Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

A quick update on our Halloween.  This year I wanted it to be inexpensive and so I let Aaron pick between a dinosaur his costume last year (it still fit because he is so skinny) or Grace's tiger costume from when she was 2. He picked the dinosaur as you can see.  Sarah also was not happy about being a little cow. The same costume Grace wore when she was like 9 months old.  I got Grace's Alice in Wonderland costume for $10! I figured she would want to be a princess of some sort but didn't want to pay $40 for any of those so I was stoked to find the costume for so low and she loved it.  And now we have another dress up dress to wear! Bonus!

 Checking out the stash.
 Grace was more interested in the little rind and coloring book she got than the candy, which is typical and of course Aaron wanted to eat more and more candy!!
 Surprise peanut!
 And just for giggles I tossed in one of me.  I got 15K in steps in today so felt pretty ok with eating a few pieces of candy.  I am at my pre pregnancy weight now but would like to lose maybe another 20?? We will see how that goes, what with the holidays coming.
We had a great Halloween...hope you did too!

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