Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fall Happenings

We have been having the most wonderful fall weather this year and I have been trying to take advantage of it and be outside while we can. Sending the kids out to play, since they have this play set to play on now. This was our project this summer. I don't think I ever posted final pictures, bad me! We found this play set used on KSL and drove down south with a trailer, took it apart drove it home, unloaded the trailer (returned the Uhaul) then spent the following weekend or two putting it back together. (Piece of advice if you ever do this take a lot of pictures and videos my husband is a genius for this!) Then we power washed it and stained it. Then the rest of the summer was spent reconfiguring the sprinkler system. We used to have sprinkler head behind the main structure there spraying out, but we rented a trencher (well K did all the trenching) and put our new sprinklers along the border of the wood posts. This spring or summer we will do the last step and get some rubber mulch to fill in the dirt. Oh and you can really tell but behind the slide is a picnic table (where they love to eat lunch) and behind the rock wall is a small box area which we made into a sandbox. So they have the best of everything.

We took these pictures a few weeks ago, I just haven't gotten them up yet. They had a blast trying to get daddy with the leaves!

Such concentration!

Our first furbaby..Kayla...enjoying the outside family romp!

Trying to get me with grass 

Not paying attention to attacking kiddos...

Oh No! They are getting me!

They got me.

Such partners in crime, I love that they are best friends...all three of them.

Driving in her cozy coupe

Sneakin or being chased! 

Me and my peanut who is growing so fast. She is such a talker these days. The other day in the car she had the hood up on her jacket and Grace pulled it down. She didn't like that (she loves wearing hats and beanies and such) and she instantly told Grace, "Not nice!" Clear as day. I tried to get her to repeat it, but it was like she had to be in the moment. She is definitely going through the terrible 1 1/2's...yeah I know it's terrible 2's but she has such attitude already. She loves playing games on my phone and tonight threw such a temper tantrum when I took it away from her. I think we made a mistake the other night when we went to go to dinner at a restaurant but they were packed and so we decided to just go to another restaurant in the same parking lot just across the way. So since it was cold we just loaded the kids in the truck and drove over but we didn't buckle them (we were going super slow). I think Sarah thinks that she can just ride that way all the time now, she will pitch the biggest fit about getting buckled and arch her back and lock her knees. I have to force her in her seat to buckle her! And she is strong!

My Grace, she is learning so much. It's amazing what a sponge she is. This morning I was typing something on Facebook and she was reading it out loud over my shoulder as I typed! Oh and for Nana and Papadaddy, Daddy and Grace have been reading the Raggedy Ann and Andy chapter book at night. She loves it. Another game we started playing with her is hangman. K and I used to play it when we were dating. So she likes that and we have been teaching her, her vowels and she loves saving the guy from being hung.

Aaron is doing great with the potty training and we haven't had any accidents in a long time. He still wears a pull up at night.  I had the thought the other night that he is going to be in the other twin bed before we know it. I think he has like 4 or 5 inches before his feet hit the end of his toddler bed. Tonight he had 2 regular sized pieces of pizza from The Pie! He is still my tenderhearted sensitive guy. I was writing each letter on this magnetic drawing doodle pad we have and asking him what the letter is and he got them all right except for like 2. He still adores all things superhero. They watched the Incredibles when we ran off to Jackson Hole with Daddy last week for his work (such a blessing). He wants to watch it all the time, or have his Batman outfit on, or his Buzz Lightyear costume. I found him a pair of used plastic Buzz wings that you can out on like a backpack and a shooter gun both for $15 on KSL and I'm going to give it to him for Christmas, he is going to be so excited for that.

As for K , the last 2 weeks has been at home mostly. Last week he had a PM in Jackson Hole and we worked it out so we could all drive up together and spend time together instead of another 3 days away after he had been traveling so much. It was nice and it was so pretty, but COLD! I didn't realize how cold it was and didn't pack as well as I could have.  However we all survived and it was supposed to be light packing as we were all crammed into the Escape with K's tools and parts. So he has been home the last 2 weeks and it has been nice to be together as a family.

I've been working out hard still. Doing my T25 program and whatever else I want to do that day (sometimes P90X, sometimes Insanity,sometimes a little Hip Hop Abs). I need to get my pushups back up to par and want to build more muscle. Been doing good with drinking my water.  Also been finishing up all my books I've been reading. Finished a mom's book, "Mom...and loving it!" Good Bible study for young moms mostly. Read the Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey...and I listen to him in the evenings too. Almost debt free! Currently almost finished with Every Body Matters by Gary Thomas for our small group study about fitness and spirituality. Winter of the World is the fiction book I'm reading by Ken Follet it's his 2nd book in his WWI trilogy. If you haven't read anything by Ken Follet I HIGHLY recommend that you read either Pillars of the Earth or Fall of Giants. He is an amazing writer and has an awesome way of making a period of time seem incredibly real to you. Fall of Giants is the first book in the trilogy about WWI and the Winter of the World is about WWII. Pillars of the Earth takes place way back...shoot I don't even remember the time period. But is about a community in England with monks, and lords, and peasants and how they are all centered around the building of this church.
Anyway that's what we have been up to! Long blog and now I need to go to bed and get my rest, we are all fighting a cold and I need to kill it!
Good Night!

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