Sunday, September 16, 2012

Vacation 2012 Angel's Camp

 We left our house on Aug 31 and split the drive into 2 days.  We stayed at an out of the way little bed and breakfast the first night, which I don't have any pictures of.  They raised goats and had chickens and ducks and we had a whole 2 bedroom cottage to ourselves.  It is so nice to have the kids have their own rooms on vacation.  It was super cute and really fun and I wished I had made the effort to dig the camera out.  The next day we drove to Angel's Camp CA and the final drive through the mountains was so beautiful but rough as well.  The kids were done and those last 89 miles was slow going through all the switch backs.

 The kids playing at our condo.

 Our time at Angel's Camp was GREAT and just so good to be together as a family and I know K enjoyed the downtime away from work as well.  We hit the local lake (only 15 min) away on Tuesday and the kids got to use their water shoes and although the beach was super rocky it was so nice.  K and I had wished we had brought our suits because the water was so so so perfect and being the day after Labor day no one was around. 
 Sarah actually was awake she just had her eyes closed for the picture.

 We weren't planning on going into the water because we had taken Grace to an urgent care on Labor day because we noticed a bunch of dried blood in her ear.  They said to not get lake water in her ear and in case of infection, so they just waded. 
More pictures and vacation stories to come later, going to keep it short for now.  K leaves for 2 weeks tomorrow and then he flies home for the weekend before going to another 3 weeks of training.  % weeks of training total although we might be able to see him on the last leg of his trip.

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