Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day in Torrey 2012

Saturday morning we headed down to Torrey UT for a family reunion on K's side of the family.  We took the third row of the Expedition out and loaded her up and headed down south.  Torrey UT is home of The Capitol Reef National Park and about a 3-4 hour drive for us.
The kids were excited because they got to watch movies on the way down.  Here they are all loaded up ready to go!

 Cute little Air Bear, he only can watch movies for so long then he gets bored I think.  Also he can only watch certain movies right now without being scared.  Luckily they can both watch separate movies with our portable DVD player.

 Daddy getting ready to head us down south.
 Sarah did so well and slept for a long time before we had to stop.  But then she had to eat and we pulled over on a side road so I could nurse her and the kids could stretch their legs.  The problem  however was that we were mostly to Torrey and the winds down south are intense,  (You may remember last year we camped for the first time in a pop up trailer down in Torrey and the winds were crazy) so the kids didn't really want to stretch their legs outside even with their adorable wolf hats we happen to have in the car for just such occasions.
 At the potluck dinner Saturday night, Grace playing softball with Emily.
 She was dancing hanging on to her leg.
 Catching up...
 Russell pushing Aaron on the swing.
 Grace and her fav cousin Luke, these two are 2 peas in a pod and loved running around together all weekend.
 Emily's birthday, she is 16 now! My little flower girl is almost all grown up! Grandma and Papa looking on while Emily blows out some candles.
 Rachelle and Rachelle with Cade, (yes both are Rachelle)
 My hubby and my kiddos!
 Sweet Sarah.
 Crystal and Devin
 Me and my boy.
 Grace and Papa

We had such a good time but came back worn out.  Grace, K and I were sick but Grace was really off her game on the drive home.  But she seems to be feeling better now and so am I, we just have a little bit of cough that shows up at night mostly.
I have more pictures of the kids coming with some of their new cute clothes!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Busy Life!

Last night we headed over to Ihop for dinner where kids eat free.  That is my new 'thing'.  We have to wean ourselves off of eating out a lot and so if we do eat out then its going to be a restaurant that has a kids eat free night.  After dinner we walked over to Best Buy and got a pair of headphones for Grace or Aaron to wear.  Now that Aaron can watch movies too, he will need a pair for the car ride this weekend down to Torrey.  Then we walked back up towards the car and got some Cold Stone ice cream and headed home.  The kids were so cute running along the sidewalk.  Everything Grace does Aaron has to do too! Except he always takes longer! 
Daddy and Sarah before we headed out to dinner.  I was worried because she was sleeping and I had hoped she would have awake time during dinner time and so forth but she didn't.  So I thought for sure I would be up with her a lot last night. But in fact she slept pretty good and didn't have her recent 3am-5am fussy period.

Daddy peeking while I took the picture. :)
 This is how Mommy puts the hex on Sarah.  I give her a bath and nurse her, then she fell asleep while I burped her.  So I swaddled her up and laid her down.  I thought I was done for, for sure when I took the picture because the flash made her open her eyes, but she just went back to sleep.  I got to be careful with the flash usage in the future!
Tomorrow I have lots to do.  I have to finish laundry and pack us all to get ready to go down south to Torrey for the weekend.  I have to hit the grocery store for snacks and food we are taking and ice for the ice chest.  I have multiple lists going.  I only managed 4 loads of laundry today and one was our sheets from a major Sarah blow out this morning.  K tossed some more clothes in tonight so hopefully that will be wrapped up easily tomorrow.  We are leaving as early as we can on Saturday.  It only takes about 3 hours but we will probably have to stop to nurse Sarah. 
Going to finish watching The Biggest Loser now.  I recorded them and saved them to watch until after I was pregnant.  I did that with Aaron and I definitely feel like I need some working out motivation. 
Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Monday, May 21, 2012

