Monday, September 24, 2012

Angel's Camp Museum

I originally started this post a few days ago, but then my computer froze while I was uploading pictures and I had to start over.  Of course the second time around 2 of the pictures are at the bottom, but there is a lot of pictures here.
 I asked her but she didn't even know how to play her own game! Sheesh! I guess I will let it slide, I mean that smile is pretty darn cute.

 This place was so cool to check out all the different types of old carriages.
 Checking out this carriage I totally understand why they had footmen to help.  The edge of the door was like at my collar bone! So tall!

 Cutest blond lil peanut!
 I know it's kind of hard to read but that is a hog oiler.  Now I didn't really get a chance to read why or how one would oil a hog, but now I know you can, er should?

 You have to bring your tree branch when your checking out the museum.

 Tired baby with her daddy.
That morning before we headed out.
 In front of Ole Beth, me and my kiddos!
I have so many more pictures to share of the second leg of our trip, the beach and DisneyLand, so keep checking in because I will get them up eventually!
I am back on the treadmill again tonight and now I just have to start focusing on toning and strength training.  After I had Aaron I was able to both, but I just can't seem to stay consistent on it.  I need to tighten up my mommy belly! :) I am up to late right now, time to get to bed before Sarah is up again! Nighty night!

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