Sunday, January 2, 2011


Wow, already today is the 2nd of January. So far this year we have had one busy day and one easy going/busy day. Yesterday for the new year we were invited up to a friends house for a sledding party. It takes us a while to get going these days with the little man on a certain eating schedule and so we got up there around 1pm. We brought yummy bean dip and our super duper sled that moves like the speed of light. (I am not kidding on this) Grace had fun sledding and then came in the house to play with all the other big kids that were there. She was so cute just following them along.
Daddy and I played games with the other grownups until it was time to go. We left around five and stopped at Red Robin to get some dinner before heading home. Our friends live about 45-50 minutes away so its a drive.
Unfortunately right after we left their house my sinus headache I had had all day went from bad to worse and was wickedly painful by the time I got home. Daddy helped me out tons by getting Grace to bed early (which was fine because she had no nap) and me some Tylenol sinus. I immediately went into our room and started nursing Aaron,poor kid was starving. Then Daddy took him for the rest of the night while I took and bath and kept breathing peppermint steam. I put a pot of water on to boil and we have Peppermint oil that I put drops in. It helps clear out the sinuses. Then it was to bed early for me, I think I was asleep by 9ish and then Aaron needed to eat again at 1130. So I woke up and fed him and then Daddy took him and really got him back to sleep for the rest of the night. He woke up again at 5am and I was feeling much better. No more headache just some pressure in my nose so I took some Advil sinus and by 830 was feeling much better. I still am waiting to kick this cold, I have blown my nose so much its getting chapped!
Today was our pajama day. I made breakfast and we spent the day in front of a fire taking down Christmas stuff and essentially burning our Christmas tree as well! No dragging that to the curb!
My front room is 98% clean and organized, although I still have to figure out where to put all of Grace's new toys. So it was a lazy but busy day. Grace is now in bed, Aaron is asleep in my lap and I am going to try to take a quick bath before he wakes up again. Daddy is in bed resting because he felt a sinus headache coming on and doesn't want to play that game!
Tomorrow we are going to have Grandma visit and do some birthday shopping for Grace (her birthday is a week from tomorrow! Yikes! And hopefully catch a movie.
I am still not sure what we are going to do for our Lil Monkey's birthday, but I will let you know. Sorry no pics yet, that's my project for after the bath. If its not too late I will update the post with pics!
Hope your New Years is going splendidly!

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