Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sick and Still Sick

It was decided recently that our family has had the WEIRDEST stomach flu ever. My last post described how Sarah threw up over a week ago right before bedtime and then was fine.  Then Aaron got sick.  Well let see, Aaron continued to be sick once during the middle of the night, last Friday, (not Saturday) Sunday, and Monday night.  On Monday night I was beginning to think something was really wrong with him, because he would be fine during the day.  And I decided after he threw up at 1am on Tuesday morning that I would be taking him to the doctor first thing.  Well then Sarah threw up a ton of breast milk at 7am on Tuesday morning so I realized that it wasn't just Aaron and they must have a bug.

Normally Tuesday morning is playgroup but I text my friends to let them know I wouldn't be there and my girlfriend called me and described how her 2 girls were doing the exact same thing! Fine during the day and then WHAM throwing up at night.

Well I took the kids to the doc on Tuesday and they of course were fine and the doc thought it was strange as well. (As did my friends' doctor) Our pediatrician suggested a pro biotic to kind of help with resetting their stomachs.  (Oh and Aaron also started with the really bad diapers that morning as well) However...he hasn't thrown up anymore and his diapers have been getting better.  But last night poor Sarah had a fever all night she was just burning up and restless and fussy.  I think her teeth were really hurting her and she hasn't really wanted to eat.  You can see pretty clearly her other bottom tooth popping out now, but I think her top tooth receded a bit and it's paining her a lot.  Her fever had broke by 7am this morning and her naps were decent but she hasn't been interested in eating at all and tonight K got her to eat all of her baby food and then some mashed potatoes and then she threw it all up.  :( Poor thing.  Also by bed time she had a fever again and today her diapers have been bad as well.

Grace on the other hand has been fine.  So I pray that she doesn't get it either because it lasts like a week this weird flu bug.  And it's deceptive because you think the kids are all better and then their not! My poor little monkeys.

Grace has been having a blast with the advent calendar I made.  (Sorry no pics, I'm not sure when I will be able to get more up but hopefully soon! I am working on it!) It makes me really think about how my week is going to go. 

I started doing Insanity on Monday.  If you haven't heard of it, it's an insane, rigorous, intense, workout program doing calisthenics.  Google it.  It. is. Insane.  I haven't been perfect at it by any means but...I am doing it and today was day 4. Pure Cardio was the name of the video and despite be the least sore of all the days by the end I was still doing push ups when he moved on to the next move. But I still keep moving and try to keep good form for the whole 40 minutes and it seems to go fast too, which I like.  I am eager to get some muscles and definition and feel strong! And I know that I need to work on my strength training to do that.  (Haven't I been saying that and saying that??? But I finally did it!)

So that's what we have been doing, sick kids=lots of laundry. Tomorrow=more laundry.  (Have I mentioned I would LOVE a new washer and dryer?? Never bothered me before having a smaller washer and dryer, until Sarah was born. Well at least just a bigger washer. Oh and since I am dreaming of new appliances, definitely a new dishwasher as well.  Ours is horrible! It's only 3 brand new appliances, a girl can dream right??? lol)

Ok laundry, Insane workouts, a little bit of house cleaning and I did a lil bit of Christmas decorating today.  Hopefully to finish up tomorrow and Saturday, (maybe we'll get our tree then?).
Time to hit the shower and wash the sweat off!

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