatically gives the credit to the original poster. Such a great idea because I have tons of ideas running around in my head and it lets you organize it online! No clutter on my bedside table! LOL!
Tomorrow morning K and I are going to be running a 5k, we are pushing the kids in the stroller. It's for our church to help raise money for the property we want to buy to build a building on. You can walk or run or whatever. We will probably do both. I haven't ran on the treadmill since Wednesday but this evening we walked on the trail by our house, just a leisurely stroll.

I bought quinoa (keen-wa) the other day and can't wait to try to cook it. I am obsessed with Cheeze-It's these days, but haven't had any of the Coke that is sitting in my pantry for about a week. My feet hurt from cleaning all day and our neighbors brand new wooden fence fell down in a torrential downpour the other day, which is kind of hilarious and kind of sad at the same time. Their carpenter didn't do a very good job. Oh and I have to go plug my camera in!
Time to jet! Night!

Failed Wednesday Post

I just realized again that apparently my post from a few days ago didn't auto save a whole bunch of other things I had written. I am bummed because I wrote a bunch of stuff about what Aaron is doing and now I will have to try to remember what I wanted to keep track of.

I probably wont do a post tonight, I for sure need to get to bed early because we have our 5k tomorrow morning and I was up early with Aaron at 6ish and to bed late. Although he did sleep straight through so that is a bonus.

Also I went to get the camera out and take some pics of the kiddos at lunch today but I forgot it had a dead battery from 4th of July, so I need to plug it in.

So I will take pictures at the 5k tomorrow and do a post tomorrow night!

One thing I did remember that I wrote was that when I ran on the treadmill on Wednesday, I have a new best 5k of 35 minutes. And it felt easy too! So hopefully tomorrow morning I will feel the same and it will be a breeze! But with no breeze. Running against the wind is hard!

Love ya!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Some things

UPDATE: I wrote this post last night, and totally thought that I had posted it. Apparently I hadn't, good thing I checked! Well Daddy surprised us tonight and came home early! The kids had just woken up from late naps and were in such great moods. K brought home a little drum that you twist back n forth and the strings that are attached beat the sides of the drum. Both kids loved it and kept fighting over it! I will try to get some new pictures of the kids tomorrow.

Summer is in full swing out here in Utah. We have had a couple of intense summer showers and some hot days, but I am loving it. Although I do need to get some color on my legs, they sure do look pasty compared to the slightly darker shoulders and arms I have. Which is interesting because I do put sunscreen on, usually 50 or 70 because it what we have for the kids.

Daddy is in New Mexico this week and so we sent him a goodnight daddy picture. Lately I have been thinking Grace is looking more like her dad. Last night I went to bed way too late and wish I hadn't because Aaron actually slept straight through until 7am. I was glad, but tired. I have been trying to have some quiet times in my Bible before Grace gets up since Aaron has been up around 630am the last 2 mornings. This morning I nursed Aaron and then he spit up in my Bible. Baby spit up and bible pages don't play nice together.

Off we went to playgroup at the park and then right over to the mall to return the second dress I had bought last week. It was too itchy and I didn't like the way it fit once I got it on a second time. Yesterday I did find a neat body shaper unitard thingy at Kohls and so I also took the Spanx panty hose back as well. I don't mind wearing panty hose but it is so hard for me to walk in high heels with panty hose on. My feet are so narrow that I have to get a good grip with my toes or the back slips off. After I returned the dress at Dillards we skipped on over to the shoe section and I got a super cute pair of Jessica Simpson high heels that fit great. They are nude colored and patent leather. I will have to take a picture and post it soon.

I unfortunately kept Aaron out too late past nap though and he was overtired by the time we got home. it took forever for him to get to sleep. I consoled him 3x before I headed downstairs to jump on the treadmill. (I had some serious irratations I needed to work out.)

