Monday, January 28, 2013

New Year & A New Post

This post has been a long time coming...literally!! I finally ordered a copy of the first year of my blog and it came and then I deleted some of the first year of my blog so I would have room to upload more pictures. Well the last 2 weeks or so Blogger has been a big pain and not even giving me the option of Browsing for pictures.  And I just would get sidetracked and never put the time into trying to figure out what it's problem was.  Tonight it finally allowed me to upload some pictures.  Yay!
I have been a busy mommy lately (wait...I pretty much am always a busy mommy) but you may remember I started an exercise program called Insanity.  I borrowed it from my sister in law because I was starting to get bored running on the treadmill.  Here is a picture from 2 weeks ago. I was 1 week into the 2nd month (where it gets considerably harder) and now today I started my last week.  I will have finished the 60 day program on Saturday.  I had to take an extra day of rest on Saturday because I was feeling sick and it was going through our household.  K got it instead which was a bummer for him, but I was glad that I haven't so far. Just a little queasy on the weekend.  Which I think I needed in order to fight of the bug.
After I finish Insanity I will be starting another program called P90X which is a 90 day program and I am super excited about getting stronger! I'll go ahead and say that size jeans I am wearing here are a first for me, but I won't be in these for long! New frontiers, I say!
 Because I haven't been blogging...I haven't been taking pictures very much and for that I am sorry, so I will bust out my camera tomorrow and get some new ones up of the kids.  Because as most of you know they grow so fast! These ones I posted are from December.

Sarah has been wearing her sisters 12 month clothes for a little while now and it has been fun because they both wore them at Christmas time.  These jeans were embellished for Grace and they say Pookie Daddy's Girl on them.
 Aaron got a Toy Story blanket for Christmas and so we used some of his birthday money and got Toy Story for him. He LOVES Buzz LightYear now.
 Grace is a crack up and thinks that the single digit temps we were having was nothing because she would pitch a fit every time I would ask her to put her jacket on. She doesn't LIKE puffy jackets, and the first chance she gets she takes them off.
Ok well now that Blogger is back in business I will post more pictures and update in more detail tomorrow as it is so late here already. Love You!

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