Monday, December 20, 2010

2 month

I love how my Lil man is all passed out and cozy with his daddy. That was taken on 12-11-10 You can see how much bigger and fuller his face is getting. This was just taken Friday.
I love this pic of Grace, we were getting ready to go see the lights. Look at her eyes just a twinkling!

Ok so I know I haven't posted in AGES! We got back from San Diego, rested a bit and then had my brother and sister in law visit last week from Washington. We had a ton of fun visiting and seeing how much my nephews have grown. Monday we had Aaron's 2 month check-up (more about that later) and then Tuesday we all got together for a family picture. We then went out to lunch and visited for the day. The darling husband had to go out of town to Denver on Wednesday thru Friday and the kiddos and I went to his family's Christmas party. Grace befriended her...(2nd cousin I think) and had a blast playing with her cousins again before they headed back to Washington. Hubby drove back (safely) through the snow storm on Friday night.

Saturday morning we got up and went to breakfast and then came back to the house for the afternoon before heading out to take the Lil Miss to see Christmas lights. For some reason I had it in my head that Utah didn't have any big displays or neighborhoods that did that, but Daddy managed to find some good ones. We went to one street first that was great and did the Night Before Christmas theme. Then lastly we went to this one house that was AMAZING! The owner had huge faces in 3 of his trees and he coordinated them talking to each other. You tuned your radio in and listened to it go with the music. We had to wait in line for a while because the show lasted so long but it was way cool, and luckily we got a "spot" to park and watch it.

Sunday we just at home and relaxed. Unfortunately last night Aaron did not want to go to sleep after his 10pm feeding like normal. I think his tummy hurt and he fussed and cried until 12:30. But on the flip side of that was that he went almost 7 hours without waking to eat. I thought for sure when I was going to sleep at midnight that I would be waking in 2 hours at 2:30 to feed him again, however he didn't wake till 4:40 and I felt somewhat refreshed. Odd to feel refreshed after 4 hours of sleep, but I suppose when your waking again after just 2 or almost 3 then your doing good! HA!

So Aaron's appointment went good. He weighed 10 pounds 15 ounces and was 22 inches long (I think if I call recall correctly on the height). The pediatrician did think he was jaundice and was going to have his blood tested again but decided after seeing him for the whole appointment that it was just in his face and not to. He called it breastfeeding jaundice and apparently its something that happens and they don't know why. (As long as the picture place can photo shop his picture). The Dr said he wasn't worried as long as he is eating real good and giving me lots of went and poopy diapers. Which he is, and so he will grow out of it.

He has still been on the meds for his reflux and that has been helping. I think I will see how far this new bottle gets us and see if he has grown out of it by then. (Unfortunately I spilled the bottle while in San Diego and had to pay for another prescription).

He is getting to be such a big boy and holding his head up real good for long periods and looking around a lot too. And the topper was he smiled last night for me! I kept trying to get him to smile again for Daddy but he wouldn't have it. Right now he is snoozing away in his swing while I update my blog and had some lunch.

As far as Christmas goes we are trucking right along towards it aren't we? I still have to do the kids shopping and was waiting for daddy to help with it when Grace can be at daycare. I also still would like to take Grace to see Santa, even though I know she will probably spaz out.

We are also hosting Christmas Eve dinner so that should be fun. In fact this morning I got up early and took the kids to the grocery to get that shopping out of the way. I got mostly everything I need and we needed some things to eat before Christmas too! We have been on "vacation" for way to long and not eating at home.

Right now I am sitting here finishing this blog and probably going to have get up and get Grace from her nap and see how much time I get before Aaron wakes from his. It fact I should run and jump in the shower real quick! Its been nice today to get back into the routine of our new normal here at home. Merry Christmas!

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