Friday, October 28, 2011

Yogurt Boy

These are the pictures I took yesterday that the computer felt ok with posting today! Go figure. I let Aaron have some yogurt in a little cup with a spoon and he just loved it. Not only does he love yogurt but he has been getting more independent lately and wanting to have his own spoon and fork. He had yogurt everywhere as you can see but was quite content. Grace had to scrunch her little face up and cheese it up for me as well. I love this picture.

I got so much stuff done today and K was able to get the Expedition registered and it passed safety and emissions so we got plates and everything! Sweet. Tomorrow we will swap out the car seats and make it the official mom mobile and daddy can load up the truck to use for his work starting Monday. Nothing really on the agenda for the weekend, just relaxing and church and maybe some pumpkin carving if we feel up to it. I promise to take pictures of the Expedition tomorrow!

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