Monday, November 30, 2009

Its Christmas Time!

I am so excited for Christmas to come. KSov and I got our tree yesterday and that was a disaster! We had multiple tree stand issues, filling the base a total of 3 times up with water! Yes once our tree fell over and dumped water all over the floor and the other time it just leaked it out.
KSov had to finally go buy another one. Also, it turns out that Pooks is afraid of Christmas trees, vaccuums and scccaaarrry pine boughs. Who would have thought? At one point I grunted lifting the tree out and that set her off just a bawling, because I grunted holding a giant Christmas tree.
We took some pictures and I promise I will get some on here some day soon.

Anyway I am excited that tomorrow is December and I have lot of plans, one of which is to have a special stress free Christmas! Yesterday was stress free in the sense that the tree is now done and over and smelling all fresh in our front room. And I have lots of other plans trying to come together!

Well just checking in tonight with a quick post because KSov is in Idaho and its late already! Night!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Some Old Pics

These pictures are a few I don't remember posting that I took. The last ones are of the jeans that my Grandma embellished for Grace. They say Pookie Daddy's Girl on them. So cute!

Here you go Kayla...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Temper Tantrums Second Hand

So many of you have not been BLESSED to expeirence a Pookie temper tantrum, although you have been blessed with your own childrens temper tantrums, which I may or may not have been a part of. Heh. These videos may be annoying after a few minutes but they kinda make me laugh to because she gets so bossy! I have no idea where she gets that! She really want the camera. And actually I took the happy video first, but then thought it was funny to show her little crabby face for posterity.

Memaw thinks she may be teething. And I am sure she will EVENTUALLY get those darn teeth in, but she gets so grumpy when we try to clean her nose or feel her teeth or lotion her or too much hugging or too much walking when she doesn't want to walk. But Pepaw should like the throwing arm.

Anyways she is a doll as always, and I am loving it!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Isn't she cute?

Just a quick lil Hello. KSov took both the following pictures one has the flash and one doesn't but I thought it was interesting that they look like they were taken at different times of the day. But we wanted to post pics of Pooks with her cute lil yellow jacket from Nana and Papadaddy. Pretty cute smile in both pictures huh? She sure does loves her daddy to be smiling that huge huh?

This was at lunch at Costa Vida, they were high fiving each other.

Last night we went to a store and used a super awesome coupon for a Christmas present. I was really stoked about it. I will however not mention any more because that would ruin any possible surprise.
Last night Grace did not sleep very well. She woke up crying at like 12:45 and I finally went in and rubbed her back and she fell back asleep. That happened again at about 5am and then she finally was up at 6:45 for good. We had a good day today what with getting laundry done early but Pookie had absolutley horrible naps. She is normally such a good napper so when she gets bad naps at home I know she doesn't feel well. She slept for like half and hour this morning and wouldn't go back down. We finally went to Subway for lunch were we made our grocery list and then went off to Winco to shop for our BYU vs. Utes football game Saturday after Thanksgiving.
She was so tired today with only sleeping for like another 20 mintues in the car on the way out there. We tried to leave her in her car seat and put a blanket over to keep her asleep, but this girl is so social and always has to be in the middle of whats going on.
She also has learned to shake her head if she doesn't want something. Mainly, if she doesn't want Mommy or Daddy feeding her something. It is sooo cute I will have to get some video of it and put it up. She did it a ton today, mostly because I don't think she was feeling good and just didn't really know what she wanted. We didn't get a lot of smiles either just some grumpy stares.
We just came upstairs after watching Transformers 2 and throughout the movie she has been a bit fussy even though we put her down an hour early at 7pm.
Hopefully she gets a good night sleep tonight and is back to her regular self. She should not be feeling bad though because she is on antibiotics from her ear infection and almost done with it. Depending on how she feels in the morning we might have to take her in and see what the deal is.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Can you find Minnie?

Here we are being distracted by a grocery ad. What huh Mommy, What did you put on my head?

ARG MOMMY! I am trying to play here, can't you see I have important things to be doing and it not wearing Memaw and Pepaw's hat.

Mommy! A little help here, Mommy? Mommy? Where are you?

Oh there you are! Can we take this off now?

Bath time!

Mommy your so silly!

My tongue is so loooong!

Mommy I am HILARIOUS! Can't you tell?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I can point!

Just a few pics I tried to get of Grace. She leaned towards the camera, like Gimme That!
Brand new leggins, worn for the first time with this cute summer dress and we come home from daycare with a split in our bottom! Mommy I sure do love the remote.

I put a long sleeve white t-shirt that was size 6 month and too short for her lil baby belly but worked good under this summer dress with leggings. Cute huh?