Friday, July 15, 2011

9 Month Check Up

Aaron is 9 months old now and such a sweet boy. He is still so tender hearted. He is going through some separation anxiety, and doesn't like it when I leave him alone. Or when Grace does either. He likes to play in her room with her and will crawl down to her room but sometimes she leaves him and he comes creeping out of the bedroom looking for us. Here he is on the 4th (I took these all with my phone, I upgraded my yahoo so now it lets me download pics I send it from my phone again) enjoying a snow cone. This kid loves sweets! Ice cream and such especially. Grace and I waiting for the doctor.

I tried and tried to rotate this picture but finally gave up so I can get this post written and then I need to do some chores.

Aaron is 17.3 pounds and almost 29 inches long. He is 67% for height and his weight is only 6%. Of course breastfed babies are typically leaner, but he is a little on the lean side for his height. Dr. T suggest that we start giving him butter on his crackers and peanut butter (which I already make him peanut butter and jelly sandwiches). Some yogurt and sauces like ranch and maybe even fry sauce to help him gain a little bit of weight. He is a pretty good eater and eats at the table with us now. He didn't like the ribs we had for dinner last night, but he did like the yummy baked potato casserole I made. Lots of butter and cheese in that. We also talked about him waking up still and Dr. T reminded me that he is probably just needing some reassurance during the night, because he is going through that stage right now. It was weird last night though because he did wake up at 330 and I tried to calm him down and then he was quiet when I left him, but then he started again. So K went in and calmed him down and I thought for sure that he would wake again at 5am like he normally does. But he didn't wake until 7am, which was good. Now if he could just sleep straight through until 7am I would be happy with that!

After the Dr. appointment I wanted to go over to the mall and check out Nordstroms and Dillards for dresses for the wedding. So this morning I packed us a lunch and we headed over to the mall. Aaron fell asleep on the way over because it was his nap time. And when I transferred him into the stroller from the car he stayed asleep, which is beginning to happen a little bit more these days. He used to be wide awake anytime we would get him out of the car seat.

Grace and I enjoyed our packed lunch at the food court (which K thought was kind of weird and was a bit hard with all the yummy food around, but then we had a treat at the end of the day so it was worth it). And then Aaron woke up right before we were going to start walking around and so we fed him some lunch. I did find another dress at Dillards and bought it. It was $40 more than the other dress I bought already at Ann Taylor, but this one is more dressy, so we will have to see. I found a dress I loved at Nordstrom but it was $200 um yeah not paying that much.

K text me that he wants to go for a run tonight, so I have to wrap this up soon. He is headed out of town next week, hopefully he will find some time to get a run in while he is there. I am also excited because tomorrow we have a babysitter and are going to go to Buca Di Beppo for dinner (I have a coupon) and then going to see the X-Men movie around 8pm (Bought discounted movie passes 2 for $9 awhile ago!) Hope every ones Friday is going great. Happy Weekend!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Finally... 4th of July 2011

Well gang, here they are the most adorable kid pictures from the 4th of July. Last year we started a tradition of joining our friends Vern and Jo at their house for a kids parade and breakfast party. They join in with their neighbors whose house is actually on the street where the parade is and they cook pancakes and eggs and bacon and egg strata and quiche, fruit and orange juice and all sorts of yummy delicious food everyone brings. I was so excited to get to dress the kids in their matching 4th outfits that my mom got them (Thanks Mom!) and they were just so cute. I was pleased because Grace's dress was a 24 month, but it was a different brand and it actually was a perfect length. Some of her 2T dresses are getting a wee bit too short.

Such a big girl holding her brother!

Aaron kicking back with daddy and eating all the watermelon and sausage off of daddy's plate.

My sweet girl and me.

Cute pirate float. Anybody can be in the parade and maybe in a couple of years we will be. Or maybe Grace will be in it with Vern and Jo, they used to do it with their granddaughters who are practically teenagers now. But for now I am enjoying Grace enjoying the parade.

Grabbing some candy, you gotta get it quick!

Bringing her stash back to her home base.

