Friday, June 29, 2012

Cleaning out the Junk Drawer

(I tried to post this last night but it wouldn't publish and it got too late, so here it is now)
Yesterday I decided (don't as me why) to clean out the junk drawer in our kitchen.  There was probably other more productive things I could have done.  But I think I wanted to put something away in the drawer and it wouldn't fit so I started cleaning while the kids were napping.  Shortly after my little Air Bear woke up so I got Grace up and they helped me play with the stuff I found.  A tiny package of purple NERDS candy.  Delicious to Grace's but apparently not to Aaron's because I kept stepping on them with my bare feet.  Then we played with a leftover package from last year of Pop-Its.  Those little kind of mini firecrackers (but not) that you throw on the ground and they snap.  The kids thought those were great.  Then we found exactly 2 latex gloves, the possiblities of fun were endless! :)
It's funny because growing up as a teenager we didn't have fireworks, but out here they are kind of a big deal (not really to me, too dangerous for little satisifaction).  Thats the one drawback of July out here is that people buy fireworks (sometimes they drive to WY to get really BIG ones) and since it doesn't get dark until like 9:30 right now they are shooting off these huge noisy obnoxious fireworks in the neighborhoods. It's really annoying.
 But anyway, some cute pics of the kiddos. My "big kids". ;)

 Uncle Sam wants YOU!  :P
 My sweet little peanut, after her 2 month checkup.  She was 12 pounds 5 ounces and 23 inches long.  In the 77 percentile and 81 percentile. I am thinking she has daddy's long arms like Aaron, but mommy's thighs. ;) Lovin' those baby chubs right now.  I missed out with Aaron my lean little man.

 The start of a smile here.
 Checking herself out in the mirror.  She is so aware, she tracks me a lot and if she sees me coming by her in her chair when she is crying to be held she will stop crying.  Of course if I don't pick her up then she starts crying again.
Grace is doing so good.  I went outside tonight because the wind had blown the blow up kiddy pool into the grass because there wasn't any water in it.  And I noticed that yesterday when they were playing with their chalk and latex gloves and bubbles etc. outside Grace was writing the letters she knows.  She LOVES writing the letter H.  In fact today at the grocery store my list checker gave herself the letter H tatoo with my blue pen on her arm. But tonight I noticed that she had H's, O's and E's all over the patio.
Also Grace was so obediant tonight when I asked her to go upstairs and clean her room. She actually was doing it without any help from me and was staying on task and bringing Aaron's toys to him. That was great!
Aaron has been talking more and more and he is so funny. He loves his daddy so much and yells DaDa whenever K comes home from work or whatever. He is getting really silly too and the two of them can play pretty well together when they get into it.
Tomorrow I have to get his room kind of cleared out, because I have some teenagers coming over on Saturday to paint his room!!!
Last week our church sent out a special request email asking for service projects for 150 teenagers to do this Saturday. They are going to a leadership conference and wanted to serve us. Boy was I all over that!! I have been thinking and thinking of how to get Aaron's room painted so I could switch the kids and put the girls in the bigger room. So I submitted my project and will have about 4 teenagers taping and painting and moving furniture on Saturday morning from 9-12pm. I need to get most of the little things out so it will be fast. Because I am going to a lighter color it will probably need 2 coats, but with fans to help dry I think it can be done. I will take pics of course and let you know! Can't wait!!! Then to decorate the girls room and switch them! I have a ton of ideas in my head but one thing at a time.
Well time to go to bed. I stayed up till 11:40 last night (typical when K is gone) and then Sarah woke up at 12:20, I was tired for that one! Then she woke up at 4 and then finally 6am. The crazy thing was then Grace comes cruising in my room at 6:30 and Aaron starts cooing at 6:50am! Sometimes Sarah will be awake for an hour in the early morning and then nurse and go back to sleep until like 9:30ish. Yeah not today...but it was good because we had to go to Home Depot, the bank and the grocery.
Anyways enough side tracking from me! NIGHT!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Baby Clothes

I have been meaning to go through Grace's old 3-6 month clothes I had put away.  I had it labeled 3-6 months but I had some 0-3 months in there as well.  It's been fun to see Grace's old outfits and put Sarah in them.  I love these pink camo pants.  I have been putting Sarah in 3-6 month zippered pj's and I think that she won't be in those very long.  Her 2 month check up is on Wednesday.  She turned 2 months last Monday and I kept meaning to get them all in (so I can get the big kids vaccines as well) so I am a little late. But I moved her up to a size 2 diaper last week, she is getting big. 
It's funny because she has these chubby little thighs and tiny ankles and long thin arms. Such a mixture of Grace and Aaron. 
 She had two good nights of sleep where she slept from about 8pm to 3:45am almost 8 hours.  Last night she woke up at 1am again like usual, but she is still a really good sleeper at night.  Today she a really good nap and I got some stuff done!  Yesterday we pulled up the exersaucer thinking she might like it better than the swing.  However she was only happy with Grace and Aaron keeping her company.
 My helpers!  Daddy had to go to Idaho yesterday for an overnighter, so we missed him this weekend. But he should be home shortly, he just text me he landed.  And we are watching the end of Peter Pan right now then off to bed for the kiddos. 
 You can't tell here but Sarah falls asleep in a football hold almost every time.  So sweet.
Hope everyone had a good weekend! Ready for another week!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Such a Happy Baby!