Woah! There you go again taking my picture!

So here is the video I took of Pooks pointing. Everytime, and I mean everytime we go down the hall and she sees the pictures she purses her lil lips and says, Da! or Do! Who knows what that means but she LOVES to point at the pictures or try to take the frames down. So I got the camera and tried to get a video. I took this, this week and KSov is gone so this is one handed holding the baby, videoing, and thwarting her lil hands from grabbing the frames off the wall. We got a lil bit of pointing for you.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Squash for Kayla

I only took a couple of pictures with my cell phone, oh wait I just remembered I did take a small video of her pointing to the pictures in the hall. But its too late now to post them! So here is a couple of from dinner. She was eating spaghetti squash and then throw it on the floor for Kayla to eat it! Ha Ha!

A cool thing I got this weekend was new running shoes. My sister had given me a Visa gift card for my birthday and I had orginally intended it for when I got my hair cut and colored. Unfortunately that day it seemed like every cashier I tried to use that at couldn't figure it out! So I have been hanging on to it and forgetting about it. When we were out shopping this weekend we went in to Famous Footwear to check out shoes. I found a cute pair of pink and grey New Balance running shoes on clearance for $50 and with buy one get one half off we got a wonderful pair of casual shoes for KSov. So anyways I busted out the new shoes and new ankle socks tonight and they are awesome! I needed new shoes they felt so good to run in.
Anyways, enough for tonight its already midnight! I stay up waaaayyyy too late when KSov is out of town!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christmas Shopping for Pookie

On Saturday we went Christmas shopping for Grace at Toys R Us and got her some presents. We decided to just buy a couple of things because she really won't understand the whole concept and she doesn't need a lot either!
Here is a stocking stuffer we got her. Can you imagine our sweet lil girl broke her other Grace sippy cup?? Yep a toss off the side of the high chair took out one of the handles. It still works but we thought that this one has a straw-like spout and a strap for her to carry around when she is a lil bit bigger. Cute.
The Poppy thing to push around. She liked it, I let her test it out in the store.
Actually we let her test everything out!

The ever classic See N Say. Fun!

So we also made a list of other Christmas toys other people can choose to purchase for the Lil Miss. We would like to have some more wooden blocks, she has colored shape blocks that she loves. Also some Lego Duplos. Those are the bigger Legos for younger ages, that they can't swallow. Please normal colors if you buy these, regular blue, red and yellows. No pink princess styles. :) Also we found the Playskool Busy Pop something er rather. I forgot what its called exactly but remember its a classic. You either push a button or flip a switch or turn a dial and the door pops open to reveal a lil plastic animal? That was on our list. Also any of those bead chaser thingys. They are wire in funny shapes and swirls and loop d loops and have beads on them that you can chase along. Thats not too confusing is it? LOL and then lastly we were looking at some kind of riding lil train or car or tricycle. Just one of those cars she can sit on and push with her feet along. So that is some other ideas for toys and you know what we bought her for Christmas already so hopeful thats helpful!
Oh and this video of Grace is with this green squishy ball we bought her. She loved it in the store! We had to search threw the bin to try to find one that wasn't grimy. Then when we got home I wanted to video her laughing with this ball and realized as you will see that this is definetly a supervised toy! Lol. But she just thinks its amazing!
KSov is going out of town next week so I will try to post some stuff, but it not be that frequent!

Friday, November 13, 2009

She's a walking...

Here are 2 videos I took of Grace walking. Of course the one on the right is the one I took first and then you can't ever see her face in the one on the left but you can really see her walking. She knows how to walk she just has to want to! Plus she thinks its funny when she is close enough to just lean into mine or KSov's hands and not really move her feet.

This little girl thinks she is hilarious now. She loves to throw things on the floor and cracks herself up doing it! She also loves exploring the dogs water dish and only stops when we call her name in that tone. And then say No No.

Poor Briggs he is such a good dog with her. Today he was laying with me on the floor in her room and she kept crawling back and forth from her room where I was and our room where daddy was. A few mintues before she had been interested in Briggsy and was doing good pointing at him. (Yes now we point at the dogs and pet with our one finger instead of hitting them). Then she crawled to our room and was playing with her triangle toy for a min. The next thing I know she is back with her thumb in poor Briggsy eye trying to stand up using his head and eye ball for support. Poor dog! He just layed their and took it the whole time, what a good boy. Kayla on the other hand doesn't even let the Lil Miss even get that close! She is up and out of there before she can come to a complete stop!

Speaking of Lil Miss, KSov discovered an amazing song the other night and I hav been trying to figure out how to post it on my blog. So instead of keep this blog waiting, I am going to wrap it up and see if I can't post it seperate later.