Trying to get a picture of my handsome hubby and me.

Jo and Aaron, who seconds before had been fascinated with the tree branch.

Ok so I only posted on picture here. But I was sitting on our 'long' couch. Which by long I mean maybe 6 feet. We have a couch and a love seat up stairs, and I was laying on the couch. Aaron had crawled over and pulled himself up down by my feet and I started taking pictures of him. After a few minutes he had walked along the couch all the way over to my arms! This was the only one that came out good during that time.

Later that day after naps we headed out to a park where they have the Western Stampede Rodeo and a small carnival. Grace was super excited and we got a parking spot inside the parking lot. Which we later regretted. lol We had to eat some fair food and get some tickets for Grace to ride. She loved this little ride, it went around in a circle, but she thought she was cool riding it all by herself.

The Carousel of course for both Aaron and Grace.

And then lastly Grace and I rode the Ferris Wheel before my camera battery died. She loved it, although she would freak me out when she wanted to be by the little gate to look down and say hi to Daddy and Grandma.

After the ferris wheel we had some potty and treat breaks and then found a spot on the grass to spread out our blanket to wait for the fireworks. I think we had to wait an hour and half but the kids did real well. We brought their pajamas because since it doesn't get dark here till after nine the fireworks don't start until 10pm. We changed them up and then just hung out until the fireworks started. Aaron actually fell asleep while they were going off and then woke back up for the finale. Grace doesn't like loud noises so she was freaking out a little bit. After the show we headed back to the truck with everyone else at the park and then had to wait in the parking lot for about 30 minutes before we were able to get out. Lesson learned-leave fireworks show early. All in all it was a fun and busy day.
Today just flew right by and I am not sure what I really did today. Aaron was up at 7 and I was just zonked out. Last night he woke up at 130 and then 430 and then 7. We didn't go to bed until midnight I think. I think he may be going through a growth spurt because the kid ate a ton of food at lunch and dinner tonight! I worked out on the treadmill while Aaron napped. He napped for 2 hours and that was great, then I packed up a picnic lunch for us to take to the park. I figured some play time outside would tire him out for a long afternoon nap as well. Hmm not so much. At lunch he had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich some cheddar cheese hunks I cut up, and a bunch of Pirate Booty (which is like a puffy cheeto). Plus a ton of water. Then for dinner he had a some baby food green beans, part of a bread stick and then a ton of peaches. And I don't mean baby food peaches. Daddy opened up one of the can of peaches we canned last year and he put about 5 peach halves in a bowl for him to have and share a little bit with the kids. Aaron was just slurping them down so fast! He is a maniac! He turns 9 months on Wednesday and his 9 month check up is on Friday so we will see where he is at.

I did manage to sleep for about 45 minutes today in fact we all napped during nap time. But I need to do better getting to sleep earlier. Then I had a headache when I woke up, but I think that was because I hadn't drank enough water and I sweated a ton out when I was running today. And then I brought a big thing of water to the park with us, but the lid cup was warped and the lid wouldn't screw on properly. So I dumped some of it out on the way to our spot under the tree and then I handed it to Grace to hold and she dropped it and spilled the rest. So I threw that cup away.

We watered the garden and the lawn this evening after dinner and K and I were talking about saving up to re landscape our lawns next year. We have had such issues with the sprinklers in the back yard and are currently trying to regrow some grass in a bunch of spots. K has fixed and replaced a bunch of sprinkler heads (he is so handy like that, just love that about him) but he thinks that because there are like 10 sprinklers on one line and like 2 or 3 on the other line. That the one line is not providing enough water pressure to get the right amount of grass watered. So we talked about maybe doing some landscaping in the front that wouldn't need to be watered and then maybe where the garden is on the side of the house fence that off and put a pool over there and a drip system in for the garden. Right now its just talk but our poor lawn is so sad and we want the kids to be able to play outside all the time. So we will see.

Well I gotta get to bed earlier and rest my body.