Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Finally some pictures

I finally uploaded some pictures from the wedding and the rehearsal dinner.  Aunt Meghann and Aaron at the rehearsal dinner.
 Mother and the groom...
 Uncle Cameron and Grace goofing off.  It looks like she was trying to escape or she was being squirmy, but he was actually letting her go here, she was having a blast.
 Uncle Taylor reading to Grace that weekend..she totally soaks up her attention from her Uncles and Aunt.
 This is my absolute favorite picture from that kids and my siblings!
 This picture cracks me up because litterally seconds before the camera flashed she was smiling this sweet huge grin, but then the camera caught this picture!
 Grace at the wedding taking pictures with the disposable camera.  Having a blast.    I will have to try to post a video of Grace dancing.  She danced the night away in her sweet flower girl dress and was a hit on the dance floor.  My little show stopper.
 The bride and groom listening to the speeches.
So far our trip out in SD has been a blast and we have been super busy, visiting family, camping and hanging out.  I will try to get some camping pictures up real soon.

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