Today we got the Jeep cleaned up and ready to sell. We also came across a couple used Ford Taurus that we looked into buying. As soon as we sell the Jeep we are going to buy a run around car for me. I will miss driving our truck but I know KSov will be happy driving it, and it means getting out of a car payment so I can be at home with the Lil Miss. Tomorrow we are going to check out some used cars we saw on KSL try to get an idea of what we want and what we can afford and what will last. The one Taurus we saw was a 1996 for $2495 with only 80,000 miles on it. Thats what we are looking to spend is between 2-3 thousand. So hopefully we will sell the Jeep faster than the Yamaha, ha ha! KSov is still putting the bike up but I have no more pre-conceived ideas of selling now that its winter. But maybe who knows! If not it will get sold come spring. All in good time.

Winter, ah yes we are supposed to get a storm sometime today or tomorrow we will see if it comes this weekend. I really hope so I am looking forward to be warm and cozy by the fire.

I just have to wrap this post up with a short little hooray for me. I have been working out on our treadmill. I orginally decided to, not to be healthy or lose weight but mostly to put my anxiety about money into a healthy outlet. I was constantly stressing about not being home with my baby and being a good wife and stressing about money this and money that. I know that I was driving my poor husband insane if not away, and I didn't want that. Nor did I ave any control over it despite what I wanted to think. So I have been spending my nights on the treadmill after Pooks is in bed and today wrapped up my 4th week! I am feeling good and may or may not have lost 3 pounds which I am really not concerned with. And I may have lost inches, who knows?? I haven't changed my eating habits too much because I don't want to obsess on my weight. Just trying to drink more water and less Coke. And with the Thanksgiving and Christmas coming and all the treats I don't want to add another stresser.

The last 2 nights I played with using the 5K event training. Um yeah that kinda kicked my butt. It starts out slow for like 2 minutes! Then jumps to a 6.5! The highest I have ran is a 6 for maybe like 30-60 seconds! HA! I gotta build up to that running at 6.5 but I have been going for the 3.1 miles. I am so glad that I no longer feel so much stress and anxiety about that. I know that I will get to be home and that we are working towards that goal, together as a team! I love you all........................................xoxoxo

Thursday, November 12, 2009

10 Month check in!

So in some of these pictures Daddy had the flash on and so I look really washed out because my hair is so dark. I re-dyed it and had to use 2 boxes, because my hair is so long so some pieces came out a lil darker. But I had to post these pics because the smile on the Lil Miss is just edible! Cutest snow bunny ever!
Yes she can point now!

Can't get enough???? Neither can I!

Here is one of the video's I took. Listen to her just babble on and on! She is so strong, she can pull herself up. I mean tonight she pulled herself up like a pull-up! She was hanging onto the edge of the dining table, and KSov said she pulled herself about an inch for a couple seconds! Even the nurse said so. She is such an awesome baby. She is fighting her 4th ear infection and such a trooper. She is now 21lbs and 7 ounces at 10 months old almost 29 inches long. She is almost walking. Well I guess she technically is walking because she can take a few steps but nothing has moved her to just keep walking. This morning she was standing by my side of the bed while I was downloading the videos of her I took onto the computer. First she was amazed and second she kept standing there balancing on her lil feet and then she would feel all proud of herself and look at me and then laugh into the side of the mattress! What a hoot!
She still has stranger danger with men.
Today we went to visit my old branch and a gentleman customer was talking to her and at first she stared and then all of a sudden she just started bawling! My co-worker was holding her and she cried into her shoulder. Then Mommy took over and she instantly stopped crying.
Then she was all better! Ok hmmm well I got to get this posted and watch my movie with my hubby!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday afternoon

So this video is a few days old and I don't think I posted it. But I don't have anything new to post from today. We just chilled at home today. I did laundry and then we went to Winco for groceries. I got soooo many good deals. 1lb packages of strawberries for .98 cents and my regualr oven roasted turkey sandwich meat which I normally pay 3.20 for I paid about 1.50 for! Plus we had coupons for a free brownie mix and a free apple juice. We only spent $30! We didn't really need a lot but we still got good deals whic I love.

Ok well time for bed for me. Hope you enjoy the video.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Some Saturday night fun

Tonight I was cleaning and vacuuming our bedroom and I heard Grace and KSov playing in the other room. So I went out there and they were playing with one of the dogs bells. We have jingle bells on our back door for the dogs to ring when they have to go out. They usually only ring them when they "really have to go". But our Lil Miss thought that chasing one of the jingle bells and throwing them and ringing them was lots of fun. Oh and no worries this was a very supervised game. Here she is giving Daddy a good..."Rugga". We made that word up for Briggs when we first got him. And now use it for lots of things but lately she likes to chomp our shoulders and yell into them at the same time as she arches her back and kicks her feet into your side. Almost like, "Mommy I love you so much I have to yell and slobber all over you!!!" So thats a Rugga.

