Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pumpkins, Tools and a New SUV

Hey everyone..finally got all my most recent pictures uploaded. I remembered to bring the camera for our pumpkin picking experience. We had a field close by our house that I noticed one day had a ton of pumpkins growing there..then a few days later they had a sign up that they were a pumpkin patch and were selling them. It was great to wander through the field and pick our pumpkins. The only bummer was that Aaron fell asleep five minutes before we got there and stayed asleep the whole time we were picking. He woke up when I was about to buckle him back into the truck.

Grace sure had fun though, trekking through the field trying not to trip on the roots choosing which pumpkin would be the biggest and one she could also carry. Doesn't Aaron look so long in my arms?!

This is Grace showing us her muscles, which you need if you are going to pick up pumpkins.

Mommy and my sleeping little bear.

She found her pumpkin.

So officially Daddy has a new job. I may or may not have mentioned it and his official first day was on Monday. He went on Saturday to FedEx to pick up his tools. 9 boxes that filled the bed of the truck. I went outside and he was a kid at Christmas checking out all the new tools the company provides. Things he has always wanted to work with before that the prior company never allowed. He is so excited to be working for Schneider Electric and already they are proving to be a professional company that really takes care of their employees! The kids climbed up in the back with me and thought they were cool too.

Aren't they just so darn cute?

Whining about something.

Oh this picture cracks me up! So this is Daddy's new ARC (sp?) flash suit. At certain times when he will be doing some work with high voltage he has to wear this suit. (Something the other company never mentioned at all) I told him what a great Halloween costume! He looks like something from a sci-fi movie. I am so glad for the safety measures Schnieder Electric follows and also so thankful that nothing has happened to him for the last 5 years!

Grace showing me her 'peace' sign. I forgot that Murray on Sesame Street ends the show by saying, "See ya next time on the street-PEACE!' And one day she was talking to me and was like, "Peace!" and flashed her peace fingers up. I was like where did she learn that?? I asked her and she told me Murray in Sesame Street. Also a friend of ours Jo taught her I Love You in sign language which she loves doing as well, although she has a little bit of trouble keeping her middle fingers down. So precious!

And finally.........The New To Us Expedition!!! It's just like our old Explorer but with a third row seat in the back. I actually finally drove it myself for the first time yesterday. Daddy drove it around this weekend and I love it.

It has a 6 disc cd changer, heated mirrors and heated seats. The drivers side doesn't work but K thinks he can fix it for me. (I LOVE having a handy husband!) Cruise control, running boards (which I love cuz I am short) trailer brakes and an after market chip to help monitor something or rather. Love all the cup holders and big console, oh and it also has the keyless entry on the outside which is nice for the winter I can start the truck warming up while I gather kids and don't have to worry about it being stolen.

I actually did my grocery shopping today after playgroup and it was so nice to load all the kids and groceries and not have to fight for a spot. Right now I think I am keeping the third row of seating in even though it makes for less storage room in the back. It was funny though because we took the car seats apart to wash the covers this weekend and had to put them back together on Monday. So we stuck the kids in the third row to play around while we did that (or really K did most of the work, since he took them apart) and the kids thought being in the very back was a blast! And now Grace always asks' me, can I be back there? I tell her yes when the new baby comes!

We had a great morning at playgroup, got lots of good play time in and chat time in for mommy. I really do love my playgroup moms, they are the best! Then a late lunch and a late grocery trip that we hurried through. Kind of ironic too, because us moms spent about 10 minutes trying to find Aaron's paci at playgroup this morning and then I lost the paci at the grocery store today. He must have spit it out and I didn't notice until we were on our way to check out and I wasn't about to go retracing my steps through Winco. Oh well!

Tomorrow is Thursday and I start my planning for our trip to SD this weekend for my brother's wedding, I can't wait! And then back home again for a week an a half before heading back to SD to go camping. So busy but so much fun!

Well I hope you enjoyed the pictures! God Bless!

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