Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving Trip 2010

I am still in San Diego but wanted to post some pictures. These pictures are from my mom's camera. I hadn't gotten my pictures downloaded yet. So the whole time I was planning this trip out here I kept emailing with my baby brother who is stationed with the Navy out in Virgina, to try to get some leave to come out an visit at the same time. Well it turns out that my parents flew him out as a surprise to everyone! They surprised me on Thanksgiving night! Here is my brother coming in!
I even started crying...

My baby brother T playing ball with his niece Grace.

Grace's cute Thanksgiving outfit, she woke up from her nap and everyone was she was a lil shy.

Nana and Aaron, her great grandson meeting for the first time.

Sweet baby boy.

Pepaw and the Lil Miss.

Papadaddy and Grace, she finally warmed up to him....

My sister M and my baby brother T.


Nana and her great granddaughter!

So far so good I also have some pictures on my mom's camera from Halloween that are so cute! Hope you enjoy!

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