Sunday, December 18, 2011

What are you doing?

While I was in San Diego I went in to check on the kids during naptime or get Aaron, something like that and I found my sweet Grace had tried to climb out of the crib and had gotten stuck.  The picture of Aaron was right after, the flash kind of blinded him.
 Look at that face! My sister took these pictures for me because she kept getting mad at me for trying to take a picture with my cell phone! lol

 My kids snuggling together! I so love that, they are so precious.  Look at those baby feet!
So yesterday I was supposed to pick daddy up at the airport at 2:15pm and I needed to go to the grocery too.  So after Aaron woke up from his nap we headed out for an early lunch and then rushed through the grocery store (busy on a Saturday before the holiday).  We hurried home to unload the groceries and grab the dogs.  I had scheduled a 2pm dog grooming appointment for the dogs.  I figured since it was the holidays and I was pregnant I would pay to have them all clean for when K got home, and for the holidays too.  I had spent about 20ish minutes on the phone on Friday talking with the gal who tried to find me in their system.  They couldn't find me and I finally determined that I had fallen out of the system since it had been more than a year. (We had taken the dogs there to get groomed for the first time before Aaron was born when we were dealing with the MRSA fiasco).  So we scheduled the appointment and she told me that depending on what type of groom I got for them would depend on the cost.  And that was it.  No other information was given.
So I got home unloaded the groceries and loaded the dogs into the back of the SUV (normally they go in the truck, but being by myself they had to go in the SUV), I had planned to get there about 10 min early so that I had plenty of time to get to the airport, park and take the kids in to see their daddy! (Luckily we live close to this new Petco and close to the airport, otherwise I wouldn't have schedule it this way.) 
I get to Petco and take the dogs in.  The girl comes out to greet me and immediately asks me about the rabies certification.  I immediately have my hackles up because I know I don't have them nor was I told to bring them.  I think they will have it on their collars, but no the lady says that doesn't show a date.  So she tries calling my vet, like where did she get the phone number so fast too?? And of course they don't by law she CANNOT take the dogs.  I ask for the managers name and number and who was working the day before because they did NOT tell that information.  (Important information for someone who they deem a new customer don't you think??)
I was LIVID!  I now had to take my dogs back home and then go to the airport to pick up my husband.  I was pissed and pregnant!  I called the manager and was talking to her before I dropped my phone while trying to put the dogs in the backyard.  (So no resolution.)  Oh and then K had text me on the way home from Petco, so he had landed early. So not only was I pissed, but I was emotional too, because now I was way late.  One of the reasons I was so mad was because the woman in the grooming department was just so rude, and I think she was the one who took my call, because she told me that she worked yesterday and she didn't even OFFER an apology.  I worked in customer service for 10 years before I stayed home with my kids.  Sometimes you have to at least pretend to kiss some a$$.  This woman could have cared less that she had potentially done anything wrong.  I will probably try to call their corporate offices tomorrow, and be like a dog with a bone, because it was so upsetting and inconvenient for me, mom on the go, pregnant with two toddlers trying to get my husband from the airport.
Oh and I have to write this down before I forget.  Grace was so cute today.  She was talking with K and she was like, "Daddy your so beautiful.  Your chin is so beautiful.  Your eyes are so beautiful.  Your hair...I scratch your hair ok?"  Where does she get this stuff??
Then Aaron was cracking us up because he was blowing raspberries on K's tummy and getting it so slobbery but it was hilarious!!  He thought he was so funny, well he is so funny and cute too! Love my lil air bear!

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