Friday, September 13, 2013

Sadly...See ya Summer

Decided to practice my french braiding skills. I need to get better, but Grace loved it.

So I decided that if I took Sarah out of her high chair she might eat better at the table. And she has. Although sadly it's the end of an era and I am relunctant to get rid of my high chair. I know that is silly and I have been getting rid of baby stuff  (ie swing, exersaucer) as soon as she was grown out of them. But for some reason it seems I keep 'threatening' to put her back in it. Also my friend found another booster for $2 at a rummage sale for Aaron that sits lower (like yours Mom) and it has been good keeping him facing forward. I don't have to buckle Aaron in but I do have to buckle Sarah as she feels like she can get down or finish whenever. Hasn't quite picked up on getting excused from the table yet!

Grace is so excited (and Aaron too) to do her school work. I am trying to rearrange my tubs of arts and crafts and stuff with where I kept our china. I don't know why it took me so long to realize to move the china. Must have been too long with a pregnant brain.

Lower case K's are hard!

And this is why summer is leaving. It has been raining all week. Although when it has stopped and the sun has come out it has been like 80, it was still pretty cool and fall like with the rain and thunderstorms. It was nice to not run the AC all week while K was away, save a little cash and enjoy the cool breezes in the evenings.

Trying to smooch her sister after Kayla woke her up. Whenever K is gone, Kayla is on high alert and so since I had all the windows open she heard the neighbor close his truck door and barked her head off. Immediately waking Sarah who would have slept for another 40 minute otherwise. Oh thank you Kayla.

A little light reading...genius's read upside down you know.

Love my Monkey Moo...

and this silly boy too. Sliding underneath the high chair.
Daddy is home now and we had a yummy dinner tonight and the kids all ate good, which is nice for once! Minimal fussing about dinner. Looking forward to the weekend! 
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