Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hangin with Friends

Another group of pictures from our San Diego trip.

 Just a swangin... I love this picture wof the big kids with Nana. Grace's face is just pure joy.
 And Sarah wanted to swing too!
 Such cuteness!

 This was after a swim night in Memaw and Pepaw's pool.  The pool wasn't exactly warm and before we tossed the kiddos into the bath we let them eat birthday cake outside in cups.  They were all a little cold but still enjoyed their cake!

Today we hung around the house and shoveled snow before heading out to a new store called Scheels.  It is the coolest store! They sell sportswear and gear, hunting gear, regular clothes and shoes and lots more! Inside they have a ferris wheel, small bowling alley, play gym and a cafe where they give all the free samples of fudge you can want. The fudge is SO GOOD!! I was able to try on some new running shoes and wish I could have left with them.  The last couple of weeks I have thought that I might need some new running shoes because my feet have been hurting, sometimes during and sometimes after I run. Oh the new ones felt so light! They are going on the Christmas list. And we left with some I better keep up the workouts!

Speaking of workouts...I've been hitting the treadmill hard last week and Saturday I weighed in and was down another 1.5 lbs. I know that I have said that I need to focus on the strength training but I totally haven't.  Last week I did better with my situps and push ups after my runs, but I am thinking I need to some how shake things up with that and really get focused!

On another note Sarah is growing bigger and bigger all the time we had her 6 month appointment when we got back from SD.  She weighed 16 lbs 6 ounces and was in the 50 percentile for weight.  Her height was 27 inches I think and the 96 percentile for height.  And we noticed today that her feet are practically sticking out of the infant carrier. Soon she will be in a convertible car seat! And yesterday I noticed she has her first tooth!!! She has been having bad naps so that may be why.  Tonight I thought I saw a slim white line that may be her second bottom tooth, but that one I am not sure about.  We got some teething tablets to help with that.  She also has been super needy to, really wanting mommy to hold her and soothe her every time.  Sarah is also rolling all over the place and is working hard at strengthening her arms to support her weight.  The dogs are SO good with her.  Not that they weren't good with the other two, but I think she gets around faster then they did and she will grab at the dogs feet and fur so quick before I have a chance to move her.  They walk carefully around her and Briggs let her grab his paw and didn't even flinch.

Friday we got our first real snow!  It was great, we got lots of snow all day Friday and Saturday, our streets are so pretty with snow and I think there is more to come!  We are finishing up our weekend with a pizza, fire and a couple of movies! Night!

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