Last Friday we headed out to Wendover for or annual Father's day car show trip.  I realized in the car on the way out that my camera battery was completely dead.  Then when I got home I went to charge it and my computer couldn't or wouldn't see it.  So I thought it was dead.  But then K plugged it into his computer and it fired up. Which is good, but I don't have any pics from last weekend which is a bummer. 
When we were in Torrey for Memorial Day the hotel had an indoor pool, but it was freezing cold and the kids were freaked out and it took them forever to try to get them in the jacuzzi.  Last weekend in Wendover the hotel had an indoor pool as well and it was really warm and the kids LOVED it.  We borrowed an inner tube from Beau and Zoey and both kids were actually kicking their legs and blowing bubbles and were wet head to toe.  Grace was even jumping off the edge into K's arms, over and over again.  Coming up for air sputtering and immediately say, "Again! Again! Take me to the side Daddy!" They went swimming Friday and Saturday night and did not want to leave the pool. They conked out pretty quickly but Friday night Grace had a nightmare /terror in the hotel and K had to take her into the bathroom because she would NOT stop crying. It went on forever and finally he got Curious George on his phone to distract her.  It had been awhile since she had one of those.
I took these of Sarah smiling yesterday.  She is just such a sweetie, so easy going and chill, unless she wants to be held, then she wants to be held usually while your walking around.  And she doesn't like the swing.  I stick her in the swing and she just cries, unless Grace is entertaining her.

 This morning Grace wanted to hold Sarah and I was trying to get a pic of them together smiling, but couldn't.  Still cuties none the less!
 Today we got a late start and headed to the grocery around 10:50, but I was so organized and Grace was such a helper that we booked it through the grocery and made it back home right after noon.  Grace held my list and would cross off things after we got them. We would talk about what the first letter of the word was and I would have her try to find it on the list.  She found a couple all by herself! We use one of those extra long carts that have the 2 seater in the front and Aaron was such a good boy and sat still the entire time.  Sometimes he wants to get down and run around, granted he was buckled in, but he didn't peep!
 We came home and Grace entertained Sarah (As usual) while I made the big kids lunch and then nursed Sarah. It was hot today so they didn't play outside a lot.  Well Aaron played but he cooled himself down (as usual) in the pool, dousing himself!  Got keep tradition and get a Sarah pic in the papasan chair with the Pepaw blanket! Thanks Pepaw your the best! Such good taste!
 Trying to get a close up of the letters, I guess too much light.
 Today at lunch Aaron dropped his granola bar and I got up to get it and took a picture of him real quick so we could have one of the boy for the blog.  He was telling me he dropped it. "Droppp!"
This week has been zooming by so fast, and K has to work this weekend, Saturday night a special job up in Idaho so we will be missing him.  He is such a good daddy, rocking Sarah to sleep while he plays 'Abba Dabba' with Grace.  (She has a little star wand and she tries to say A-bra-cad-bra!) Love him to pieces!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Getting ready for Wendover

This was from earlier this week.  My ever faithful helper Grace, and my little boy in the background, faithfully getting into the drawers he can now reach.
Books she got from Chik Fil A and her cute hair
3-6 month size outfit
Aaron loving on his little sister this morning. Yesterday and today he has been saying, "Hi!" to Sarah so cute! This morning he wanted to hold her. I told him to sit back and he laid down, so I just went with it and laid her down too.  Only she wasn't really having it.
I spent all day getting ready for Wendover, packing, shopping, laundry and cooking.  It should be our easiest launch yet!  In the morning K will take the dogs to the kennel and then pick up some breakfast burritos for us.  I will be home feeding the kiddos breakfast and loading the last bit into the car.  The Expedition is gassed up and mostly loaded, so we just have to get the kids buckled and head out!
Now if we can just get Sarah to sleep, she has been a lil bit gassy and restless.  K thought he had her down, but she started stirring again.  It's Murphy's Law you know, because she has been having some good nights.  Hopefully its just tonight and the next 2 nights in the hotel will be good as well.
Hope all the dad's have a good Father's Day weekend!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Some Cute Outfits

I was rooting around in the picture file today and realized I never posted these from last week.  I found this outfit in the 3-6 month bin of clothes I saved from Grace.  I am excited because now Sarah has an outfit for the 4th of July as well, and I love that Grace wore it too!  The big kids have new 4th outfits from their Nana and Papadaddy and this should fit Sarah perfectly.  Today I put her in a new 3-6 month outfit from Nana and I will hopefully get that pic up tomorrow.  It was a lil bit big, but fit her.  She was 11 pounds 4 oz when I took her in last Saturday.  She had an infected tear duct and her eye was getting yucky.  I was worried because that is how Grace's ear infections would start. I keep forgetting to schedule her 2 month appointment, hopefully tomorrow!
 Sarah wearing her whale pjs from Memaw, fit perfectly and so cute!
 My big girl being silly.  Oh how I love her silliness.

