Saturday, November 10, 2012

Aaron's Birthday Party

I have a ton of pictures from our San Diego trip and I need to get them upload so I am going to make an effort to get them all done relatively quickly! Otherwise we will have holiday pictures to upload as well! Ha!  We did a Curious George birthday party for Aaron.  Aaron LOVES Curious George or Georgie as we call him at home.  I got these little George masks for the kids to wear and I think Aaron liked his the most.  He also liked his new Rescue plane and helicopter.
 The cutest little monkey ever!
 New friends!
 Another cute monkey!
 I ordered an edible cake topper to place on his cake.  At first I was worried that it wouldn't come in time because of Columbus Day being a holiday but it did come on time.  However after we trimmed it to make it fit on the cake we had a hard time peeling it off the backing with out ripping it.  Daddy was able to save the day and peel it and place it without totally ruing George. Yay for Daddy's!
 Waiting for his cake!
 Blowing out his candles with Daddy.
 Opening some presents with Uncle Cameron.
 His Georgie from Memaw and Pepaw!
 Presents and fun times!
I love my sweet boy, he is so tendered hearted and sweet.  I love how he has such good manners right now, saying, "No Thank you." He loves playing with Grace and he will say, "Hi Peanut!" to Sarah.  Love my boy!

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