Thursday, August 1, 2013

Playing with the new camera

So I have a LOT of pictures and will try to update more frequently as I get the hang of this new camera. (Which I am super thrilled with BTW). This is Sarah's constant expression, it seems like. She is such a whiner! Oh my gosh and lately she is throwing some awful temper tantrums. I'm like whats going to happen when she's two!!!

Or it's this sneaky sly face, like she's planning something! 

Practicing riding our bikes a week ago. 

Thought this picture was neat how the flower was growing out from between the fence and the camera made it all blurry in the background.

I let Grace take a picture. Look at Sarah, she's like, Whats wrong with you? 

Grace is such a ham sometimes.

Trying to get a group picture here.

This camera is much bigger so holding it away like this is hard. But here's one with my boy.

My broken toe is slowly getting better, Aaron is potty training and doing really good! Tuesday and Wednesday he didn't have ANY accidents and today I took them swimming and stuck a swim diaper on Aaron and he didn't go in it either! So proud of how well he is doing, and I can't believe how fast he is growing up it seems! He turns 3 in October and I wish I could just keep him 2 for a little bit longer.
Sarah is still my rebellious daredevil, wish you could have seen her jumping into the pool today. Granted it was more like a small step in the shallow end but she is just fearless, fearless.
Going to have to move Grace into the girls room soon. It seems like the kids are going to sleep until 9pm these days even when I know they are so tired. The little kids only had maybe an hour nap after swimming today and then I put them down early. Here it is 9pm and I know Grace and Aaron are still awake, even after a big pool day! Gosh they have energy! OK going to post this before I run out of battery! Night!
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Beth said...

Loved this update! Sarah's hair is getting longer...Aaron is growing up so fast and Grace is so grown up too!!