I have been fighting with a sore throat this week, just been all mucous-y and really over it.  Today I was sore from my work out yesterday, but after dinner I walked with the kids to get a frozen yogurt and then Daddy came and picked us up.  It was really nice.  Tomorrow I have to run around and do some last minute errands and then finish up the laundry and pack us for Wendover.  We leave in the morning on Friday.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Date night and some Bubbles

Saturday night K and I had date night and his mom watched the kids.  We went shopping, ate dinner and saw The Avengers, which has Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk.  I love Mark Ruffalo and didn't realize he was in the movie until I was in the movie. It was a good movie.  K and I usually leave the comic book movies and say to ourselves we should buy the whole series,but we never do.  Well besides we don't really watch movies over and over anyway.
 We got the kids another bubble wand so they were outside playing with them on Sunday.  I also got Aaron some sunglasses for $2.

Today we had playgroup, then we headed home for naps.  Last night Sarah only woke once around 2:30 I think and then slept until 6:40, which was great! I was able to get a short work out in today while she slept this afternoon, and hopefully I will be able to start working out with my SIL.  She is looking for a work out buddy and I need an extra pair of hands to push a stroller! :)  We played phone tag a few times today.  We are looking forward to our annual Wendover trip this weekend.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Splash Pad

I have been trying to take pictures of all the fun things we have been doing so here are some of the kiddos at the splash pad by our house. Aaron is my water boy as I have said and the kid went right over to the first jet stream and looked right down at it.  It shot right into his face, poor kid, but he kept doing it!
 Trucking along in his water shoes.
 Me and my sweet girl.  She wasn't getting into that cold water, even though it was warm out.

 That's Aaron under the second arch.

 Sarah checking out her elephant, she is becoming more and more aware of her surroundings.

Last night she was awake form 4-5:40 and she was just hanging out looking around.  But she made up for it by sleeping until 9:30 which I totally needed.  Because when she woke up at 4am I was beat and didn't even hear K whenever he woke up and left for work.
Looking forward to another nice summer day tomorrow (and better naps from our little peanut!).

Sunday, June 10, 2012

What we have been up yoo

So its late on Sunday night and I want and need to get to sleep so this is going to be a short post hopefully!  A couple days ago Aaron fell into the window well.  The kid is a hazard lately and just last Saturday I was telling my SIL that he hadn't ever done that.  Then Thursday I think it was, we were coming back home from dinner and he lost his balance leaning too far forward and just toppled right into the window well.  And the day before that he fell off the back of the couch.  Poor kid, we were really worried when he fell into the window well though because his eye looked really bad and we thought we might have to take a trip to the ER.  Luckily with lots of ice on it, the swelling went down and he is getting a black eye now and it is starting to look better.
 I was able to get a picture of Sarah looking at her bee and herself (there is a mirror above the bee) so cute!

 Friday we had super nice weather but the day was off and on good and bad.  We were looking forward to some friends coming over to play in the pool and water table, but they were unable to make it unexpectantly.  Then the kids went down for naps and I was going to take one too, but Daddy came home unexpectedly with a coworker and the dog woke the baby up=no nap for mommy=crabby mommy. 
 Then when Grace woke up from her nap she was constipated again so we kind of had another freakout (although much less crying than before) and once I got her off the potty we were able to run to Rite Aid for some suppositories and prune juice.  Which helped.  Then we made dinner and ran off to our local splash pad after dinner. But it was a long day by myself because Daddy had lots of paperwork to do and was late, so I like I said good and bad. The kids were playing underneath the back porch steps, thinking they were clever and hiding, playing in the "pool".  A bucket of water Grace was sticking her feet in.  Silly little girl.
I finally got a decent picture of Sarah smiling!  I just love her to pieces!  She smiles at me so much!  Almost after every time she nurses she smiles away, and she LOVES smiling at Grace. I just can't get over how much help Grace can be with her.  Such sweet girls.
 My big girl helper!
 Such a cute outfit from her Nana.
Yesterday we ran around to get parts to fix our leaking sink and hose, then K and I got ready for a date night.  It was great and I had been looking forward to it for a few days.  We went shopping (I had to return something at Target) and we picked up some new pj's for me! Then we went to Tepanyaki's and had sushi.  That's where they cook Japanese style on the griddle in front of you.  Then we watched The Avengers which was SO good.
Today we were beat from our late night, but K got the lawn mowed and worked on a few house projects before we headed out to a 1st birthday party for a little girl in our playgroup.  Busy busy but fun day.  Now I am headed to bed!! NIGHT!!