She was wearing cute clothes this morning but this was the third outfit change. We had 2 leaky diapers today!

Here Mom gimme that.

I love this picture one because she looks so darn cute and the other because after this KSov and I were sitting foot to foot making a small pen with our legs for her and we would take turns "walking" her to the other parent. By that I mean holding her from behind like Daddy is here and seeing if she wants to try to take a couple of actual steps. And guess what?? She actually did! She took about 2 steps unassisted from Mommy to Daddy! Then she started getting silly on us and just sort of leaned forward to the other parents outstretched hands.

Ok so here is the video of the bell chasing. Check out that arm!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Not a lot to say...

Just some cute baby to gaze upon... Look at that lil diapered lil baby butt!
She found the jeans that Great Grandma sewed neat stuff on, like flowers and Daddy's Girl, and was amazed.


Good night and Happy Birthday Memaw! I love yous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cute Baby Pictures!

After dinner I was crawling around trying to take some pictures of the Lil Miss with a new onesie on. This was the first one I took with the flash on. I think its kinda of neat and cute. She kept crawling over to me and crawling in my lap and yelling into my leg, like cute lil babies do. So this of course was immediatly after the flash went off and she was like, HUH?

I did get a pic with the onesie showing! I scheduled her "9" month check up for next week. Ha Ha I know we are a lil bit behind. I wonder what she will weigh then! Look at those dimples.

Briggs was being so good she kept crawling over to her doggy and wanting to bang on his lil nose! What a good boy!

Monday, November 2, 2009

I love Asparagus, Yes I do....

I love Aspargus How about you??? We had aspargus for dinner tonight and boy did our sweet girl love her vegatables. She is so cute.

Tonight I got my workout on again. Day one in the beginning of week three. Can you believe that it is now November? This time last year KSov and I were working hard to get the floors done because family was visiting. I was busting my pregnant butt! LOL Now we have Grace and she is so much fun! Of course we still haven't painted all the doors and put them back up or cleaned the garage, but all in good time. I am enjoying my husband, my baby, my doggies life!

KSov and I have some vacation days left we are planning so I am going to be taking the 12th and 13th off. The bank is closed for Veterans Day and so I will have a long weekend, maybe do some shopping. And then I think I will be taking the 21, 22, 23rd of December off. We are open on Christmas Eve till 2:00 and it seems silly to me to waste a whole PTO day when the bank closes early, so I will go back in to work for the half day.

On a side note, KSov told me this morning that Miss Dawn at daycare will be taking at the minimun an extended leave of absence of 3-4 months to resolve some personal issues. She was so upset telling KSov that she would miss our Lil Miss so much. She really does care for her a lot. But she is such a good baby, that most everyone loves the Pookster!

Oh my I got all of Pookie's boxes of goodies from Grandparents and Great Grandparents! Thank You so much we are truly blessed! She has lots of clothes to fit her now!

I want to get her some knit tights and the best deal I found was at Old Navy. $6.50 for a pair. There isn't a lot of color variety there though, mostly cutesy prints and white, pink and red. I was hoping for a Maroon/Burgandy pair to match this top she has but wasn't able to find any in my searching last night. I will keep looking. Let me know if anybody knows anywhere to find a good deal!

Ok off to bed I go!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Night

So Daddy and I decided to be The Farmer and his Wife with our Lil Cow.

I love these pictures because she kept sucking on my nose and she thought that it was hilarious to do that to me!
After we got home and I was putting her to bed she had just finished her bottle and was doing this same thing and then she burped! Milk and Grandma Janeen's chinese noodles! Disgusting!

Here we are all together.

Pookie at first on the Carousel. She didn't know what to think at first. Plus she probably was getting tired.

Here she is while we were eating. Trying to get her to smile. Or capture the smile at least.

Ha Ha she is looking at Daddy.

Daddy your so silly!

Daddy was dropping his hat over her head and she thought it was sooo funny!

Huh Mommy?

The Pookie and her Mr. Moo Cow.

So here is the video I tried to take of her on the Carousel. She didn't know what to think at first, but then in the middle she starts laughing at Grandma. Oh and this video is a lot of up and down so if it makes you sick, I am soooo sorry. So here are the highlights of our Halloween! Hope you enjoy!