Thursday, April 28, 2011

After Nap

Got my Grace up from nap today and had Aaron with me. I usually sit him down in the glider to hang out while I change her diaper. Today Grace wanted to sit with him and read him some books.

Ok I love this picture of Grace because she is totally sitting like her Daddy. It cracked me up when I saw it! And of course Aaron is a cutie too!

She got tired of him trying to grab her book, so she went to the floor to read.

Also my sweet little Aaron is going to be pulling himself up soon! I looked over while changing Grace's diaper today and he was grabbing the fabric on the arm of the chair and hoisting his mid section up! I couldn't believe it! It seems like he is becoming more and more full of personality and such by the day!

Well time to get off the computer and get to bed!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tulip Festival

Instead of play group today at the usual house, we all went down to Thanksgiving Point and were able to get half off admission for the Tulip Festival. At first I was thinking, that it might be boring, but in actuality is was a ton of fun! We had 8 moms and 11 kids with one on the way! What a group, huh! It was a perfect sunny day and although it was a little chilly at first it was perfect with a light hoodie. The kids had a blast and so did us gals too! I did learn some things about myself and being a mom. 1.) Get yourself ready first. (Aaron slept through the night again last night. Thats 3 in a row!) So I have been getting used to more morning time, but just mismanged how long it would take to pack and get ready. This was the first field trip I did without K's help and there was a lot to have for 2 kids for just a short time. I thought I would have more time this morning to do my makeup and such, but not so much. And I ended up being so late and lost (although I think that ended up working to God's purpose anyhow, my being late and lost)
2.) Make a list. I normally make a list for a lot of things. However this time I didn't and regret it because I forgot our camera. And I forgot to put sunscreen on the kids and they got a little bit sunburned! I feel horrible about that, especially because if you know me I am normally a sunscreen nazi. And I hate not having the things I want and need for special outings and such.

But the kids all had a blast, this pic is of Grace, and her friends R and A. They are all both about the same age. This picture I took with my phone, but right before that they were all sitting perched on there little knees checking out the view. We all picnicked in the park and then headed home.
The kiddos were tuckered! I can't remember the last time Grace fell asleep in the car. You know what this says to me?? I can't wait for summer!! (I think I have a summer girl 2.0 in the making) and long days outside means for good naps!!! I pulled up in the driveway unloaded the car and then Aaron and she was still asleep. Finally since I figured I wasn't going to get Aaron or her to go back down I decided to run out to the grocery and just try to let her sleep a little bit longer on the way to the store. Except she woke up as soon as I started the car. But she was a sweetie in the store and we needed to go anyway.

After dinner tonight we headed over to Baskin Robbins because today they were doing the .31 cent scoops. We also had a $2 gift certificate so we paid .34 for 7 scoops of ice scream. (They are a little bit smaller than usual) But of course Grace chowed hers! And then she was asking for more of ours. I don't know how she didn't get a brain freeze as fast as she was eating it! We let Aaron try some of our ice cream. First he has some of daddy's chocolate fudge, then I gave him a chocolate taste, but he really started macking it down when I gave him some of the Mint n Chip! Could this boy be like his Great Grandfather??? I mean he was grabbing my arm and pulling the spoon to his mouth!! See he has a chocolate face to prove it! It was a great day!

Tomorrow a friend is going to come over and we are going to talk about me tending her kids in the afternoons for a few months till they get a house bought and she can stay at home. Hopefully it is a good thing!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Pics Part 2

So this is what Aaron wore to church, however right before we went to Grandma's his diaper leaked and I couldn't have him go in a wet onesie so I had to change his outfit. He was wearing yellow and white and grey, just like the rest of the family. Grace was wearing yellow and white and Daddy and I were wearing grey and black. I was wearing stripes too. I did rinse out his onesie and bring to grandma's to wear for pictures later. Because it was so late when I was able to get the pictures taken I just had Grandma take them with her camera instead of trying to do both cameras, but as soon as I get them I will post them. Grace right before the Easter Egg hunt. The weather wasn't warm in fact it was windy and chill but the kids still had a blast doing the egg hunt with both real and plastic eggs.

Ok every time I tried to get a picture of Grace actually finding the egg, she would move out of my view and I would just get her picking up the egg or her back, like this one.

But this was her excited face every time! (The necklace is not part of her outfit. She loves the plastic Mardi Gras beads and both Grandma and Aunt Crystal let her play with them. I think she likes to mimic them, because they always wearing necklaces. So anytime she gets to Grandmas she finds some beads and Crystal always gives them to her to play with as well.)

You can kind of tell she was exclaiming here over finding an egg.

Grace with her stash, she didn't really find any eggs herself, but had a total blast doing it!! (I bought her dress on clearance at Target. I thought it was a 3T but it is actually 2T, so you can have an idea of how her clothes fit.)

Grace doing the tradition of Egg Rolls, which is not the oriental food. The idea is you take the colored hard boiled egg and roll to another person's egg and if your egg cracks and theirs doesn't, then you are out. Till all the eggs are gone and the person with the most wins is the overall winner.

Her egg rolling toward Marshall's.

Aaron at Grandma's after she took pictures of our family. I tossed the Easter onesie back on him after it came out of the dryer. I just wished I had the white one underneath as well.

Grace reading a book to Aaron.

Hugs for Aaron.

Smiley boy!

Grace going down the stairs on her bottom with the kids.

Today was a really good day. First Aaron slept through the night again. And then he got a really good afternoon nap and slept for 2 hours! His morning nap of course was short and interrupted my workout, but I went and grabbed him and walked with a little on the treadmill to calm him down before setting him up in the swing for the remainder of my workout. Got 3.5 miles in and 450 calories, which is good because I have been eating way too much Easter candy.

