Thursday, July 25, 2013

FINALLY!!! (Warning: Picture Heavy)

I finally have a new blog post. It has been SOOO long since I updated, because our camera was on fritz and then when we got back from SD our camera died.  So we bought a new camera before our small group camping trip. I had a fun time with the camera but decided to exchange it for a different one that has more possibilities for long term photography skills. First was a Sony NEX-5RK and then ended up with the Canon Rebel T3i a DSLR. Loving the Canon and have been having fun with it.Not going to write a lot but we have been SUPER busy this summer. Fixing sprinklers (never ending) buying used playsets and fixing them up, camping, 4th of July parties and entertaining a lot!!! I broke my pinkie toe early in the morning after the 4th and that has not been healing very good because of the very simple fact I keep catching it! I finally learned my lesson and have been taping it. It just wasn't hurting it when I would wear flip flops and it, would hurt if I wore shoes! And it's summer, I don't want to wear shoes.
Trying to work out and keep focused with that, but my new workout program called T25 uses the toes a LOT! So that's been a little discouraging.
The kids are growing so fast and Grace has started reading and Aaron has started potty training and Sarah, well she is still her little tornado self. Hopefully I will stick with my goal of posting more frequently. But for tonight I am signing off! Love ya!
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Beth said...

LOVE that your back on your blog and all these pics!!!! So cute of all of the kids and you and Kent too! Do you like your new camera?