Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I just had to post this sweet picture of my little Air Bear.  He just radiates sweetness sometimes! He is wearing his new little wolf hat from his Nana and Papadaddy.  He had a rough day today and seemed extra whiny.  But I suppose it has something to do with that top tooth coming in slowly.  Today I got a slow start on the day.  I wasn't sure what I wanted to do whether I wanted to get out of the house or clean.  In the end my laziness decided I would clean, because I didn't really want to take the time to look put together! Ha! So I picked up the kitchen and living room and then took the Christmas tree down.  I vacuumed which led to a melt down for Aaron.  I don't know why sometimes he acts like he is afraid of the vacuum, and other times not.  Weird.  Then we had lunch and I took as little of Grace's crib down as I could in order to get it out of her room and down the hall. (Which was difficult because her room was a disaster area and I didn't want to clean it for that task) My plan tentatively right now is to get the desk sold in Aaron's room and then put him in Grace's crib and the matching changing table in his room and then take down his crib to wait for the new little one. 
But after today and only partly taking apart Grace's crib maybe I won't care so much for his furniture to be matching.  And we will just move the crib to the garage for the next 4-5 months. 
Still not sure where I am going to put little baby girl when she is ready to move on out of the bassinet.  I am hoping she will be a good sleeper and be able to go into Grace's room.  But we will just have to play it by ear. 
Then after naps we cleaned up Grace's room and got it organized.  I have been going a little crazy and not wanting them to open up a lot of presents with little pieces because there isn't a system in place for Aaron's toys specifically.   I have to do some shuffling around of our coat closets and such so I have a place for their 'art' supplies.  Crayons, colored pencils coloring books and play doh need a new home.  Right now Aaron's favorite thing is to get into the cabinet were they are stored and dump the crayon bucket out and then put them in his mouth.  He colors a little bit but then Kayla starts eating the crayons-thus a big mess. So then I put the crayon bucket on the counter and then the counter starts filling up with 'stuff' and then I lose my mind again!
Daddy is having a guys night tonight and we have playgroup tomorrow morning.  Time for me to go read my new book,  The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo.  I probably should do some laundry, but think I will put that off until tomorrow.

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