Saturday, October 26, 2013


On our way back  home from San Diego I decided to stop at this place called The Red Barn. They have lots of apples and hay rides and pumpkin picking and stuff.  The kids needed to stretch their legs and I had always wanted to stop at this place, so I did. We didn't stay long and just walked around the building part and got some yummy apples to eat and I took some pictures.

I asked them to kiss her...she didn't like it too much.

It's been a crazy last couple of weeks. We've been sick and we have missed stuff. We thought that Daddy and Grace had missed it but last night K got sick. (Poor guy) and I am praying Grace does not get sick tonight, she said her stomach was hurting when she went to bed. And tomorrow is our last Sunday to serve for October.
Poor Peanut she is teething so bad and just driving me nuts with her constant whining and not sleeping. I finally got her down for a late nap this afternoon and they slept so long. So tonight I didn't put them down until 8:30pm. I was sitting here on the computer and I heard a weird noise from the girls room. I thought they were all asleep as it was 9:15pm. I go into the girls room and Sarah has her feet on the wall through the bars of her crib and she was sliding them on the walls. As soon as she heard me come in she quickly flips over on her tummy and lies still pretending to be asleep! I had to chuckle to myself because it was like she was 12 in stead of 1 1/2!
Then 2 minutes later Aaron comes into my room to tell me his covers are messed up.
Hopefully tomorrow everyone feels good and we can have a nice Sunday after church.
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