Friday, November 1, 2013

Room change and Halloween

After Aaron's birthday I decided to finally move Grace into the 'girls room'. I had been relunctant because Grace and Aaron are such best friends, but Sarah has been sleeping through the night since she was one and it really was time. Besides Aaron napped by himself so I knew he would be OK. And truthfully he has been. We waited until after his birthday to reinforcehim being a big boy, and having his new train table in his room helped that immensly.
So I put Grace's bed on the outside wall, orginally I was going to do the beds  differently but I really liked how they ended up, especially with the changing table.

The only downfall is that the light switch is right above that blue basket on the changing table and so now Aaron can't reach the light switch, but hopefully when I do potty train Sarah next year she will be fast and then we can enventually get rid of the changing table. I do put her clothes in it, but she can easily share the dresser with Grace. 

I hung the Raggedy Ann picture above the changing table again. It's so heavy I didn't want it above Grace's bed, in case the big one ever comes! At least if it falls while Sarah is getting changed an adult will be with her.

Aaron's room minus the twin bed and now including his train table. They still love it, but I got figure out a good sytem. Train tracks everywhere kind of drive me a little crazy.

Her sister wanted her to dress up as TinkerBell, so she did.

The three musketeers playing trains.

Oh my gosh we had such fun this Halloween! Aaron was going to be Buzz Lightyear orginally but we ended up getting some hand me down superhero costume/dress up outfits and I convinced him (which he was fine with) to be Batman. I figured he would outgrow Batman sooner than Buzz and then it would be harder to make a Buzz helmet and wings. I had just gotten a cheap .99 cent black mask, but then last minute I saw his Batman mask and cape for $9.99 and since I paid about that for Grace's wig I got it. He loved it, and he loved the fact that K put on his cape and went as the OTHER Batman. Grace was Princess Merida from the movie Brave. I got her dress last year on clearance and she has loved playing dress up with it. I got the wig this year and she was thrilled. She didn't like how it sat at first but I clipped the hair out of her face and she was happy, and had such a huge grin.
And Sarah of course was a purple minion from Dispicable Me 2. The first movie had yellow minions and they were nice as far as minions go. When I took Grace this summer on a date to see the second movie I knew that Sarah had to be a purple minion for Halloween. The second movie the yellow minions get turned 'evil' and turn purple. Basically they grunt a lot and make evil minion growly noises. For so long that was our Sarah (she actually has come out of her shell lots in the last 6 months) but she was sooo cute dressed as a purple minion. And the people who had seen the movie and recognized her costume thought she was soo cute! She got the most candy too I think. Oh and if anybody who didn't have trick treaters in their house I would be more than willing to send you some candy!
They had a blast and trick or treated the longest they had ever! It was an really awesome night! I love them so much!! 
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