Sunday, September 30, 2012

After Our Beach Day

After our afternoon at the beach we got to visit with Papou and Uncle Cameron and Aunt Heather.
 Cousins! 2 days apart.
 I love Sarah's face here, she's like who is this kid?? LOL!

 Building tall tall towers with Uncle Cameron!

 Ok So I had to post all these pics I took of the kids.  I don't know why Aaron was melting down when we wanted to take a picture.  Probably because we had a busy day and skipped naps.

 Grace was great, she was holding all of the kids together! :)

 Looking a little better.
 The best one we could get.
 Dinner with Memaw and Pepaw.
 Smiley babe.
 Hi Memaw!

 Hanging with Memaw and Pepaw wearing her new old favorite Princess shirt from Aunt Heather.
We have had a wonderful weekend with Daddy.  Grace got her tubes out on Friday morning.  She did great, despite waking up a little disoriented. We got her a chocolate donut afterwards and she loved it.  Had dinner with my brother in law and sister in law last night which was great.  And then today we had a wonderful church service, lunch, lazy nap afternoon, dinner and now wrapping up a movie night with the hubby before he leaves for Cali tomorrow. Night!

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