Thursday, February 21, 2013


Nothing too exciting today, just a couple of errands and then hanging at home.  The kids got a new blanket in the mail from the Great Grandparents the other day and wanted me to make them a tent. So a tent I made them.  They were thrilled even though the tent was not that good, as there aren't really any good things to hang ones' tent on in our basement.
 The 3 of them in their tent. This was the best I could get, Aaron was napping apparently or playing puppy I am not sure which. (Oh and that's Grace funny face with her tongue out)
 Good smile here, she is just too cute and getting too big! I can't believe she is 4...I pick her up and she is so heavy and like a kid. (Especially since I am used to Sarah and Aaron is so light).
 A little peanut, playing with the big kids in the tent. Her top tooth finally decided to stick out and stay with us, and now the second top tooth is trying to make up it's mind.  But she loves playing with that top tooth and makes all sorts of silly faces and she is constantly raising her eyebrows at me, like "Eh, really?"
Did Yoga X today and then made a quick dinner of eggs and bacon for Grace (that girl can eat some bacon if I let her!) and then off to dance class she went! K had a long day and has to work Saturday most likely so hopefully his workweek will zoom by. 

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Great Grandma Sally said...

Call in the "Girl Scouts" for thrilled the Great Grand kids like it. Love, Great Grandparents in MO