Hopefully tomorrow is nice weather because we have a field trip planned for play group!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Pictures Part 1

The kids Easter baskets. I got them each some used books at the used book store months ago and and then had some coupons for Crayola Colored Bubbles and Sidewalk Chalk which I split between them and of course some candy and other stuff. Aaron waiting for Grace to be changed, then we dropped a glass and had to clean glass up in the hall before our Easter "reveal".

Grace was so excited and Daddy was right about her not missing the Easter baskets on the hearth. Of course I couldn't get a good picture because her back was kind of towards me and then the dogs kept getting in the way, but she was thrilled. Showing me her Robins Egg.

At first she was all about Aaron's basket and we kept telling her to bring over her basket and show us. Finally she did!

Stuffing a Peep into her mouth. I thought to myself, "Really? I said you can have it, its not forbidden!" I guess she was already practising for the game Chubby Bunny where you stuff marshmallows in your mouth and have to say Chubby Bunny.

Showing us the eyes on the Peep. I have to get a recording of her saying, "I like Peeps!" It is so cute.


My guys! Aaron and his Easter basket, he loves it!

Lately I have been setting Aaron up on the floor because he can sit very well by himself. He doesn't fall very often only when he is reaching for something or pulls the toy on the right onto himself.


I have more pictures from Grandma's house and will try to get them up tomorrow. Today was a good day. Aaron and Grace both went to bed late about 10pm but Aaron slept through the night. He got up right before 7am and off our day went, I was able to get the house picked up a little bit and both bathrooms cleaned up. Aaron slept only for 40-50 minutes for both his morning and afternoon nap, however I tried for a third hour long nap at 4pm and had to wake him up at 6pm!

Time to get to bed I am wiped!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Getting ready for Easter

My little boy is just so precious. He is so filled with life. I adore his smile. He gets so excited about things. Lately he loves standing, with my help of course. I put him in his high chair and he locks his knees. He has such a sense of humor and gets when I am being silly with him, because he will watch me out of the corner of his eye and then crack up. I keep trying to get him watching his hands, but alas he blocks his face.

What a handsome boy!

Aaron didn't sleep through the night last night, but he did the night before, from like 8pm-7am. It seems he goes every other night or every 2 nights these days. But I am happy with that. Plus he is still so easy to put back down at night.

Grabbing both feet now!

We are so excited about Easter tomorrow. Last year we didn't do an Easter basket for Grace because she was too young to realize, she wasn't getting one. But this year she and Aaron are both getting one. I will take pictures tomorrow. Funny story, I was putting the Easter baskets on the table and Daddy wanted to put the baskets on the fireplace because that is how he had them growing up. So we did Paper, Rock, Scissors to decide where they went. He won and they are on the fireplace! He says Grace will see them right away because they are on her was like the Easter Bunny doesn't come down the fireplace, although I couldn't tell you how he does get in! LOL!

We have a busy day tomorrow and I plan on taking some new family pictures because we will be looking nice. (Hopefully!) I went to Target today and got the kids some new clothes they had a bunch of clearance stuff and I had a hard time not buying everything! I wanted to get them some kind of matching outfits for Easter, and I wanted Aaron to have a collared onesie. I think I managed it.

So tomorrow we have a yummy sausage and biscuit breakfast planned, followed by church (of course we have to celebrate Jesus raising from the dead, the most important reason!!) and then back home for naps and cooking before heading down to Grandmas house for food, family and egg hunts!

I hope you all have a great Easter! God Bless!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lunch and the park

So on the spur of the moment we decided to go have an early lunch and then go to the park. (Once you say the 'P' word then you have to go the park!) Grace started out with 2 buns in her hair but then her hair was too clean to keep her fine hair in them. So one fell out after she put her hat on and I gave her one pony tail and one bun!

I love this sweet little hat on Aaron! I had put it away and then forgot about it! I am so glad its 3-9 months and he can still wear it! It stays on his head really good and is soft on the inside and woolly on the outside, so warm!

Plus he is just adorable in it! I don't know why he was making this face, I got the cutest picture on my phone with him in it smiling, but wanted to get some on the camera to add here to the blog. So this was the best I could get with my camera, I think he was started to get tired because he fell asleep in the car on the way to the park.

Grace and Mommy on the swings. Why is it that you slouch when you sit on the swings?

Grace is such a good climber, she has no problem climbing all these spirals and bars and such!

My favorite girl doing her favorite past time! Face forward!

She would scream with pure delight going down!

Wee Wee Wee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was a weird day for Aaron. He woke up at 5ish this morning and I nursed him and put him back down, except he slept until 930am. So he didn't really have a morning and afternoon nap like he usually does (well sometimes) and he fell asleep and at weird times too. Also he was spitting up a lot and acting really clinging and fussy. I put him down for an afternoon nap at about 230 and then was going to jump on the treadmill. I got about 20 min into my run and he started screaming. I stopped the treadmill and ran upstairs to give him his paci (because he will sometimes take those now) and settle him back down, but he was not having it at all. So I went back downstairs finished another 10 minutes hoping he would cry himself to sleep, which he did not, before going up to rescue him from his meltdown.

I went to the dentist on Tuesday and had a cavity filled. I almost forgot about the appointment too! It was at 9am and I got up and Grace asked to brush her teeth. So I said sure, and then it dawned on me! I need to leave for the dentist soon! Aack, luckily I was on time, but apparently I am hard to numb up on the one side (I had thought it was the other side because it had been 3 years since I had a cavity). It's so annoying being way numb afterwards don't you think? I was numb until like 2pm! My gums by that tooth is still sore and healing.

I can't believe it's almost Easter! We are trying to decide whether to take Grace to a big Easter egg hunt on Saturday or whether we want to work in the yard. It's supposed to be nice weather.

Time to get to bed! XOXO