Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year Clean Up

I don't have any new pictures uploaded yet today, but hopefully I will tomorrow.  Last night we had a joint birthday party for Grace and her little friend H at a indoor bounce house place.  I first heard of it when the moms at playgroup suggested we go for open bounce, and so we took the kids a few times to open bounce and decided since it was a bit pricey to share the cost of hosting a party there.  The girls LOVED IT!  Once the kids got there they all just had a blast running around with each other and parents and grandparents, all the adults can bounce for free.  Another little girl at playgroup her birthday is Jan as well and she also is having a joint birthday at the bounce place next week, so Grace will have a blast bouncing around again. 
Today was such a good day.  It was the first day back at work for K after a 4 day weekend and that of course left me free to organize and clean and purge to my hearts content.  I managed to get the Christmas decorations put away, reorganize the kitchen cabinets (to house my new immersion blender), and the coat closet (to house the kids ever expanding art supplies).  I also finished up a couple loads of laundry.
Tomorrow we have playgroup and hopefully some more organizing, but for sure some more cleaning, it is a new year after all.  I have to keep on top of things while I still have the energy!
On Saturday I was 24 weeks and 6 months.  I can't believe around the end of this month I will be in the third trimester, this pregnancy is going by so fast it seems.

Aaron is still cutting teeth and he has some good days and some bad days.  Today he did good until it was time to have dinner and then go to Grace's first dance class.  He melted down.  I think it was a combination of having a short nap, not wanting to eat chicken and cutting teeth.  Once we got in the car he was good. 

Grace seemed to enjoy her dance class, although she was the only student tonight.  Hopefully there will be more students next week and she can learn some more.  I think we will sign her up.  She has a green tutu and a peach dance dress and leg warmers that matches both that she is dying to wear to dance class. 

Aaron is so smart he points to stuff he wants and understands a lot.  Oh and he also knows how to go down our stairs on his bottom.  He still needs to be supervised, but he knows that he knows because he gets to the ledge and immediately sits on his bottom to scoot to the edge.  So cute!

Grace is such a clever thing, the other day they were downstairs playing and I guess she hid Daddy's work phone.  This morning he had an early start and couldn't find it.  He was afraid that one of the kids had chucked it into his work trash and when he collected trash Sunday night he had unwittingly dumped it with all the other trash.  I asked Grace this morning after breakfast if she knew where daddy's cell phone was downstairs.  Sure enough that stinkin cutie pie showed me exactly where it was behind the trash can and between the wall and the desk on the floor!  At least it was thrown away and at least she tells the truth on her little adventures!
It's so great watching them grow up! 

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