What we have been doing

Took this picture of Sarah the end of last week.  If she would have been here for Easter I would have had her wear this dress.
 My big boy, Air Bear, loves to sit at the table now.  Except he still has to learn some manners, asking to be excused and so forth.  But he is doing an excellent job using utensils these days.  Here is eating his favorite breakfast food, bananas! Love his little feet tucked under him like that!
 This picture I quickly took of Sarah before we headed out to church yesterday.  Another adorable dress! I tried to get one of Aaron in his new shorts and shirt but, my battery died the instant I picked it up to take his picture.  A bummer too, because he is learning to smile for the camera and has the cutest cheeser grin.
 My sweet big girl wearing her new blue paisley dress from Nana, she was so cute in it. 
 And then of course my little peanut today. It's a right of passage to wear the Nana onesie and have your picture taken in it.  I am glad I got her in it today, because it was a tight fit to get the snaps to snap at the bottom. 
I got a walk in this morning with the kids and 2 baskets of clothes folded and the kids towels washed.  (Important because they has baths tonight)  However I didn't get anything else done!  If Sarah was awake then I was holding her.  If Sarah was asleep then I was regulating Grace and Aaron every 5 minutes.  That happened all day today, even though Aaron got a great nap.  Looking forward to nice weather this week.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


We went to Costco today and then to the grocery store.  These pictures are my new wallpaper for my phone.  I ADORE these kids, I mean look at those grins! 

My sweet Sarah, she was happy and chilling out in her car seat while we were in Costco until she fell asleep right after I took this picture.  Then she was upset while we were grocery shopping.  My easy baby is proving to be not so easy, she likes to be held lately unless she is eating or sleeping.  I can nurse her and she will be looking around, so I put her down in the swing or the Papasan chair and 2 minutes later she will be crying and she gets madder and madder.  She also seems to be like daddy and not like the heat much.  She cries and gets all red and sweaty and then break out in a lil heat rash, like baby acne on her face.
But she is a decent sleeper and doesn't have a lot of fussy times.  She will spit up a lot when she she nurses a lot, like after she has had a long nap.  Also I think she may have hair like daddy.  It used to curl up after her baths, although she got a bath tonight and it didn't, but maybe because there isn't as much now.  We will wait and see!  She is always frowning! I can't wait to see her smile often and hope she is a happy girl.  Aaron was so serious for so long, but now he can cheese it up with the best of them like his big sister!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Clothes and Updates

We have been having such nice weather here, my only bummer is that I don't have any clothes that fit for summer.  But I hope to remedy that in 2 ways soon.  Losing baby weight and some hand me downs.  K and I went on our first date on Thursday night.  We went to the Cheesecake Factory and Grandma had all 3 kiddos.  Ironically enough, we went to CF on our 1st date after we had Aaron, except in SD.  Totally didn't plan it! It was delish!
 Sweet Sarah.
 Love baby feet1
 I LOVE this dress my Nana and Papadaddy sent Grace off of Zulilly.  I love the colors and the paisley's.  I have been thinking about how to incorporated paisleys into the girls room when I redo it.
 Red and blue outfit for Aaron, so sweet!
 And then pink and blue for Sarah.  I love how these 3 outfits kind of go together.  The blues all go together and I wish I could put Sarah's in her right now, but I think it might still be a bit big for now.

 She always looks so grumpy...well maybe she is because I am not holding her.  She is proving to be a baby who likes to be held.  Even right after she gets fed and burped.  Which makes getting things done hard.  I really need to practice more with my Moby Wrap, 
 This little sleep sack came today and its the first one we own that has long sleeves.  All of our sleep sacks are sleeveless.
Some Grace and Aaron updates:  Grace has been sleeping in panties for just about a week now and doing great.  No accidents and no problems, she is such a big girl.  Her dance classes are over now, but I am wanting to get her into some swim lessons I think.  Just need to find a class that is a good starting time. 
Aaron has been talking up a storm the last couple of weeks.  His favorite word right now is No and he says it so sweetly that I chuckle most of the time.  His other big thing within the last couple of days has been screaming like a banshee when he gets really mad for whatever reason.  That I do NOT chuckle at, and point in fact send him straight to his room.  But this morning he asked for eggs for breakfast and chowed them down.  He still is a very picky eater, but he is becoming my big boy and has been wanting to eat at the table with us. 
Sarah is sleeping good and if I let her sleep with me then we both sleep better.  I try to re bundled her and put her back in her bassinet but that only works 50% of the time. 
She is asleep right now on my chest while I type this, so hopefully I can lay her down and she won't wake and they will all nap together!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

