Monday, December 3, 2012

Sick Kids

It's late here, 2am to be precise.  I have been up with sick kids a lot this week. Tuesday night Sarah got the stomach flu.  We had gotten her out of the bath and was all clean in her pj's when I heard Grace say, "Moom! Peanut spit up!"  Except she had more than just spit up.  She threw up some more and had another bath and pair of pj's before she fell asleep in my arms.  Then the next morning she was fine and back to her normal self. She woke in the middle of the night to nurse but no more throwing up. 
She also has been SO BUSY! The week before last she learned how to sit up on her own and then she is getting 2 more teeth. Her other bottom tooth and her first top.  And I wouldn't be surprised to see her second top tooth show up next week at this rate.  And then Saturday she crawled! We baited her with my cell phone and she crawled 3 steps!
On Friday night I had just finished putting Sarah back to bed and I heard Aaron crying and he had thrown up.  We cleaned him up and K went downstairs to sleep with him so I could get the baby and he didn't throw up anymore either.  The next morning we had Grace's dress rehearsal for her recital and we were up early and he kept saying, "I hung-rie" Tried to feed him a light breakfast but by lunch he was back to normal and had a turkey sandwich.  He seemed just fine today as well, although he didn't eat dinner.  But that isn't anything new as he is a picky eater with anything good for him! Rotisserie chicken, green beans and applesauce.
We were in a hurry tonight to get out the door to Grace's recital but he acted fine and played in the nursery while we watched the performance.  Again, I had just put Sarah back to sleep and I heard him throw up and went in there and sure enough. Shower time! Poor kid is sitting here on the couch with me.  I just think it's so weird to go a day in between being sick. I pray he gets better soon and that Grace doesn't get sick. She is supposed to have another performance tomorrow night and family is attending that.
I also pray that Sarah doesn't get it again like Aaron did. Or K or me for that matter.
Well that has been our crazy week so far and looking forward to a new one tomorrow.  Time for me to get off the computer and figure out how to get to sleep with a sick kid.

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