Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve and Such

I know I haven't been blogging much lately. We got a new camera for Christmas and I need to get practised at uploading my pictures and taking them.
I tried a few times this morning to get a picture of Aaron smiling with my phone. The problem was that my phone camera was to slow!
This one is my favorite.

Last night I washed the FuzziBunz diapers and we adjusted all of them as well. Today was our first go around with trying them out and so far I have changed one wet diaper! Why that is exciting to me I don't know. But I think he looks so darn cute in them! He also appears to be like lil bunny foo foo in this pic as well!

Today we went to Wal-Mart (thank you Daddy for braving that with me!) to exchange a gift. We got the things we needed and then grabbed lunch. It was snowing again when we left. We got a huge storm here on Wednesday and it snowed about a good foot of snow! We had an adventure trying to get to a birthday party that night and mommy got lost because she took the wrong freeway. (Don't ask me why I was thinking the 215 instead of the 80 and so I never found the 2300 exit on the 215 because it doesn't exist!) But daddy came and saved us and we wound up at the party anyway!
Tonight for New Years Eve we are just having a low key night. In fact I doubt I will be staying up till midnight if I can help it anyway. The last few nights I have been up late after Aaron was asleep just taking some time for myself. But I think an early bed time is in order. We are going to try to get a movie tonight.
Last night I made PW's Rosemary Cheese potatoes to go with the Ham and Bean soup I made from our leftover ham hock we had. It was supposed to have thyme and we didn't have that so I made it with Basil instead and had some smoked sausage as well. Pretty good for a whim (although I had to cook the beans for an hour and the soup for another hour and half so it took awhile.)
Looking into the New Year I don't really have any goals or resolutions. I just have to eventually jump back on the treadmill and I have been getting closer to that lately. Its like I can feel my body ready to stretch and run and be active again. I do have some organizational goals that I want to do with the house but I have decided to take those one at a time. My goal will be to remember to take one project at a time! I tend to get ahead of myself with all of these ideas and then get a lil wound up when my house is chaotic and I can't get it cleaned how I picture it.
One thing I did to that end was to pull out a tiered shelf with wire baskets and put it into our coat closet to stick all of our hats and gloves in it. I was telling my hubby that I hate having no place to store the gloves/hates and scarves for 3 1/2 people. It seems like winter wear is everywhere! So he suggested a tub with drawers! Well we already had one in our garage that used to be in our old bathroom. I re purposed it and now have the spot for all that stuff.

Grace has been LOVING her new toys. Every morning she wakes up and says, Toys? All day long its toys toys toys and some more toys. Naps are so sad because she can't play with her toys anymore. Oh and another new favorite word of hers is guacamole. Except she says it Ma Molie! I love it! She loves her tricycle and says Papou every time she sees it. And she loves her lil kitchen and picks up the phone and says, Pepaw or Memaw or Nana. And she loves her lil picnic table and has all of her play food scattered all over it. Eventually these toys will have a place to be other than in our living room. But that is a project for after the holidays!
Our lil Air Bear (my new nickname for him) is smiling more and more, although daddy is skeptical of that because he always misses it when I say quick he is smiling! He still loves being held and he loves sleeping, when its time. For instance today he was starting to pass out on my pillow and we were getting ready to go, so I asked Daddy to put him in the car seat. Daddy picked him up and he started frowning and grimacing in his sleep. Like he was so mad and put out that we were moving him from his cozy spot. He is also having more alert times and holding his head up really well.
Well this post is getting to be really long and I need to get a shower before my free time is up!

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Beth said...

He's got dimples like big sister! Love you all!