I was going to do a blog post tonight, but I just got Sarah to sleep and I have been on Mommy duty all day.  So I will upload new pictures tomorrow.  (Just had to stop typing to run downstairs and gave
 Sarah to Daddy so I could go in and comfort Grace, who woke up from a bad dream)  I took these pictures yesterday with my phone and sent them to my email, so I was able to upload them with one hand while I nursed Sarah.  Nana and Papadaddy sent these outfits for the kids, Grace new Big Sister shirt and Aaron's Elmo outfit.  Which I didn't know he knew who Elmo was until I showed him this shirt and he started saying Elmo! 
 Totally flashin a cheesy grin on purpose! The shorts are kinda long on him, but they look really long in this picture because of the angle. 
Today I graduated Sarah up to a size 1 diaper and went threw and separated some of her newborn clothes out.  No more NB size for her!  I am hoping for a good nights sleep tonight, I got the big kids down to bed at 8 and then nursed Sarah but she was fussy afterwards and just finally fell asleep at 9:40pm.  So I am going to go back and get her and bundle her up and then read my book a bit before hitting the hay myself.
Hope everyone had a nice Sunday and Mother's Day...I personally get a re-do later on once K is back on his feet.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What We have been Doing

It has been really nice weather this week in the mid 70's and 80 today, so we have been enjoying the summer like weather.  Took this picture of Sarah on Monday.

Grace and Aaron were making mud pies or mud something on Monday and I washed them several times during the day before and after nap, but they napped really good and had a blast so I was cool with it.

Aaron looks so skinny here, so serious, so loved!

You can't tell, but she was almost as dirty, I think Aaron had help getting himself that dirty.

Took this picture of Sarah today of her cute little brown dress.  I put a brown and white onesie under it because when we left this morning it was still a little cold out I figured for just tiny straps.

It probably would look cuter without the onesie, but oh well!

So I decided to head over to Wal Mart to check out their water tables, since we are having such nice weather.  I thought it would be better for the kids to be playing with water outside instead of digging in the dirt. (On a side note...why is it my children like to dig in the hard packed dirt, when we have a pile of dark compost dirt that in my estimation would be much easier to dig in??)

The water table was a huge success, although it took me much longer to put it together that I thought, despite only having 8 screws and most everything snapped easily together.  Lesson learned, screwing screws into plastic is a lot harder than it looks.  Also putting a water table together, nursing a baby, and making lunch for your toddlers is a balancing act...what do you do first?? Feed them.

So I thought that Grace's bathing suit from last summer (3T) would still somewhat fit her until I got her a new one.  However that is not the case it is really too small and she was fussing and crying that it was too tight.  And I could see that it was.  Aaron however still fit into his 12 month board shorts and his 18 month wet suit-ish shirt fit as well, so his bathing suit needs are not so desperate.
I let the kids play until 1:30pm today since they were having so much fun and everyone had such great naps.  Grace and Aaron until almost 4pm and I had to wake Sarah up at 3:00pm to nurse her.  Although she went down for her 'nap' earlier.  :) 
I think K and I are going to have a date tomorrow night.  Grandma is scheduled to babysit around 6pm and I am trying to decide if I want to bring Sarah with us to dinner or leave her with Grandma.  Not sure yet.  Looking forward to another nice day tomorrow! Happy Hump Day!